September 10, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher at AmericanNation.net ~ Anthony Fauci put a Remdesivir COVID medication protocol in place worldwide that he claimed successfully saved lives during the Ebola outreak in Africa. Many American hospitals quickly began obediently administering the medication Remdesivir to their COVID patients.

But a quick check on his claims reveal the opposite is true; the CDC/NIH medication protocol that Fauci directed hospitals nationwide to follow was actually a complete failure during the Ebola outbreaks in Africa, killing most of the Ebola patients to which it was administered. It appears that Fauci implemented that protocol here in the USA which was designed to kill COVID patients, not save them. See video below.

Reality Check

September 10, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher at AmericanNation.net ~ It is completely off limits by the Rockefeller Media corporations. They won’t allow the word to be used by any of their Mainstream Media “news” corporations or affiliates, and with good reason: THEY were the one’s who were behind the 1930’s/1940’s Genocide and the attempt to take over the world.

We’re talking about the word “Nazi”. (More information on this “Nazi” phenomenon can be found on an earlier AmericanNation article here – https://americannation.net/2021/09/10/the-nazis-are-back/).

The “Mainstream Media”, aka Rockefeller Media Corporations, refuse to use the word or even make a reference to “the Nazi’s”, and with good reason.  The NWO (Deep State Bilderberg Group and NWO Bankers) – the uber-wealthy Rothschild and Rockefeller families, appear to be ‘the tip of the spear’ – appear to be dictating the entire public narrative to all of their propaganda “news” corporations worldwide (Associated Press, CBS, ABC, CNN, USA Today, NY Times, Apple, Yahoo, Google, etc), and also to the global hospital corporation/system which the Bilderbergs may control as well, and to the globalist Bilderberg owned/controlled Big Box corporations (WalMart, Home Depot, Target, etc), who all operate and cooperate with the official script dictated by the Rothschild/Bilderberg Group empire with fake mask protocols, making it appear that the whole world is serious about this supposed “Pandemic”. But it’s not that. It’s one group of wealthy people, throwing their weight around in their attempt to bring the entire planet to it’s knees so that all of the nations beg for help, which the Rothschild family is already prepared to offer. It’s a scam.

This is not a “conspiracy theory” like the Rockefeller controlled MSM keeps telling viewers. This is a conspiracy against all of Mankind and Bilderberg President (deceased) David Rockefeller bragged openly about their plan to rule the world, stating “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order”. So they created the illusion of “the right crisis”, but intelligent people see that it’s nothing but a scam.

No longer do they brag about their plan to take control of the world, however. That is, no longer do the Bilderberg’s brag about their plan to (a) use the United Nations as a cloak while they (b) create a “one world government” (OWG, a Communist dictatorship) under which the wealthy elite would be Dictators. Not only do the Bilderbergs not brag about their plan, as David Rockefeller did until his death in 2017, the Rockefeller media empire now refuses to even mention their plan, even as it is unfolding more and more clearly each day.

More information on this “Nazi” phenomenon can be found on an earlier AmericanNation article here – https://americannation.net/2021/09/10/the-nazis-are-back/ – including the similarities between the Rockefeller media propaganda campaign in Europe and Germany during the 1930’s and ’40’s and the Rockefeller media propaganda campaign going on in America right now.

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This IS The Plan 2

This Biden Adminsurrection is hands-down the most evil presidential administration in American history. They aren’t even trying to hide it, anymore.

Several things are crystal clear now:

  1. It is the Democrat Party who start wars in other countries. Trump, the Outsider, brought peace to the Middle East, and the NWO Democrat Party and fake President Rothschild started up the war again just as soon as their stolen election and the NWO Communist Occupation of Washington DC were complete. The Democrat Party are the War Mongers who start wars in the Middle East, who invade Middle Eastern nations and who appear to work for those who are responsible for every major military conflict and war on this planet for more than 100 years, who own the Military Industrial Complex: the NWO Bilderberg Group, who are wealthy Globalists, which includes the uber-wealthy Rothschild and Rockefeller families, the British Royal family, and anti-American/Depopulation advocates like Billionaires Bill Gates, George Soros, Bill & Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and many more who are equally dark, godless and evil.
  2. Trump was in the way of THIS plan and we are all seeing that scenario play out right now, which is the complete takeover of the US Government by NWO Globalists, and ultimately, we suspect, Genocide against the vast majority of the world’s population. The Bilderberg’s have talked openly for decades about their plan to rule the world through a United Nations-led “one world government”, which would be their dictatorship. Former Bilderberg Group Chairman (deceased) David Rockefeller bragged openly, many times over the years, about using “the right crisis”, to take down the world. (A simple search using Duckduckgo privacy search engine will show you some of those quotes).  The United States of America is the only nation standing in the way of this NWO Globalist plan for world domination, with our 80 million gun owner Patriots and our 390 million guns… Oh, and our formidable, undefeatable American Spirit.

