I suspect that since we’ve all realized who has actually been hiding in the shadows running the Democrat Party for 150 years, pretending to be “the United States Government” (the Rothschild family are actually unelected Infiltrators and as of 11/3/2020, by their actions, many knowledgeable people identify them as Insurrectionists”), overthrowing the U.S. government in 2020. Having overthrown many other governments worldwide, and seeing how dangerous they’ve become now that they have a literal monopoly on goods & services the First World uses, Centuries of global Terrorism are about to come to a head – or to an end.

Not to mention the family’s UN Agenda 21/30 plan for global Genocide/depopulation. By the systematic murders of 8 billion people, the elimination of ALL sovereign nations on Earth, including the USA, these wealthy Monopolists want to make themselves Dictators of the World.

Fortunately for us all, the SANE people/leaders worldwide are now backing away from these Narcissistic Lunatics, distancing themselves and disconnecting from this (surely clinically insane) group of power-mad Central Bankers who have been responsible for more deaths than anyone else, throughout history.

In their role as the world’s largest Military Industrial Complex, we believe these Monopolists are also responsible for every major war, every major disease and pharmaceutical poisoning through Big Pharma “vaXXines” and “medicine” for centuries. Their ability to control THEIR Media, worldwide, and remain hidden in the shadows while single-handedly causing more death, disease and destruction than anyone in history, is one of their greatest and most evil accomplishments.

Using the Mainstream Media as a weapon against television viewers worldwide – that alone, in our opinion, warrants and justifies a ‘Terrorism/Crimes Against Humanity’ conviction. Yet, no Republican has even brought this Criminal behavior up, nor investigated or brought charges against this Criminal Syndicate, despite 5 years using the Media to harrass and taunt US President Donald J Trump and the blatant COVID-19 Terrorist Television campaign, IN UNISON, all operating off of the same scripts.

Clearly, We the People need to take heart and step up, in courage and in unity, to start protecting ourselves from these Global Terrorists who have infiltrated and OVERTHROWN what is, by God and acknowledged by our Constitution, OUR government.

We’re ready. Are you? Please pray for the courage to defend our precious United States of America from those who have stolen our government and our Freedom, who are trampling our God-given rights and destroying our country, right before our eyes. It’s time.


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