I don’t give the Sickos my attention anymore. The Crossdressers, the Transvestites, the Pedophiles and the Queers – I’m done with the 1% trying to bully the rest of us into accepting their degenerate overt and often completely irresponsible public sexual behavior. I don’t accept it. What do you do in your own life is your business, but when you bring it out into the Public Square, flaunt it in your effort to make me accept it, I’ve had enough of y’all pushing your Immorality on me and the rest of us.

When I say “The 1%”, I don’t mean the 1% of the population who choose the Queer lifestyle. I man the “The 1%” who are PART of that Queer/Pedophile/Transvestite community: the wealthy, the Globalist Insurrectionists, the Central Banker Terrorists who overthrow legitimate elected governments worldwide, who have paid off every Senator and Congressman in America and abroad. I’m referring to the sickest Pedophiles and Queers on Earth who use their pharmaceutical companies – “Big Pharma” – and their Vaccines to poison children, causing biological mutations to their DNA in their effort to make every child Queer. I’m talking about THAT “1%”.

Knowing what we know now, that this “Queer” “Trans”/Transvestite thing is just more of the Central Banker Terrorists’ work, poisoning the well, trying to get us to hate each other, well, we’re not surprised. Desperate and failing at carrying out their family’s multi-generational legacy, their sick attempt to take over the world, kill all of the Normal People and create a “Pedophile World” in place of the Real World, AKA “UN Agenda 21”, the Central Bankers are crumbling right before our eyes right now.

And don’t get me started on the children! The Grooming, the sexual indecency where children are concerned – don’t get me started. THAT behavior is why Normal People throughout history used to beat up Queers and chase them out of town and worse… and now the Queers are being so manipulated into trying to NORMALIZE Pedophilia?! Unfreakingbelievable.

TV, social media, Hollywood movies all push the same Queer Agenda sickness. I’m tired of the sickest people using the sick people to push their sickness on all of us, but I especially take issue with them pushing it on children in public schools like they’re doing right now. I’m now going to be part of The Great Pushback.

That means I’m showing up at my local school board meetings and City Council meetings and I will be one more LOUD voice calling them out on their sick agenda. It’s way past time; tolerance and patience are spent now and Acceptance? Gone. I draw the line when Queers and Pedophiles and Transvestites attack children – ANY children – and the truth is that The 1% are attacking ALL school age children in America’s public schools, Grooming them for sex and Pedophilia.

So now I’m going to help create an undercurrent of resistance to the Degenerate Queer community’s efforts, to keep our children SAFE from Queers again, and that means removing all threats, and guess who have made themselves “threats” – that’s correct – the Queers, Pedophiles and Transvestites must be removed from all public school classrooms because Queers have clearly and publicly made themselves “Threats” to innocent children.

And until very recently, none of the Queers have ever called the other Queers out for anything, not public nudity or even having sex in front of children in public parades. That makes them ALL “Threats” now, in my opinion, and they don’t belong around children… ANY children. These are MY concerns.

“Gays Against Groomers” can pretend to distance themselves from the other Queers, Transvestites and Pedophiles, but I’m not buying it. Gays Against Groomers ARE the Queers, Transvestites and Pedophiles who have now become a serious threat to all public schoolchildren and a constant annoyance to us all, and they need to be removed from the classrooms, from all Childcare-related industries and services and removed from public schools, due to their abhorrent and subversive degenerate behavior for decades.

But ultimately, President Trump and the true US Military will be handling the Central Bankers effort to start a war here: a race war, a Queer/Straight war, a Liberal/Conservative war, a Civil War – any kind of war – while we concern ourselves with cleaning up the mess that the manipulated people are making. The Queers, the Blacks, the soft-headed gullible youngsters – we’ll straighten them out locally while Trump and the world’s other White Hats take down the Manipulators, the Terrorists, the Brainwashers, the Central Bankers.

Honestly, American Nation staff doesn’t see any reason to even bother with a “Nuremberg 2” trial. We see the Terrorists. They own everything, even as they burn it all down in their effort to destroy OUR world. We see them. We see what they’re doing. Thank God for President Trump. We’ll just leave it at that. 🇺🇸

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