The NWO Child Abduction/Child Sex Trafficking ring which was discovered when Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for the second time, was managed (probably still is) by Jeffrey Epstein, and over the past 5 years, President Trump’s task force has successfully found and secured freedom for thousands of abducted children who were being held against their will, drugged and used as sex slaves for the Elite (Bill Clinton was on the Epstein Island flight list 27 times) and the abducted children have also been terrorized relentlessly in order to harvest a hormone called Adrenochrome, which is naturally produced by a human being’s body when experiencing extreme fear or terror. It’s reported by Adrenochrome users that children produce a much stronger, more concentrated Adrenochrome than older adults.

Independent investigations have concluded that those responsible for these crimes have harvested Adrenochrome from the children they’ve  abducted and terrorized and inject it into their own bodies for its intoxicating effects. Many of the wealthy, godless Pedophile elite may have become addicted to Adrenochrome, abducting, raping and terrorizing young children for decades, but these unthinkable crimes were only recently discovered when Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for the second time. Ongoing investigations will surely reveal more.

President Trump was the first US President to investigate this Child Abduction Sex Trafficking ring and our investigations have concluded that this is why (a) The NWO Globalists turned the entire Mainstream Mainstream Media against President Trump while the Democrat Party leaders charged President Trump with many false allegations and fake crimes in order to try to destroy his reputation and assassinate his character, efforts which all failed. Many Americans suspect that’s why the NWO released this germ warfare on America and on the entire world, which is causing respiratory failure in many people who  are exposed to this awful, man-made laboratory-produced virus.

According to our research, all of the events which began after President Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election appear to  stem from the discovery of that global child abduction/sex trafficking ring and AN research has concluded that this may be why they released this germ warfare on America and the world, which is causing respiratory failure in many of the people who are exposed. All of the bizarre events since 2017 appear to stem from the discovery of that child abduction/child sex trafficking ring.

Red Shoes Club members

The child abductions and terrorizing of young children by the wealthy Elite appears to have been going on for decades. Those involved in these atrocities and child murders even have a club called “The Red Shoes Club”, in which these sick Pedophiles identify to one another as members.

Again, a simple search on DuckDuckGo will give you many links to this Pedophile “club” including well-known public figures who are members, unbelievably gory rituals and disgusting Pedophile artwork etc. 

Another story for another time.

This IS The Plan

Everything the Mainstream Media tells you is a lie. There isn’t a single media narrative taking place right now that is 100% true because the media is owned by New World Order Globalists and the Globalists have an agenda called “one world government“ (OWG), which is another way to say “global dictatorship”.

The lying fake news media keeps saying “poor planning on Bidens part” but that’s another lie. Bringing these terrorist “refugees“ to America was the plan all along. The Democrats are America’s enemies.… And this is WAR.

The ungodly-wealthy Rothschild and Rockefeller families have been working on that OWG for generations. The only thing standing in their way today is the USA and the 379 million guns we 80 million gun owners own.

COVID-19 is not a virus. It is a set of symptoms, And it is such a long set of symptoms that if you have allergies, muscle aches from gardening, making love or jogging or even just a common cold, you’re accused of having COVID-19 and your employer will insist that you go get tested… again.

They are terrorizing you with the common cold now. The variants are all imaginary, made-up names with which to keep you afraid. These NWO people are so desperate to get this mRNA injection into your body that they have now told private corporations to threaten to fire you if you don’t get it.

This is war, my fellow Americans, and it’s time that we Americans fight back.


Attention, Commies aka Liberals aka Democrats:

