I admit, I cannot pinpoint the exact date or incident in which the mob began to strong-arm Americans. But I do know that when half the roads in America have bike lanes and that less than 1% of Americans ride bikes; that every Primetime tv show has Queers but that less than 1% of Americans are queers; that less than 1% of Americans suffer from the delusional mental illness that the mob has termed “transgender” but Transvestites are everywhere on national television and movies and that less than 1% have ANY of the illnesses (like HIV) that fill 90% of TV commercials today, is all evidence that the mob is strong-arming America… all evidence that the Mob is trying to manipulate Reality and create an ILLUSION about what is real in life.

It is unbelievable what we Americans have endured from this criminal syndicate & the Democrat party that does their bidding. We’ve shown amazing composure, faith, trust & self-control. I believe it’s very close to the time when we the people will rise up in unity against this criminal syndicate. They have destroyed or are destroying every aspect of America that we hold dear, but our faith sustains us. Pedophiles, Queers, other perverts & degenerates have proven to be our enemies. Stay alert & be prepared. Stay ready. 🇺🇸

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