We just realized that the 60’s “Sexual Revolution” didn’t just happen. It was planned, orchestrated and executed by arguably the most evil families in world history, who were also responsible for bringing the illicit drugs into our country, manufacturing LSD and other chemical drugs, and flooding our country with those drugs as well as flooding our nation with Cocaine and Heroin, and now Fentanyl. Of course, logic dictates that in order to figure out who is flooding our streets with Fentanyl, one might ask oneself: “Who manufactures pharmaceutical drugs in this country?” The answer, of course, is Big Pharma, owned and operated by the Rothschilds and their Co-Conspirators, the same people who created and released the COVID-19 Hoax, developed and terrorized people into taking the mRNA injections, and who also own the entire Legacy Media and the Military Industrial Complex. Hence, we now see who has always started every war, who has poisoned our food supply with chemicals and who uses propaganda to keep themselves hidden and keep people in fear. They are more commonly known as the “Central Banker Pedophile Criminal Syndicate”, to those of us who are paying close attention to world affairs.

Appealing to our selfish nature, this Criminal Syndicate, aka “The Mob”, began a concerted effort to destroy the American Family by using state-of-the-art psychological warfare, Hollywood’s movies and their News Media corporations to flood our great nation’s airwaves with propaganda designed to appeal to men’s sexual nature, present women as objects, pushing Pornographic magazines and movies, promoting homosexuality and single parent families and glorifying Single Mothers as Heroes, demonizing Men and all of their propaganda appears to have worked. I mean, look where we are, as a culture. It worked.

Thus began the assault on Godly principles and American Families and ushered in the promotion of homosexuality, depraved thinking and promiscuous behavior… and it’s still going on today.

ABOUT GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS ~ We’ve allowed our government to dictate a plethora of regulations on Free Market businesses, but it’s not the People’s will or to the People’s benefit, but it’s the Central Banker/WEF Criminal Syndicate’s will and to THEIR benefit. It needs to stop now. Taxes, as well – not the People’s plan or desire, but the Rothschilds Federal Reserve Bank’s plan to rob We the People… and that worked, too.

We know who many of these families are now – the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Bill & Melinda Gates, George Soros, the DuPonts – all familiar names to the USA. They collectively published a document called “UN Agenda 21” in 1992, which laid out their plans and intentions for the future, as clear as day, but very few people actually read UN Agenda 21. But I did, as soon as it was published. 

It seemed like a big deal to this Thirty-something American Man who had paid attention to what the “Mainstream Media” published and broadcasted every day. I could see that “the news” was all bad news, not “News”, but an attempt to manipulate Viewers and keeps us all in fear. Fortunately, God didn’t wire me to live in fear… and I don’t.

  1. Reduce the Earth’s Human population to just 245 million. That means 8 billion people are scheduled to die by these people.
  2. Create a “One World Government”, which would be a DICTATORSHIP, run by – yes – The Central Bankers/WEF Globalist Terrorists.
  3. Dissolve/ban all sovereign governments, including – and especially – the USA.

Isn’t it amazing that the people who control the global media haven’t allowed any of this information to be aired on their networks? That’s why almost no one knows what these crazed, Maniacal Pedophiles are up to right now. But many of us DO know. 



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