     We all have what’s known as “Civil Rights” and “the right to self-determination” without some government, clowns or Communists trying to tell us what “experimental” medical procedures that you think we “need to take”. And guess what – We are not responsible for your safety, no matter how many times the fake news TV shows tell you that we are responsible for your safety. YOU are responsible for your safety and WE are responsible for our safety, and never the twain shall meet. The Propaganda Terrorist Media is lying to you every day and intelligent people can spot Liars immediately. Low intelligence folks can’t tell the difference between a convincing Liar and a Truthteller.
     You live your life and we’ll live our lives. If you’re that afraid of people, then stay home and wear your mask 24/7. We will live however we decide to live our lives, and we don’t need your advice about anything. With all due respect, people like you who are so delusional that you believe men are women and women are men are NOT qualified to give anyone Life advice.
     DEMONIZING THE PRO-CHOICERS ~ In the early 1940’s, the Rothschild and Rockefeller families began working with German President Adolph Hitler, waging a Demonization Program in which Jews were made the target of a mass media propaganda hate campaign. Jews were portrayed as evil and untrustworthy in newspapers and radio shows, and the German people believed the Racist propaganda, experiencing mass, collective Media-Induced Psychosis, brainwashed by the steady stream of propaganda and psychological warfare techniques practiced by the Rockefeller Propaganda Media.
     Many Germans began to hate the Jews, solely because they were being demonized by the Rockefeller-owned German Mainstream Media in an ongoing, 24/7 Hate Campaign, demonizing Jews 365 days a year.  German television viewers eventually became Racists and “Jew Haters”, then evolving into “Jew Hunters”, reporting their Jewish neighbors to the Police, simply for being Jewish.  This Racist Hate campaign in Germany in the 1940’s looked very much like the Hate campaign  currently being waged by the Rockefeller Corporation Media against American fake news show viewers for the past 18 months, using psychological warfare techniques on viewers and pumping fear-mongering hateful messaging to a viewership who still believes the Media BS is true.
     What we’re seeing today, the Hate being directed through the television screen, aimed at Americans who have decided to make their own medical decision, not willing to let the Media or this corrupt and illegitimate government tell them what will be injected into their bodies, it’s nothing new to the Rothschild family or the Rockefeller family.
     Our decades long research has concluded that both families engaged in the same kind of propaganda campaign to demonize the Jews as they are doing right now to demonize unvaccinated Americans. Same psychological terrorism techniques with the same mass psychosis results. Same mass hysteria over lies and propaganda, this time streaming into homes of American fake news viewers, now hopelessly brainwashed by ongoing, 24/7 propaganda and psychological abuse, weaved together for exactly this result.
     American Nation staff wonder why the Journalists” – and we use the term loosely, none of these NWO-owned fake news show hosts are Journalists anymore – haven’t investigated these two wealthy, influential and controlling families, families which have been responsible for the assassinations of so many influential and patriotic Americans like President John F Kennedy and his brother Robert, and the man who was single-handedly bringing the brotherhood of races together in a way which had never been done before, Martin Luther King Jr. The Mainstream Media, owned by the Rockefeller Corporation, hasn’t done squat to investigate these evil families.
     Instead, we’ve had to do our own investigations, with countless results across the past few decades by thousands of investigators who have all concluded the same thing: The Rothschild and Rockefeller families are the tip of the spear of Evil on this planet and always have been for the past more than 100 years. All evidence available to AN staff has concluded that Covid Terrorism is a NWO creation, well thought out in much detail, except for one thing: The facts don’t support the intense media fear-mongering. With a 99.98% survival rate, this contrived “Covid” terrorism campaign is a complete and obvious fraud… except to those who have trustingly tuned in to a Rockefeller media fake news show, day after day, mornings and at night, subjecting themselves to the psychological terrorism that stations like CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and the other “Mainstream Media” fake news show broadcasts, from the same identical script, saying the same identical phrases, over and over and over until the gullible viewers actually believe what the NWO fake news propaganda is telling them to believe every day.
     ABOUT YOUR SHAMING AND BLAMING ~ We know a good solution for your Agoraphobia: Stay home, watch the lying NWO propaganda media every day, wear your masks in your houses and order food from Safeway! You can’t control us and obviously you can’t even control yourselves. It is CRAZY that you think you have a say about our medical decisions. You don’t.
     Wake up, and good luck with your choice to be part of the “Experiment” that we want no part of. That is our choice. Oh, and turn off your TV… you’re embarrassing yourself here.

The Smart Americans

When is Enough Enough?

At what point do We the People all say no? Democrats have intentionally flooded our country with millions of illegal aliens who have no interest in our Constitutional rights or in their own Human rights. The Illegals who have been allowed to flood into the USA appear to only be interested in free money via welfare and food stamps and subsidized housing, working for cash, paying no taxes and sending illegal money home.

This effort to undermine American freedom has been intentional by the Democrats. Many Americans believe Democrats are working for the wealthy NWO globalists who want to rule the world the way China rules their Communist country via the United Nations “One World Government” plan (dictatorship) which is found, in detail, in a document called “UN Agenda 21”, published in 1992.

At this point, We the People are many and the Liberals/Leftists are relatively few. Recognizing and knowing what these Traitors are up to is not enough and many Americans believe we’ve talked about it long enough. We the People need to put a stop to the undermining of our own freedom and the intentional destruction of the United States of America by NWO Communists and all co-conspirators (i.e. the Democrat Party).

