Respectfully speaking, I am done with the LGBTQ community, the Lesbian, Bisexual, Transvestite, Queer community. I am personally and seriously tired of hearing about “LGBTQ”, tired of seeing it on TV, after putting up with 50 years of Homosexuality being pushed on the rest of us, and the incessant onslaught of bullying by the Media and Hollywood for the less-than-1% of the population who are largely Narcissistic Sex Addicts, who call themselves Queers.

There… I said it.

I don’t care if you’re Queer or Lesbian or even Transvestite. I truly don’t care. Your lifestyle choices don’t affect me in any way. That your community’s collective Narcissism demands that you tell everyone around you about your sexual preferences, in public stores, in public anywhere/everywhere you go, when most of us don’t care and don’t even want to know about your sexual preference, is absurdly bizarre. Your sexual preference and practices are none of my business and I have no interest whatsoever. None. Ever. Narcissism, by the way, is clearly a serious mental disorder which can be treated, if the Narcissist is willing to participate in treatment.

That you now cavort naked on public streets in front of children is more than just ‘bizarre’; it’s disgusting, it’s illegal, it’s what Pedophiles do – expose themselves to children – it’s way over the line and it’s completely and irrefutably socially unacceptable to the rest of us, the 99%. You can expect many of us to address this type of public behavior clearly and directly now, the next time any of you attempt to do this in public moving forward. The days of normal people practicing tolerance for sick, immoral and degenerate public behavior, especially around children, are over.

In fact, the truth be told, no one gives a crap about your sexual preference except you & the rest of the 1%, and the Pedophile Central Banker Criminal Syndicate who pushes this crap on the rest of us 24/7 in their propaganda media TV shows and Hollywood movies, and now, in public government-run schools. The entire “Queer Agenda” was created by the New World Order Communists (who wrote a depopulation, global Communist plan for the world, called “UN Agenda 21”), the Central Bankers and the World Economic Forum, and this Queer Agenda has been pushed vehemently by the Central Bankers and continues to dominate television and television commercials today because the Central Bankers are Queers. That’s the only reason Homosexuality got such a dominant presence and a foothold in our media: the Central Bankers OWN the Mainstream Media. They use the 1% to push the Homosexual lifestyle on the other 99% of people in this country, using what they call “the Mainstream Media” to do it.

Unfortunately for the 1%, y’all really crossed the line when you began infiltrating public schools, pushing your deviant sexual behavior out in front of innocent school children in government-run schools, with Transvestites dancing lewd in front of children and getting the children to sit on their laps for what they call “Storytime”. That was the last straw for many of us across America. Children don’t need to hear about your unnatural sexual practices – yes, it’s unnatural behavior practiced by less the 1% of the population – and most normal adults aren’t interested in hearing about, or witnessing, your sexual behavior either. We’ve tried to be tolerant and patient with you, understanding that Pedophilia and abuse is what drives many of you to same sex relationships. We’ve done well, in my opinion, in the Tolerance department. But you never come around, never met us half-way. You’ve collectively only gotten more sexually radical, more intrusive, more disgustingly unsafe for children to even be around, so we’re done “tolerating” your behavior. 

And now, we’re going back to the original plan which had been in place for centuries, where Queers were concerned. We don’t want to see you flaunting your Queer bulls***, don’t want to hear about it in person, and frankly, many of us are going to let you know how we feel about your Narcissistic Sex Addict lifestyle, in no uncertain terms moving forward, when you try to promote or celebrate Homosexuality or Homosexual behavior in public. Sex is a private and personal matter, intended to be between a Man and a Woman. That is what is normal in a healthy socieyty, and that is why we are all here today. Queer behavior is a pathway to depopulation and disease, both mental and physical diseases. I don’t need to explain that remark to you if you’re Queer, as you’re living it and observing it in your 1% Community. Violence, disease and dysfunctional relationships define the 1% Community because Queer relationships are unnatural. 

And Sex isn’t, and has never been, generally speaking, a subject for public conversation. Sex was always intended to be intimate and personal, a shared and private personal intimate experience between a Man and a Woman, as God intended. Yes, I just used the “G” word. (We’re tired of godless people like you and the Central Banker media pushing God out of our culture, as well. Guess what – God is back. Another topic for another day.) Granted, the effort has been driven almost solely by the Pedophile Central Banker Criminal Syndicate, who have a monopoly on virtually everything, including most of Hollywood’s largest studios, the legacy media and much, much more, using television and movies to edge God out (EGO) of our American culture, but they’ve used Queers and the Queer community to do it, as well, and that community’s Narcissistic nature has so eagerly agreed to cooperate with their efforts. Now we’re done with putting up with all of it. Done.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: So we respectfully recommend that you consider keeping your sex life to yourselves, moving forward, especially around children, like normal people do, and like everyone ELSE does, in regards to OUR sex lives and sexual practices. That, or perhaps run the risk of dealing with people like me, who are truly sick and tired of you and the Propaganda Terrorist Media pushing your Queer, LGBTQ agenda on the rest of us for the past 50 years without our permission. Many of us are done tolerating this community, who are largely Narcissists and Sex Addicts, who call themselves “Queer”. We tell you this in love, and for your sake and for ours. This is our public declaration of our “Return to Normalcy” in America. We are done letting the Left dictate our social norms. Done. 

And if we had spent the past 50 years pushing our straight lifestyle on you without your permission, I’m sure you’d feel exactly like we do about it now. It’s taken a lot of patience, understanding, tolerance and compassion to put up with your ungodly, immoral and degenerate public sexual behavior all these years. We’re just formally announcing that we’re not putting up with it any longer. We won’t be shy and we won’t be vague when we let you know when you cross any of those lines again, moving forward, especially where innocent children are involved. You can expect that from us, moving forward. We encourage you to live like the rest of us live, with relative respect for one another, where the intimacy of sexual relations are discreetly and relatively private, and where children – all children – are loved and protected by Adults, all of the time, and are NOT subjected to the out-of-control behavior of sexual Deviants. That’s our goals, and always have been the collective norms for 99% of Americans, and we invite you to start to respect those goals, as well. At least consider our suggestions here, as we believe you will benefit as much as the rest of us, when you put them in practice. 

The truth is we have much bigger fish to fry in this country besides Queers going after innocent children. But the children are a priority too, and we will identify all Predators and insure that all of America’s children are safe, to the best of our ability. We’ll be scrutinizing public schools and school boards first. 

Good talk. 😶 🇺🇸

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