It is clear as day now that the Central Banker Globalists are intentionally driving this planet’s economy into complete collapse. Clear. As. Day. The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Duponts, the Gates and the rest of the World Economic Forum are behind everything we’ve experienced since President Donald Trump beat their Puppet, Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Everything. Covid-19. The mRNA mass murders. The destruction of 80% of American small businesses. The ensuing collapse of the world’s economies. It’s THEM… the Central Bankers. THEY are the Terrorists who are doing all of this to all of us.

And sadly, Americans in particular, we’ve been groomed to love “Stuff”, the “Stuff” these people manufacture and sell to us: Cars, luxurious homes, expensive Cellphones, giant TV’s, even high-priced tennis shoes – we seem to believe we can’t live without their “Stuff”.

But we have news for you… not only can you live without their stuff, you’ll be far happier and more satisfied with your life when you walk away from all of their expensive “Stuff” that they sell you, that you don’t really need, but that you’ve been brainwashed into believing you simply cannot be happy without it.

Newsflash: You CAN live without the Central Bankers’ “Stuff” and you’ll find true Freedom when you turn away from “The System” that the Central Bankers have created, narrate and control. There is no turning back from the global devastation of their entire System now; Depression 2 is coming, and there is no avoiding it. We’ve allowed these Satanist Pedophiles to take control of every major corporation which provides goods and services to the entire world; it’s called “The Monopoly”, and it used to be illegal for businesses to create monopolies in the USA.

Today, however, with a nearly-completely compromised US Congress, both parties, with few exceptions, these Bankers own nearly everything upon which the First World relies, and they can shut it all down if they wish… and they are doing exactly that right now. They are shutting down the US economy and the entire global economy, right before our eyes right now as we all watch. This seemingly slow-motion destruction of major brands like Bud Light, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond are not about “Transvestites” (Trans community). They are systematically destroying our economy while pretending it’s about the complete bulls*** narrative they’ve created around Transvestites and mentally ill people, which, btw, one has nothing to do with the other except that both groups (Transvestites and mentally ill folks) are mentally ill. They’ve infiltrated and used the public schools to attack and confuse our children and to create this fake narrative around Transvestites. We would do well to abandon the public schools until such time as they are reclaimed by the People, with curriculum which is healthy for children again.

So the Great Depression II is already in the process. It is inevitable because it’s being orchestrated right now and no one on Earth is lifting a finger to stop these Terrorists. So the American/ World economies WILL be collapsed. We will all see poverty to a degree we have never seen it in our lifetimes. Buy ammunition and guns and be prepared to defend your families because the Banker Terrorists, who have overthrown & taken control of the US government again, have been importing Muslim assassins and the world’s most deadly Criminals across our border in an invasion that is right out in the open. These people coming across our border since the Banker Terrorists overthrew the US government are not “the poor and huddled masses”; they are Murderers and Terrorists from all other countries, being sent here to kill all of us. They are being supported by our taxpayer dollars in housing, with food and medical services, given cars and weapons by this Insurrectionist government and no one is lifting a finger to stop this effort. The GPII will render America a Third World Nation, just as Obama promised. The only defense we have right now is us, so arm yourselves and prepare for war here in America because it’s already being waged against us. The invasion is occurring right now. Soon, there will be violence, just like the violence that started WWI and WWII; that’s because it’s the same families doing the same things, terrorizing the world like it always has, only now, America is the target. Be prepared.

American Nation staff don’t know what the future is going to look like, but we believe that the only recourse we have as Americans is to weather the storm as best we can, and prepare to return to a much simpler life after Depression II is over. Perhaps that means abandoning the Terrorist Bankers’ entire system as the only way to take control away from them. That might mean no more automobiles, no reliance on gas or oil, a return to horse & buggies perhaps, no TV, a return to candles for light and fireplaces for heat. We don’t know what it will take to restore power to the People; whatever it takes to stop putting money in the Terrorist Bankers pockets and take away their control over us all, that’s what we will need to do. Whatever it takes.