We should have stopped them when they began to use the NWO globalist-owned media in 2015 to harass then-Presidential candidate/now our great President Donald Trump 24/7 in an attempt to assassinate Trump’s character.

We should have stopped them when they started making false allegations against our great President, including “Russian Collusion” (Democrats are guilty of that crime), Quid Pro Quo (Democrats are guilty of Quid Pro Quo which Biden bragged about in a video) and charges of Racism (Democrats are the Racists who fought to keep their black slaves, founded the KKK and fought the US Civil Rights movement for years).

We should have stopped them during the (first of 2) fake Impeachment(s).

We should have stopped them when they compromised the entire 2020 Presidential election after we received numerous independent news reports and after receiving irrefutable video & documented evidence from the Italian Secret Service that ballots from the 2020 American Presidential election were uploaded via the internet (felony) to servers in Germany, downloaded to servers in Italy (felony), modified/changed (felony) by programmed algorithms and re-uploaded to American servers (felony), when we first received those reports from the Italian Secret Service.

We should have stopped them when both evidence and proof were discovered which proved that Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton, the FBI, the CIA and the Department of Justice were all guilty of spying (felony) on political rival/then-Presidential candidate Donald J Trump.

We can “should” all over ourselves, but the truth is the election year Covid Terrorism campaign, without any evidence of “Covid-19” identified yet and/or isolated (so there really is no “Covid-19”, just another Coronavirus like so many others with it’s own unique attributes), with the Mainstream Media so obviously compromised and the FBI, CIA, DOJ, US Department of Education and many more American agencies compromised, We the People should have risen up before now to put a stop to this charade and multiple frauds against the American people… but we can’t go back, can we?

We can move forward, however, and put a stop to all of this Democrat Party effort to destroy the American economy and indoctrinate America’s children into Racism, Marxism and Socialism (Communism). But how do We the People do that?

It is found in the Seventh Amendment which refers to trials by jury according to “Common Law”. Military tribunals were implemented after World War II, called the Nuremberg Trials. Because the US Military appears to be compromised now, responsibility for facilitating trials against alleged Traitors and Communist Infiltrators falls on We the People. It’s time for Americans to put these Communist Infiltrators on trial for election fraud, hijacking the US government, massive psychological abuse using the American Mainstream Media as a weapon, and the intentional destruction of hundreds of thousands of American small businesses… for starters.

American Nation is in the process of discovering how to proceed with such actions. AN will keep you informed of our progress in these matters. Please continue to pray for our nation and for one another.

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!


After 4 years of using the Mainstream Media to harass POTUS Donald J Trump, and countless false allegations in which years-long investigations have revealed no crimes of which Trump was accused were ever committed by President Trump and which also included 2 failed attempts to try to impeach President Trump, the vast majority of Americans’ popular opinion believes the Democrat Party turned to more sinister methods to take down our great President Trump. Millions of taxpayer dollars, years of time wasted on fake allegations, years of false news reports, 4 years of sustained and intentional Mainstream Media character assassination of our great President all failed to remove President Trump… and then the COVID propaganda Mainstream Media 24/7 television terrorism campaign began.

In a 2020 election year in which Democrats could see clearly that all of their desperate and criminal efforts to try to destroy President Trump over the previous 4 years had been for nothing, Americans continued to stand by their great President. Democrats could see that Trump would surely win the 2020 Presidential election by a landslide and all of their previous efforts to turn America into a Socialist nation over 8 Obama years would likely continue to be undone by President Trump.

Democrats were desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures… and thus began the purported release of what is called the “Covid-19 virus”, which has never been isolated or identified (here is still no identified “Covid-19 virus”) and the radical Democrat Party/Leftwing-biased Mainstream Media COVID fear-mongering television campaign, and the intentional systematic burning, looting and pillaging of Democrat Party-run cities of Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle.

American Nation will be breaking down exactly what transpired as Democrats continued to conspire against President Trump and against all good, hard-working Americans since then. It is an ugly chain of Democrat Party-sponsored events that continues today with the Mainstream Media still being used by NWO Democrats for fear-mongering and terrorism against all Americans while, at the same time, Democrats have opened the Southern border with Mexico to allow hundreds of thousands of Terrorists, convicted Pedophiles and sick people into our country, even going so far as to fly them all over the United States in their effort to spread crime and disease in order to create a real epidemic.

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God bless America and God bless you, our fellow Americans.

