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American Citizens need to set up our own Justice System immediately. Here’s why:

Our entire (US) government isn’t compromised, although many Americans believe it is entirely compromised and it certainly appears to be entirely compromised. It’s not true. There are specific agencies which have been infiltrated by the Rothschild Criminal Syndicate agents, surely paid handsomely for participating in this widespread betrayal of American Citizens, but it isn’t the entire US government which is compromised.

Clearly, every Democrat Party member of the US Congress, with the exception (perhaps) of Manchin, appears to have signed on with the Rothschild Criminal Syndicate to betray American Citizens and help destroy the United States of America.  That much seems crystal clear, based upon the virtual 100% unity of Democrat Party Congressional voting records and a complete lack of opposing views ever being expressed by any Democrat Party member of Congress.

POS Republicans, who have done absolutely NOTHING about the massive 2020 Presidential election fraud, are irrefutably Co-Conspirators with the Communist Rothschild-Democrats in the 2020 Steal. It’s not even a question now. If the GOP were not Co-Conspirators, Republicans would surely have (a) immediately and adamantly refused to accept the 2020 Presidential election results, (b)  demanded Audits/investigations of every ballot cast nationwide.

Instead, Republicans have done nothing except to ACCEPT the massive fraud and pretend the 2020 Presidential election results are legitimate. Americans all know the results of the 2020 Presidential election are FRAUDULENT. Congress knows we know, but still continues to pretend the Rothschild Criminal Syndicate’s candidate, Dementia Joe Biden, is the legitimate POTUS. That is a lie.

Equally clear is that Congress is not going to police itself, nor is the Department of Justice (DOJ), the FBI or the NSA or the CIA going to do their jobs investigating or arresting the Criminals behind the 2020 election fraud.

That leaves US – you and me – to take matters into our own hands and use the mountains of irrefutable evidence that Pillow Guy Mike Lindell and others (2,000 Mules, Space Force records, etc.) have gathered and hold our OWN court to try key Democrats, Dominion ballot machine owners and all state Criminal participants for Election Fraud.

The evidence is clear and irrefutable. The core problem with charging criminals with crimes, trying and prosecuting Criminals responsible for the crimes committed during the 2020 Presidential election is that the US Department of Justice is completely compromised and refuses to hear the case or look at the mountain of evidence. That leaves US.

Our job became greater, more urgent and more widespread when the DOJ repeatedly refused to hear the evidence. That means that the People need to try the DOJ for being Co-Conspirators in the 2020 Election Steal, as well as Rothschild-Democrat Party and Republican Party leaders, many state Governors who cooperated with the Steal and every voting station manager and employee who committed election fraud by submitting fake ballots, stuffed ballot boxes with fake ballots and who helped to cover up the massive ballot fraud in their precincts.

So how do We the People try these Criminals when the DOJ refuses to hear the case? Simple: We create our own Citizen Justice Department, separate from the compromised US DOJ.

American Nation is working diligently to put together documents to establish this new Citizens Rights Coalition (CRC). We will present these founding documents here on when the American Citizen Justice Department is ready to be launched. If you are interested in being your state’s representative for the CRC or the ACJD, or just have questions about this new CRC, please contact us here at We will respond as soon as possible. We have chosen California’s first ACJD member, so now we have just 49 members yet to go. (We will announce when all 50 states are represented.)

Exciting times ahead, and we can expect massive pushback. We don’t care how hard the pushback might be; we care about Justice… real Justice, and we want American Citizens to have a voice, now that the US Department of Justice appears to no longer represent US Citizens. Please keeps us in your prayers, my fellow Americans. A new Citizens Rights Coalition, which is of the people, for the people and by the people is about to be created and make it’s debut, and we hope the first CRC/ACJD case to be heard will be the evidence relating to the 2020 Presidential election.

A daunting task, to be sure, but we are collaborating with American Patriots nationwide and initially plan to begin with one representative from each state. We will be selecting principled individuals with a history of principled living – not necessarily Attorneys or Judges and definitely not Millionaires or government employees. We will be choosing ordinary American Citizens like you and me who are smart enough to review available evidence and come to a verdict collectively. That’s it.

Let’s get started. We will keep you informed as we make progress in prayerfully and diligently setting up America’s first Citizens Rights Coalition (CRC) in order to hold court with our newly planned American Citizens Justice Department (ACJD).

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