“If they just kept to themselves; if they just did what they normally do, no one would care. But since you’re out there, pushing this on the public who doesn’t want this, this is going to be a problem.” Dave of X22Report.com

AN staff love the X22 Report and watch new episodes faithfully. We recommend you watch too.

Well said Dave. We don’t care how people want to live their own lives, but we do care when you start trying to tell us what to believe. That, we believe, is the problem with the delusional Queers, Crossdressers & mentally ill who call themselves “Transgenders”.

There are 2 genders. Period. But there are many mental illnesses, and that is what we’re seeing today which is being falsely presented as “Transgender”. When it comes to DNA, one cannot change what God has created.

“You can spray paint a turd gold, but it’s still a turd.” Pat Riot of AmericanNation.net

The fake “Transgender” nonsense is the biggest turd in the room right now. The Rothschild Criminal Syndicate Terrorists and their Rothschild-Democrat Party Co-Conspirators keep pushing “Delusional” out in front of our faces and calling it what it’s not. Pedophilia is not normal. Queer is not normal. Crossdressing is not normal. Men believing they are Women is not normal. Women believing they are Men is not normal. TRANSvestites are not normal. 

Call it what you will, but normal American people will not be joining these RCS Terrorists in their lies and propaganda any longer. They can flood their Fake News Media shows with this kind of false information and bulls*** all they want, but Americans are turning off Fake News shows by the millions every day.

I believe I nailed it when I said: “You can spray paint a turd gold, but it’s still a turd.” Pat Riot of AmericanNation.net

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