It’s like our communities have always been. Godless and ungodly Leftist Haters envy our (Christians) peace and joy and they hate that we’re happy, because they’ve chosen to reject God and have been turned over to deranged minds as God warned/promised in Romans 1:28.

We are seeing deranged minds now, made even more deranged by chronic and ongoing Media-induced Psychosis, and surely exasserbated by drugs and alcohol and medications. These godless Haters don’t have any defense against one the who came to steal, kill and destroy. Without the Lord’s hedge of protection, the Godless have been “turned over to a deranged mind” (Romans 1:28-32) and have become hateful and bitter like the Enemy they serve – and they don’t even know it – but we can see it, right in front of us every day.

The good news is that there really aren’t that many of them – we far outnumber them by a huge percentage. Not only that, but they (the evil and wealthy WEF families) own the entire global mainstream media, which they are using as a weapon to paint a false narrative that says “Liberals are everywhere”, which is ludicrous, but part of the false narrative they’ve developed over the years in order to pit Conservatives against Liberals. Liberals are few, but Conservatives are many; by most unbiased assessments, more than 85% Conservatives to less than 15% Liberals in the USA.

It’s just a lie. These hopeless, hateful people would still be hunkered down in their Hobbits, only coming out for food, like they’ve ALWAYS done. Liberals are definitely not everywhere, at all. The media has flooded TV shows and commercials now with homely Liberals, queers and now black folks in their 24/7 effort to convince the 85%+ of us that “they’re everywhere”. It’s part of their open assault on White folks and Asians and the American family and Christian/Judeo/American family values and culture, but it’s a big lie, like everything else they do.

Thank God for the 2nd Amendment, the only thing keeping these creepy people at bay right now. Stay armed and ready, get a good semi-automatic and a shotgun if you don’t already have one – get two, they’re fun and they’re effective against intruders – and minimize your involvement with these deranged people as much as possible.

Meet with your Godly neighbors and create a group of trusted, local armed Militia (2A Militia) to walk your community 2-3 times a week, so’s our deranged neighbors don’t forget who the VAST majority really are. This effort to incite and use the Deranged as Hater puppets was planned long ago by the Bilderberg Group. The deception, the media-induced psychosis and rendering so many so delusional is all part of a 100 year plan (started in 1919) to create a global dictatorship (they call it the “UN one world government plan”) which Donald Trump and you and I – and Christians across America – disrupted.

If not for the Faithful, America’s sovereignty would have been dissolved under Murderess Hillary Clinton and the USA would have been rendered a part of the UN One World Government, a Communist dictatorship which the Uber-wealthy WEF leaders/families would rule. Praise God you’re not a weak-minded Leftist who rejects God because things are about to be jerked right out of the WEF/Bilderberg’s hands.

Remember who these deranged, Leftist Haters are, in your neighborhoods and on the world stage – because they won’t go away when this country returns to its Right-minded rightful owners. The Lunatics will just go back into hiding, like they’ve always done. And pray – continue to pray without ceasing, as we are directed by our Heavenly Father in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Pray for these deranged people, for protection against violence from them, and pray that they come to Christ one day, soon, ideally.

The Bottom Line? Everything’s going to be alright. 🇺🇸 #MAGA #AmericaFirst

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