The answer is yes: The Central Banker Global Monopoly is burning itself down right now, one business at a time… by none other than the Central Bankers themselves. Let us explain:

They aren’t literally burning down their Monopoly, they are figuratively “burning down” their retail empire by destroying their customer base, and then (mark my words) they’ll bankrupt the business. For example, they’re currently burning down their Budweiser and Target brands. They are intentionally burning them to the ground because they know that by pushing the fake “Transgender“ nonsense, none of us are going to shop there anymore. It’s just part of their plan to turn America into a wasteland. Get that? I’ll repeat it: It’s just part of their PLAN to turn America into a wasteland.

They are systematically burning down their own empire so that it appears to us that ‘America’s economy is failing’ when really, the US economy isn’t failing; they are the ones destroying it, one store at a time, burning down the stores in which they own and/or have controlling interest, and raising interest rates because they control the banks.

Remember when they sacrificed the NFL/MLB and NBA teams (that they control) by encouraging players to publicly disrespect our country’s National Anthem while the cameras were on and millions of sports fans were watching? But wait – much to their chagrin, I’m sure – beer-guzzling sports fans did not abandon professional sports.

Then it was Bud Light/Budweiser, by pushing the “Transgender” nonsense (aka Gender Confusion, which their now-72 mandatory children’s vaXXines created). That cost Bud Light billions of dollars in a very short time. The Criminal Syndicate doesn’t care. They’re on a mission.

Hollywood, which the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, DuPonts & their Central Banker Co-Conspirators own and/or control, is burning itself down right now as well, canceling White people on TV & television commercials, using Racism and Queer characters everywhere in order to get normal Americans NOT to watch new movies or TV shows. Don’t even get me started about Disney or the Queer/CIA Mainstream Media, which this Pedophile Criminal Syndicate Monopoly has already destroyed.

It’s all just more false narratives that these Pedophile Globalist Central Bankers are presenting to we the people like they’ve done for 150 years. They are raising food/gas prices in stores they own, raising interest rates using the banks they own, making it difficult for Americans to pay their bills and now they’re burning down one store at a time, Budweiser, Target, Miller, etc. because they have trillion$ in the bank and in property and they don’t care about the money they’re losing right now. They own the entire global banking system so their finances are secure, and they will do whatever it takes to take control of the entire planet, including burning down all of their own retail investments.

None of what we’re watching is what it appears to be. The Central Banker Media – that’s who owns the Legacy Media corporations, by the way – has presented false narratives for decades to unsuspecting, all-too-trusting television viewers. Literally nothing that the Mainstream Media “reports” is even a “report”; they simply read from scripts which are provided to to every Central Banker Media outlet, such as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX etc., and they all parrot the same scripts. That’s not “News”, that’s Propaganda. 

How can the Legacy Media corporations get away with broadcasting Propaganda to the American people for decades now? Easy. The entire system, including the FCC, which is supposed to demand integrity and honesty from media corporations, are compromised by the Central Bankers now. No one is overseeing the Mainstream Media except the Central Bankers and their co-conspirators who have been installed in key government positions. That’s why we see what we see on television today: Queers, Racism, sex, violence and Pedophilia everywhere. That’s who the Central Bankers really ARE. 

Our options are simple: Don’t watch television unless/until this Criminal Syndicate has been taken down. That’s the only viable response, in our opinion, to what’s taking place on TV today. And since we won’t be watching TV for awhile, perhaps we’ll consider giving our attention to local City Councils and County Supervisors, where Leftists are busy implementing the Central Bankers’ “UN Agenda 21/30” agenda. Let’s pray about this, shall we? And then lets gather at our city’s next City Council meeting and our county’s next Supervisor meeting and start calling them out publicly and ultimately removing them all from positions of influence. They are, after all, traitors to our nation, since UN Agenda 21/30 is hostile to all sovereign nations, including ours. All City Council and County Supervisor Members who are implementing UN Agenda 21/30 are committing Treason against the United States of America. That’s a fact. Remove them all in order to secure our own safety, security, freedom and Liberty.

Let’s help clean up the mess that the Central Bankers are making out of our nation right now. And let’s be prepared to move forward in a very different USA as these Terrorists destroy our entire economy, right before our eyes. Life is going to be very different in the USA very soon. They’re burning it down, like they did in 1929. They called it “The Great Depression” but what really took place was that the Central Bankers destroyed the American economy, like they are right now, taking Citizens’ mortgaged homes and farms. Keep in mind that the Central Bankers own the printing companies and print virtually all of the books, including American history books. They’ve rewritten the story so that they still remain hidden from blame, but they ARE to blame for the Great Depression, and they’re doing it again, right now. A search for “The Great Depression” brings up pages and pages of Central Banker-owned propaganda websites/articles, so you have to really dig to find independent articles on this subject, but what we’ve noticed is that the same dynamics are taking place today that caused the Great Depression of 1929-1939, and the same people – the Central Bankers – are behind this effort. is keeping all Americans informed with daily updates M-F. Click on image for

Our job then is to be prepared. It won’t be pretty here in the USA soon. They have imported millions of Terrorists from across the globe through our open borders – that’s what open borders are FOR. These Terrorists will attack American Citizens when they’re told to do so by the Central Banker-owned Mainstream Media. This is not a “conspiracy theory”, this is the result of years and years of research and study. Barring intervention by legitimate President Donald Trump and the real US Military, “Depression 2” is coming. Be prepared for the worst, but pray for the best. 

As our nation collapses, those who are prepared to defend themselves from Terrorists, who are self-reliant with food, who are independent of “government assistance”, are most likely to survive. Remember: We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us… so let’s get busy, my fellow Americans. 

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