Embedded into local City Councils, Mayors offices and County Supervisor positions across this land, in your community and mine, are the Treasonous Communists and Liberal Leftist Traitors who are willing to support the anti-American agenda being implemented by the WEF globalist Terrorists, the Central Banker Pedophile Criminal Syndicate, to help in the WEF effort to take down this great country and attempt to destroy our great and unique American culture.

F them. It’s time for Right-Minded Americans to identify, expose and collectively remove every single WEF Terrorist Co-Conspirator Shadow Puppet who are embedded in your community and mine.

We need to identify every Mayor (Mayors who signed on to UN Agenda 21 are listed on IKLEI.com – to check for your Mayor’s name, click here), every City Councilperson and County Supervisor, and every leader cal school board member who are voting for Agenda 21/sustainability projects, laws and statutes, we call them out in public CC/CS meetings and we demand they be removed from office immediately for violating their respective Oaths of Office, of which they all are guilty.

We’ve developed a simple plan on Sonoma County Patriots website at SonomaCountyPatriots.com, which we call the American Community Re-Stabilization Project (below, from AmericanNation.net), to address and confront the UN Communist Infiltrators who have hijacked our City Councils, County Supervisors and local school boards. Our plan is an easy-to-implement step-by-step strategy that only requires a few faithful Patriot Activists to take action in order to restore your local government to sanity. We’ve begun to implement this plan in our own town and we expect phenomenal results and enthusiastic support from our community.

It’s time for Americans to wake up and remove all of these UN Infiltrators from City Councils, County Supervisor positions and local school boards. Parents are already rising up to confront these UN Communist Infiltrators on local school boards. The rest of us need to root out these creepy people from our local governments as well.

We can do it. The plan is in place. America is simply waiting for you to join in and secure our great nation for our children and grandchildren now. Are you ready? Turn off your tv, and click here to get started.

Remember, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. 🇺🇸

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