United We Stand

Americans are alive and well in this precious United States of America. Despite a dark, un-American and ungodly effort to undermine the American Dream and to destroy the American family and Christianity, American Patriots, aka The Silent Majority, have had enough.

Liberalism in America has become a hateful, hostile and subversive, godless group of unhappy, angry, unprincipled individuals whose actions reflect lives of failure and low self-esteem, whose minds are marked by serious mental health disorders. Upon closer scrutiny, these unhinged Haters are being led today by Marxists and Communists who just happen to be very wealthy Globalists who own and control America’s Mainstream Media – aka “Fake News” – and dictate what is deemed “news” and what stories will be ignored each day. Each outlet, including CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS and now FOX News, adheres religiously to the NWO’s demands. Whatever the NWO dictates, that is what those formerly trusted News shows say, verbatim and exactly how the NWO demands they say it. The Media doesn’t investigate anything except for the NWO’s enemies, and they no longer report the news. They try to dictate what is news by droning on the narrative, again and again and again, over and over, day after day, 24/7 until people start to believe the Media’s lies.

Not on our shift, Communists.

UnitedWeStand.cc is here to help organize American Patriots into a unified nation who understands how precious our Constitution is, how essential our rights are and how unique our nation is on this planet. Liberals, Progressives, Democrats – all just another word for “Communist” – may have lost sight of how hungry this world is for freedom and personal Liberty, but we haven’t.

We the People of the United States of America will willingly fight to the death for this City on a Hill and together we will stand against Liberals, Democrats and Progressives – all other words for “Communists” – who are burning down our cities, trampling our Constitutional rights, desperately trying to turn the USA into a Third World nation while they are attempting to rig this 2020 election.

We shall overcome, for united we stand.

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