If it looks like a Nazi, and acts like a Nazi, it just might be a Nazi. It’s true. 

Speaking of Nazis, meet the World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab is the most obviously Nazi-like member of the WEF, of course, and Schwab is the son of a Nazi Collaborator, but more importantly, we refer to the nearly-invisible ‘Man Behind the Curtain’, who is also a member of the most wealthy, infamous family who has been behind every evil event in all of our lifetimes. The World Economic Forum is made up of wealthy families from across the globe, including the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Bill & Melinda Gates (who have been experimenting with ‘vaXXines’ on children in India for nearly 20 years), George Soros, the Royal Family, the DuPont’s and many more very wealthy and well-known families, who call themselves ‘The Elite”, when really, they are “The Degenerate Nazi Lunatics”. 

A friend mentioned to me today that “The evil of our government is rivaling the Nazi Holocaust of WWII Germany.” I was quick to point out that it’s because it IS the same Nazis of WWII Germany. Let’s start here: History books tell us that the wealthy Rothschild family FUNDED Hitler’s quest for world domination and probably put him up to it. Ex-CIA/ex-President George H. Bush’s Grandfather was Hitler’s Accountant, in fact, so the U.S. Government, via the CIA, while under the control of what we have concluded is really the Rothschild-Democrat Party, was instrumental in Hitler’s rise to power and devastating Holocaust. Because the Rockefeller family had already owned the majority of the global media, newspapers and radio stations, WWII was propagandized to present WWII as if the U.S. government (under control of the Rothschild-Democrat Party) was “fighting Communism”, but the opposite was true. Our research has concluded that the RDP was instrumental in helping to wipe out more than 6 million people. God bless the courageous members of the U.S. Military who fought and died in that war, but closer scrutiny of the US government while under control of the RDP reveals a different story.  

Today, the Rothschild family still runs the Democrat Party behind the scenes, (like it has for more than 150 years), which really makes Jacob Rothschild the Shot-Caller in the White House, we suspect, today’s actual U.S. Insurrectionist (p)Resident, not Joe Biden, and the nearly-invisible ‘Man Behind the Curtain’ that everyone wonders about. It’s clear Joe Biden isn’t capable of destroying this country, and so many Americans are aware that someone else is calling the shots behind the scenes. We’re pretty sure we know who that is now.

EVIDENCE OF NAZI EXPERIMENTS ON HUMANS ~ AN staff research has concluded that the “Transgender” Confusion that has come up over the past several years, which is being pushed on children in government-run public schools is surely because of Big Pharma’s PHARMACEUTICAL EXPERIMENTS on children, the 36 mandatory Public School injections which all American children must take in order to attend public schools (abandon Public Schools, folks). They call these mandatory injections “vaXXines” in public schools, but they are really biological chemical experiments aimed at destroying natural Human gender association. Today’s Nazis are using their poison on all of our children and on us, as well, in our food, our water supplies, our “medicines”. These are the Nazis. THATS why it all looks so familiar. These are the same kinds of experiments the Nazis did on the Jews in the Death Camps during WWII.

HOW THE CENTRAL BANKERS FIT IN HERE ~ History tells the story of the Central Bankers and their exploits in Europe over hundreds of years, Terrorist activities, war-mongering, assassinations and much, much more. Funding Adolph Hitler’s quest to rule the world – why does “quest to rule the world” sound so familiar? – a la UN Agenda 21 style, is just one such Nazi event. The WEF Nazis are now openly admitting that they intend to rule the world via their planned one world government (as disclosed in UN Agenda 21-30, first published in 1992) as well as reduce the Earth’s Human population to just 245 million people… which means they plan to murder 8 billion of us by global Genocide. Sound familiar? Last time, it was 6 million Jews who were targeted, but today’s ‘depopulation’ goal is much, much more aggressive. And don’t think they aren’t already in the process of attempting to kill us all. That’s what mRNA was about.

