Many people believe the Traitors in our government will never have to pay for their crimes. They are convinced, in fact, because in the past, in their entire lifetime, the Traitor Politicians, Attorneys, Judges and fake news Talking Heads have never had to pay for their crimes. Ever.

But that was then. This is now. After a lifetime of seeing these Traitors steal our money & lie pathologically to us every day and never pay the price, many Americans are stuck in the past, thinking it will always continue like it always has… and we understand. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

But guess what – (Surprise!) – something changed. It’s about to come down, finally, and these Traitors, Murderes, Child Traffickers and Pedophiles are going to trial via Military Tribunals and they will see no grace for their crimes. Individually and collectively they’ve proven, with completely reckless disregard for their fellow Man, that they are too dangerous to be among the rest of us.

The price for Treason is hanging. There is no alternative punishment. The evidence is overwhelming and already secured. Justice will be done in America. Soon, in fact.

The process of eliminating these evil people who have chosen to pit themselves against Mankind and have arrogantly, openly and clearly identified themselves as Humanity’s Enemy (the WEF, Bilderberg Group, etc.), has already begun.

Some of the wealthiest men in the world are going to hang. They can run and they can hide but their time of openly terrorizing innocent people, and of being Terrorists against Humanity, is almost up.

It’s not as big a world as they’ve led us to believe and after their trials, they will all be found eventually. The WEF arrogantly believed they had us, and they came out of the holes in which they used to hide. Now we all know who they all are, and Justice will be swift. Military Tribunals don’t allow for endless Appeals. Convictions mean hanging, and in short order when the evidence is irrefutable – and it is.

I’ve watched these people for 30 years, since they published UN Agenda 21 in 1992 and I read it. These wealthy bas****s are deranged, my fellow Americans. I could see it in Agenda 21. When I read ‘Reduce the Earth’s population to no more than 245 million people’ and ‘Eliminate all sovereign nation status’, I knew that means “Kill 8 billion people, destroy the USA and create a Communist Dictatorship that WE rule”. Truly a Deranged plan.

No one believed me when I started talking about this on the Newsgroups (before the CIA created Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, YouTube, etc., people chatted on what we’re called “Newsgroups”), but Agenda 21 was written and published in 1992. I wasn’t wrong. It’s right there in black and white, disguised as “Sustainability”, which sounds like a good thing but really, the UN A21 plan is global Genocide and the enslavement of Mankind. Ray Charles could see that.

Now, the WEF talks openly about their plan, believing we’re all too ignorant and/or brainwashed by our TV’s to realize what they’re up to, but they are wrong about that. We see it, many of us. Their plans are just about to come to a grinding halt. Military Tribunal and hangings are being prepared and are waiting in the wings for these Traitors, Pedophiles, Child Traffickers, Child Murderers and Global Terrorists. Get your tickets early. The majority of Evil is about to be eradicated from our planet… soon.

And to that end, we say “Hallelujah!”. 🇺🇸

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