October 18, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher at AmericanNation.net ~ As the November 4, 2020 Democrat Party Insurrection and Communist Occupation of Washington DC enters into it’s 11th month, Americans across the land are rising up against this Communist invasion. From California to New York, Americans have stood up against the Communist Infiltrators on school boards who are pushing a Marxist, Racist curriculum called “Critical Race Theory” or “CRT” for American school children, calling out the Liberals and Leftists who are corrupting our nation’s government schools in an effort to terrorize and indoctrinate American school children.

CRT teaches children from Kindergarten through High School that (a) all White children are “Oppressors”, while (b) all Black children are “Victims” of their White classmates’ oppression. It is the most disturbing, delusional, insane idea ever taught in American Public Schools. It is unbelievably hostile and Racist and frankly, we find it hard to believe that Racists/Marxists like these have successfully taken over government schools nationwide, but it’s true. A quick search on Bitchute.com will show you what we mean – here, here, here, here and here.

Many of us are in survival mode now, as we watch the Democrats force our ships to stay offshore full of food and supplies that we all need. We see the Rothschild’s and the Democrats preparing to starve us out by emptying our stores of food while the Rockefeller Media continues to intentionally misinform viewers through their fake news shows on CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX and NBC and the many newspapers (NY Times, LA Times, SF Chronicle, etc.) and magazines (Vogue, USA Today and more). Many of us are learning and developing new skills, such as growing and storing food, how to use a firearm, and how to stop the incessant Stalking of everything we do on the internet and on our NWO Smartphones.

The Delusional and the Brainwashed, the Fake News Watchers who still tune in to the Mainstream Media fake news shows every day, however, are not preparing, and still believe what their TV’s tell them, that this is all a “conspiracy theory”. We will see these misinformed, gullible, brainwashed folks coming into our communities to steal from us within days of the Rothschilds emptying our grocery stores, which is taking place right now. Growing our own food will not protect us from those desperate, unscrupulous, typically godless and now totally psychotic and delusional individuals, but our weapons will protect us, our food and our farms, and our courage and faith in God will sustain us, praise God.

We will likely need to form local Security Teams to keep watch on our respective neighborhoods and be vigilant about scouting for Predators, Thieves and Bandits in order to protect our families and our farms and ranches from these desperate & dangerous individuals. They’ll be needing food, and they’ll come looking for it. As we learned recently from Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis, these people have no respect for anything or anyone. They are not like you and me – they are Liars, Cheats and Thieves. We are contacting every neighbor we know who are American Patriots and Conservatives in order to put our local Security Team together.
This is all going exactly as the NWO Bankers planned it, years ago, btw. Terrorizing people through their TV’s 24/7 for the past 18 months, bribing, then coercing and threatening people to take their Deep State Injections, which was a complete failure btw, at less than 40% injected – turning one American against another (“vaxxed vs. unvaxxed), this was all planned years ago by these Rothschilds, Rockefellers and their fellow Bilderberg Billionaire friends.
And now, firing front line essential workers for not taking the Deep State Injections in order to shut down vital services like hospitals, food supplies, Law Enforcement and millions of workers nationwide, was not the result of “Unvaxxed people refusing their injections” like the media propaganda says every day. Every single detail unfolding right now, including using the media and our TV’s as weapons to cause Media-Induced Psychosis in viewers, was planned years ago by these f’ing NWO Bankers and Globalists as they manipulate public opinion using the Rockefeller/Mainstream Propaganda Media, and the ignorant and the gullible Fake News Watchers actually believe “the unvaxxed” are responsible for our services and economy crashing like it is right now.

We can’t help the Brainwashed folks, who stay glued to the Propaganda Media feed every day, but we can protect ourselves and our families and our communities, and it will take a major effort to grow food, to share it and trade food for other services and it will require lots of guns and ammunition as well as developing farms, indoor farms and labor-intensive farming and harvesting and storing food and water. Many of us saw it coming and have already stocked up on canned goods & water, but many didn’t believe us when we warned them last year, two years ago, even 5 and 10 years ago. It’s begun, the culling of the herd aka “Global Genocide” and still the Delusional Brainwashed people can’t see it, and only believe what their TV’s tell them. The NWO media is already siccing them on us, so we must be wary and alert.

I’m learning about indoor farming and Winter crops and my Protection is always within reach on my farm. I’m praying every day that the White Hats swoop on these NWO Globalist Bankers and their many minions who have infiltrated our government so radically, and I’m at peace knowing that day is coming. I understand why they haven’t put a stop to this chaos and mayhem yet, this outright murder by medication. They are waiting until the Brainwashed see what’s happening to them… and then the White Hats will end this NWO Globalist/Banker attempt to take over the world.

In the meantime, many of us are busy abandoning all connections with Globalist agencies, including Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, the big box stores and other Globalist corporations like Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart, who have benefitted from this attack financially while America’s local small businesses have been crushed under the heel of NWO Communism, and we are setting up our own servers for safe and discreet communication and secure web access, preparing for a much simpler life in our new home outside of KKKalifornia, wherever that might be… wherever God plants us next.

Many Californians are leaving this state now, as the Democrat Party and Governor NWOsom continue to terrorize Californians. We’re looking at Nevada first, and I’m excited about that. A little town of 3,500 where we already have friends. Nevada, however, is a Blue state with a Democrat Party Governor, so odds are good that every unconstitutional mandate and law that NWOsom is putting in place in KKKalifornia will likely be adopted in Nevada, we suspect.

More will be revealed as the Lord’s plans for all of us unfold. 🇺🇸

More coming…




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