And what about the economic collapse of the 1920’s and the Great Depression? Did you believe the NY Times propaganda that the Stock Market ‘just collapsed’ or that the Depression ‘just happened’? No, the Great Depression was the intentional work of the Central Bankers. They’re doing it again, by the way, right now in the USA. They are destroying our economy just like they did in the 1920’s when the Central Banks stole millions of Americans’ homes and farms and left the nation desolate, desperate and willing to allow the Rothschild-Democrat Party to start putting Socialist programs in place – to ‘save the country’, of course. They’re doing it again and they’re about to steal everyone’s homes who still have a mortgage. That’s what all these government apartments which are being built everywhere are really for – they’re for you, after the Central Bankers take your homes. But I digress.

The Nazi’s experiments on Humans didn’t end with the Nuremberg Trials. Oh no, in fact, it’s still going on today and it’s been going on since Nuremberg. The Nazi experiments never stopped, they just moved to America and Americans became the new victims of crazy Nazi experiments.

These Nazis have been doing EXPERIMENTS on all of us since their “mandatory vaXXines” started in the early 20th Century, and these chemical weapon experiments include Flouride – one of the most toxic chemicals on Earth know to Man – and virtually every other Big Pharma medication which have the UNGODLY SIDE AFFECTS we see on television commercials every day (if we still watch TV). These are the Nazi’s who are the world’s worst Predators and Pedophiles, now calling themselves “the Democrat Party”, “the Mainstream Media” (Nazi propaganda tactics), “Hollywood” and “Big Pharma”, and they are experimenting on all of US Americans.

THE SOLUTION ~ The solution, of course, is not rocket science. For Americans, it will mean an entire disruption to our current way of life, but if we want to be rid of these Nazi Terrorists, aka the “Democrat Party” and “RINOS”, here in the USA, and we want to protect and defend our Freedom and our God-given Constitutional rights, then desperate times call for desperate measures, because our Freedom, our Liberty and our very lives are currently at great risk, while these Central Banker Terrorists are still being allowed to run our government. We at AN are fairly certain that we will not be able to avoid the looming Second Depression that’s in process right now, but what we can do is pick up the pieces in a different way than Americans did in the 1920’s. We can abandon electronics, which record our every word, every motion, every conversation and every dollar spent. We can abandon the Central Banks, now that we know that these are the same Central Banking families who destroyed America, funded every major military war/conflict over the past 150 years, including the Civil War, which was the Central Bankers attempt to keep Black people in Slavery. We can abandon global businesses, which are really all owned by these same Central Bankers, and abandon the Social Media sites which they created and manipulate our conversations – Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. and we can abandon the corporate hospitals which have become the Killing Fields for these Nazi Terrorists now. 

We Americans can go back to a much simpler way of life, in which we have control of our own food and health and our abandon Big Pharma medications, going back to natural remedies which actually restore our health, not give us side effects which are worse than the ailment itself, such as “May cause death…” We know it’s not going to be an easy transition, but believe me, when the Nazi Central Bankers are done destroying America’s economy right now – we’re right in the middle of the process – it will be much easier to make this decision to keep our guns safe, our ammo dry and our businesses much closer to home. Oh, and bicycles and horses and buggies don’t break down or require expensive maintenance or payments like automobiles do. Just sayin’.

We need to rethink everything right now, and decide what will be best for us, for our children and for our grandchildren, what kinds of transportation we wish to turn to and what kind of lives we choose to lead, moving forward. This “Great Reset” will not end being the global Nazi Death Camp these Central Bankers intend for it to be, but it can be a new beginning for all Americans. Engenuity and the American Spirit can turn this disaster into the greatest opportunity Mankind has had in thousands of years. Never forget: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” – even this. 


Meet Klaus Schwab, who partners with Bill Gates, the Rothschild & Rockefeller families, George Soros and the other known Bilderberg Group/World Economic Forum Terrorists.

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