NY Post: “Majority of people say they won’t take Covid-19 vaccine in first year”.

September 25, 2020 by Pat Riot, Publisher at AmericanNation.net ~ Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence describes, and the US Constitution provides for, “throwing off a government” when said government becomes tyrannical. Never, in the history of the United States of America, have American seen such a tyrannical government as we see today in this Biden Administration, hiding behind a fake Pandemic which many people believe they created, funded and are now mandating the State Injections, creating panic by murdering unsuspecting people who get the flu in America’s hospitals and who have been terrorized by 24/7 fear-mongering from Rockefeller Corporation (fake) news organizations for more than a year, and so thoroughly terrorized that they’ve become willing to take what the government calls an “experimental” mRNA injection, which any intelligent, informed American knows is not experimental at all. This government knows exactly what this mRNA injection is going to do to those who have been terrorized into taking it.

From Face.net : “We could “abolish” our government and provide “new Guards for [our] future security” by demanding that a true Constitutional Convention be held (not a convention for proposing amendments under Article V) at which an entirely new plan of government could be designed and submitted to the people for ratification. If you think this is warranted, speak with your elected representatives.
But Jefferson also speaks of throwing off a government; that it is not only our right but our duty to do so; but only when we have been reduced to “absolute Despotism.”* (*See below) America is clearly not there yet, but some today are proposing changes that will take us further in that direction. “Throwing off” a government? Does this differ from your “over-throwing” a government? I see a distinction.

The colonists of 1776 did not overthrow the British government. At the end of the Revolutionary War the British Government was intact, largely unchanged and in command of the rest of the British Empire. But they definitely threw off that government by meeting head-on the British acts of war against them (the blockade of American ports was an act of war under international law). The colonists declared their independence and then backed up that declaration by fighting off the “invaders” of their now-sovereign land.” More at Face.net…

* from WordNik:
  • Rule by or as if by a despot; absolute power or authority.
  • The actions of a despot; tyranny.
  • A government or political system in which the ruler exercises absolute power.
  • A state so ruled.
  • Absolute power; authority unlimited and uncontrolled by constitutional restrictions, and depending only on the will of the prince: as, the despotism of Louis XIV.
  • An arbitrary government; the rule of a despot; absolutism; autocracy.
  • Figuratively, absolute power or controlling influence.
Synonyms Despotism, Tyranny, Autocracy, Absolutism. All these words imply absolute power. Tyranny is the abuse of absolute power, legal or usurped, and implies oppression. Despotism, in its earlier and still frequent meaning, does not necessarily imply either regard or disregard for the welfare of the subject; but there is also a tendency to give it essentially the same meaning as tyranny, using absolutism or autocracy where an unfavorable meaning is not intended. See oppression.
Many American Nation readers believe that this word “Tyranny” accurately describes the Biden Administration’s actions for the past 8 months since they stole the 2020 election. Coercing the private sector to fire employees who won’t take their injection?! Sounds like “tyranny” to us, too.
American Nation.net believes it’s time to “throw off” this government… now.

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