For much of the Middle Class, all taxes considered, tax revenues are sucking up over 50% of our income. The answer to America’s economic collapse isn’t “raise taxes”, the answer is CUT GOVERNMENT SPENDING. Government has NEVER cut spending in my entire life, even when Republicans actually cut taxes.

If you know your history like I do, we Americans are guaranteed FREEDOM to live our lives as we please with additional guarantees to the opportunity to pursue Life, Liberty and happiness. No right to “Free healthcare” or “subsidized housing” or even “food stamps” is found anywhere in the US Constitution.

The Church took care of the elderly and the indigent when there were no families to provide for them, and they did so out of the kindness of their hearts, with voluntary church donations, not with the Middle Class’s Tax Dollars. Many Americans have lost sight of what America is really about, or perhaps never learned at all, since Big Government took over public education and stopped teaching real American & World history. Everything public schools have taught for 100 years are a false narrative, making the USA the “worlds hero”, when, in reality, the USA, under control of the Rothschild-Democrat Party, has been the number one Terrorist group in history.

Government is the problem now, which is why so many people are so ENTITLED that they walk out in front of passing cars WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING and take bikes on the most dangerous roads in our county. Government has taught folks to be so entitled and people have become so gullible and reliant on the government telling them what to think that they actually put their very lives in danger now, as though they’ve become Fools.

I’m probably not a guy that Liberals want to engage about the “increase tax revenues” suggestion. In fact, I’m sure I’m not, because I’m an American and it appears you and I live in completely different worlds, which is our prerogative as Americans. It doesn’t make for very fruitful conversation, however, when we are on polar opposite ends of the spectrum. In fact, the United States fought a war over taxation without representation, which is exactly what we’re experiencing again today.

I would abolish the federal Department of Education and the federal Department of Energy, for starters, because both are nothing but money laundering operations for the Central Banker Criminal Syndicate. States can handle education like they used to, and they can make their own energy policies and decisions. The reason the Federal Government has become so bloated that it’s unrecognizable is because that’s how they steal our tax dollars, through money laundering, pretending to be supporting all of these causes when in reality, they’re stealing our money. The federal government has become a giant money-laundering Behemoth, and was only intended to provide national military protection for the states. We the People need to control it, as the Constitution describes, but now the government controls many of US. I will not comply. My freedom and Liberty and my children’s and grandchildren’s freedom and Liberty are too precious to me. I will fight or die to protect them, and at this point, to get them back.

According to our Constitution, which is the Law of the Land, The United States of America is a government of the people, for the people and by the people, but now it’s become tyrannical. Fortunately, many who have fought and sacrificed for our freedom know exactly what to do when a government becomes tyrannical – the Declaration of Independence tells us exactly what we should do: “…throw off a tyrannical government”. 

Many Americans believe that it’s time to do exactly that. Past time, in fact. 🇺🇸

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