As military vehicles and busses are streaming across America right now, not a single word of explanation has been uttered by the Propaganda Media. This Insurrectionist government is moving against We the People right now in a big and potentially dangerous way. 

American Nation will share follow-up information here as it unfolds. Be prepared. Arm up. Do whatever it takes to protect your homes and your families and stay alert. May the Lord bless our effort moving forward. 

WHAT AMERICA DID NOT KNOW ~ Very few Americans know that the Masons/Freemasons have always decided who the new American president would be, in every Presidential election since 1776… but it’s true.

The Masons, Skull and Bones, the Bilderberg Group, the World Economic Forum, all Satanic cults, are all working only for their own benefit, not for the benefit of Mankind, and clearly not for the benefit of the United States of America. To the contrary, these wealthy, egomaniacal, narcissistic, and delusional people are trying to destroy the United States of America right now. 


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