Such changes would also mean a return to those things which truly give us all joy: Family, community and a more simple life, without stress and worry about chasing the Almighty Dollar or slaving for the System for the majority of our lives. We think it’s worth consideration, all of these ideas, and we also believe that, like our ancestors, staying armed and able to defend ourselves and protect our families is a priority for Americans, moving forward. That’s some food for thought for you all.

THE FAKE HISTORY OF THE WORLD ~ Their narration, btw, in which they control the global media and have fed us all complete bulls*** for over 100 years, using their media corporations, and more recently, their global businesses as Propaganda agencies, has always been a lie. It’s still a lie, everything they broadcast. Everything they’ve taught us about history is a lie. The assassinations of good men like Lincoln, JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcolm X were arranged and committed by Assassins associated with these Terrorist Central Banker Lunatics.


  • We’ve clearly never been to the Moon, and real Scientists believe we have never gotten a rocket outside of our Firmament/atmosphere, and that NASA is nothing but a money laundering scheme in which billions of taxpayer dollars are funneled into these Bankers’ pockets while they film fake videos to convince us they’re in Space. They aren’t. Man has never put a rocket into Space; rockets burn up when they hit our upper atmosphere. It’s all a lie.
  • There is no Racist problem in America except the fake one they’ve created using their media, which has convinced television viewers that Blacks hate Whites and Whites hate Blacks, when in Reality, no one hates anyone in America. The USA is the “Melting Pot of the World”, not a Racist nation. It’s all a lie.
  • Going back to WWI and WWII, which were nothing but these Central Bankers waging war*, attempting to take over the World. (*The Central Bankers own what is known as “The Military Industrial Complex”, which includes weapon, tank, fighter jets, bomb manufacturing worldwide; the Central Bankers are the #1 Terrorist organization on Earth). Hitler, Mussolini and the German scientists who experimented on Human Beings in such ungodly, unthinkable ways were the creation of the same Banker Terrorist families waging war against us all right now. They’re using the same tactics as they used in WWII in Germany, and they’re experimenting on us ALL today. The “World Wars” were all a lie. These were “The Central Banker Wars”.
  • Americans have been lied to by the Banker Terrorist Propaganda Media, as radio and television were used as Propaganda tools in the USA for more than 100 years. The Propaganda Media are no more trustworthy now than they’ve ever been; they are simply the tools that these Satanist/Terrorists use to control the people. We would do well to turn off our TV’s and start meeting together within our communities to discuss purging our own County Supervisors, Mayors and City Councils who are implementing the Central Bankers UN Agenda 21/30 plan. UN Agenda 21/30 calls for the end to all sovereign nations, including the United States of America, and the global genocide, aka “population reduction”, of more than 8 billion people. Everything these Terrorist Bankers are saying they’re doing is a lie.

These Lunatic Globalists are not hiding their plans for us anymore, but television has entranced and brainwashed Americans into becoming harmless drones, seemingly incapable of defending ourselves. Years of television, and now cellphones, have created Chronic Media-Induced Psychosis. The only way to stop the brainwashing is to stop watching TV. But surely, these Terrorists are using subliminal messaging in TV shows and commercials which dictates that you WILL turn on your TV every day, and Americans continue to obey, under the hypnotic spell of the most advanced brainwashing techniques known to Man. So the brainwashing continues for the TV Viewers.

MORE LIES ~ All of the “help” that Congress has given “other nations” has been nothing but money laundering, stealing Americans’ tax dollars and putting our money into their Swiss Bank accounts. For more than 100 years, these Central Bankers, operating in the USA as “the Federal Reserve Bank”, have been manipulating the Stock Market, controlling interest rates in order to steal our homes, farms and properties and keep Americans relatively poor, using their fake news agencies to call such theft “The Great Depression” and “The Crash of 1929”, both planned and executed by the Terrorist Bankers. Their Propaganda Media always tells us that “Tragedy strikes” and makes up fake reasons why these complete collapses of the US economy, in which the Bankers took everyone’s homes and farms and destroyed our businesses, but it’s just THEM, doing what they have done worldwide for centuries… and they’re doing it to US again right now.



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