Many of you are asking, on social media, “Why are YouTube and Target and Budweiser destroying their own businesses?” Seems like a valid question, except that things are not always what they seem.

YouTube and Target and Budweiser aren’t destroy their OWN businesses; the investors with controlling interest – Vanguard, BlackRock and other Rothschild/Rockefeller-controlled investment firms – THEY are the ones destroying the businesses THEY control, which is virtually every major corporation in America. Here is what is REALLY going on right now:

The Pedophile Central Bankers, who virtually own everything, are destroying ALL of their own brands. This how they’re destroying the US economy. That’s their goal, to destroy the US economy and the entire world economy and render everyone poor, desperate, hungry and willing to ask these Terrorists – that’s what they are: Terrorists – to help them. That is the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Dupont, Soros, Clinton, Obama, Biden, Congress, WEF (and others) plan, as laid out in 1992 in a publication called “UN Agenda 21” (click link to download or open). They aren’t hiding their plan; it’s there for you to download and read. Go read it. In fact it’s all over the internet, but most of you have no interest whatsoever in what is actually going on in the World. Budweiser, Target, YouTube, Bed, Bath and Beyond – they’ll destroy every store they own, where Americans shop, in order to devastate the US economy in their attempt to bring America to our knees. They think we’ll eventually ask THEM for help. Fat freaking chance.

Oh, the Central Bankers and the WEF WILL destroy our economy, without God’s intervention. Who can stop them from destroying all of their OWN BUSINESSES? No one. And what economy could survive after every major food corporation, cellphone corporaton, automobile company, energy source, gasoline, oil, natural gas – they own all of these industries – are all shut down? The US economy will definitely collapse and we WILL suffer, many of us.

But the good news is that We the People are AMERICANS! We’ll overcome these global and domestic Terrorist Pedophile Central Bankers. I guarantee it. But we’ll be poor for awhile and we’ll need to rebuild the entire system, withOUT the Pedophile Central Banker Terrorists’ involvement. We can do it, and we WILL do it.

Ironically, what their self-imposed Corporation demolition is really doing is forcing us to abandon their system. The Second Great Depression is inevitable now because they are creating it right before our eyes, just like they did in 1929. Budweiser, YouTube, Target are just the tip of the iceberg. The complete demolition of our economy is already underway. It’s already on us now, as we watch them destroy their businesses that provide food and services to Americans nationwide, one business at a time. These are the same families doing the same things they did to the USA in 1929 which resulted in “The Great Depression”. We are witnessing the Central Bankers forcing Americans into a “Second Great Depression”, but I guarantee you it will be the last time these Pedophile Terrorists will ever be in a position to do this to the USA.

During the first Great Depression, Americans didn’t realize these Central Bankers were manipulating the Stock Market (it crashed), manipulating interest rates and currency to cause out-of-control inflation which allowed the Central Bankers to foreclose on millions of Americans’ homes, farms and put hundreds of thousands of small businesses out of business. This time, we SEE them. We see what they’re doing. We’ve read their plan (UN Agenda 21). We know how sick they are and of what they are capable: anything.

That’s what we get for allowing this Criminal Syndicate to entrance us using our own televisions for the past 75 years. Most Americans had no idea the television was being used to brainwash them! Well, it was – and it still IS! We know now. F them. Long live America! But it’s going to get rough soon. Arm up. Be prepared. Be ready. 🇺🇸

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