In fact, they're doing it for us right now.

It’s all crystal clear now to most of us. The Traitors are not going to arrest themselves.

If this Globalist/Central Banker Criminal Syndicate didn’t own the entire mainstream media in America, no American would support a single Democrat for what they’re doing to our country right now. TV Propaganda and Psychological warfare waged on TV fake news shows are the only tools that keep the brainwashed Americans in the dark, believing that Evil is good and that good is Evil.

American TV stations should have all been shut down when they all began to attack our duly elected President in 2016, every stationchanting the same phrases in unison and in concert with one another. We’ve never seen the media do that. The media have always pretended to be independent, competing news agencies, trying to “get the scoop” on one another, but when Trump beat Cheating Hillary, the news shows came out of the closet as one agency. That was the first blatant give-away that the Criminal Syndicate had become so desperate over Hillary losing that election despite MASSIVE Democrat Party ballot fraud in 2016 that they started to operate out in the open.

But some people are still watching the fake news Propaganda/Psychological warfare stations ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, BBC, et al, so they still believe the fake Reality that the Globalist Propaganda shows present. We need to move on without those brainwashed folks. They’ll get the help they need when this over.

The FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, FDA, FCC, CDC, IRS, Democrat Party, Insurrectionist Government, Central Bankers, Big Pharma, Public School System, Corporate Hospitals, Propaganda Media are not going to arrest themselves.

The REAL Military, not the Woke TV Generals, are going to have to arrest them all. But we suspect that the Military won’t act until We the People stand up, show up EN MASSE at the White House, HOR, Senate, TV Media stations, Department of Education, etc. and DEMAND they all be arrested. Only then will the Military intervene.

I am praying for all Americans to rise up EN MASSE and demand Military intervention and Tribunals and demand that Justice FINALLY be done. 🇺🇸 🙏🏻

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