Pat Riot, Publisher of AmericanNation.net


June 24, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher at AmericanNation.net ~ With a 99.98% survival rate, and the absurd Propaganda/Media Terrorism going on for the past 18 months and especially the desperate attempts to coerce folks into getting the untested, experimental mRNA injection, the staff at AN has unanimously concluded that the entire COVID Terrorism effort is an OBVIOUS FRAUD. AN staff does not watch Terrorism TV shows, such as ABC, CBS, CNN and the rest, however, so none of our staff have been brainwashed to believe that the terror is real.

NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT: Democrat Governors originally murdered the elderly, by mandating that COVID positive elderly patients be transferred BACK to their respective care homes in order to get the numbers up, in order to scare everyone and to support the Mainstream Media’s story in this Deep State Terrorist scam, intentionally exposing the elderly to it because they knew that any coronavirus will kill the elderly.

Our sources conclude that the Bilderberg Group (aka NWO) and Deep State Democrats committed murder and terrorism by executing this SCAMdemic in the first place, an undeniable PLANNEDemic, right before our eyes, but COVID is definitely NOT the Boogieman that it seems.

Planned and scripted for years, we believe this COVID Scam is a NWO Bilderberg Group (NWO) creation, and that it is just a part of the NWO’s decades-long effort to terrorize the world into accepting their UN Agenda 21 planned “One World Government”, intended to be a Terrorist dictatorship, which was published in a publication called “UN Agenda 21” in 1992. To their credit, the Bilderberg Group warned us in 1992 that their goal is to reduce the Earth’s population to 245,000 people when they published UN Agenda 21, but it seems that we were all too busy working two jobs, raising our families and worrying about paying our bills to pay attention to their quiet public proclamation which had NO media coverage whatsoever.

NWO Democrats appear to be guilty of so many crimes over the past 5 years, committed right out in the open as we all watch. No Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, Barry Soetoro aka “Barrack Obama”, regardless of mountains of proof and evidence, have been investigated, arrested or charged with any of their multiple crimes, such as domestic terrorism, murder (Governor Cuomo arranging for the deaths of thousands of elderly care home patients), election fraud, harassment of a sitting President for 5 years, spying on a campaign opponent (Obama, Biden and Clinton), Quid Pro Quo (Biden admission re. Ukraine), using the media in an ongoing attempt to defraud and intentionally misinform the public, using the mainstream media to manipulate public opinion, international terrorism (COVID), using the media as a weapon, for starters, from our perspective, and nothing is being done about any of it because the FBI, CIA, NSA and the DOJ are all corrupt and compromised now. No  investigations, no charges, no subpoenas – absolutely nothing is being done about any of the terrorism for which Democrats appear to be responsible.

SONOMA COUNTY CA TERRORISM: Sonoma County began being terrorized shortly after President Donald Trump took office in 2017 (what a coincidence). Sonoma County hasn’t had any problem with fires for 100 years prior to what appears to be Arson which began in 2017, and when the first fires started, we all watched the fires spreading down the 101, not because of “wind” but because that’s the road the Arsonists traveled down, in order to start all of the early morning fires. The media blamed it on “wind”, and CalFire blamed it on PGE, but we watched the fires being set live on television, and we know that Google Earth has recordings of all of those fires being started, since Google records and saves satellite video of Sonoma County 24/7, 365. But the “official” story is that “It was the wind” and “It was a downed power line”. It’s just a coincidence that these fires started shortly after President Trump took office and continued throughout his tenure as President (sarc), and now they’ve drained the lakes in order to convince us that “There is a drought”, while we know NWOsom diverted 90% of California’s water to the ocean during 2020, and this “drought” is just more Democrat Party terrorism. 

It’s not just “Fire Season” “they” are using to terrorize Sonoma County (that’s what they’re calling it now – “Fire Season” – because they have no intention of stopping this terrorism). They’ve also begun dumping chemicals over Sonoma County every day of the week (though not on weekends when everyone is off work and can observe).

For my wife and I, we are leaving California now. We have many friends who have left CA for GOP-governed states and those states – Idaho, Tennesee, South Dakota, Florida – have none of the BS we experience here in CA: No forced vaccinations, no homeless camps everywhere, no fires, no daily chemtrails, no outrageous fees and taxes, no shutting down/destroying small businesses, no shutting down churches and no terrorizing citizens with a virus which has a 99.98% survival rate. That survival rate alone is proof that everything else, including mRNA injections, are nothing but the NWO/Globalist Agenda playing out here. Who shuts down the economy and mandates masks for the entire population for a virus with a 99.98% SURVIVAL RATE!? Communist Democrat Party Terrorists, that’s who.

Click here to check out SonomaCountyPatriots.com simple, comprehensive plan for identifying and removing anti-American Leftist Agitators from local government.

We can see that California appears to have become a Terrorism ‘practice pad’ for the NWO Communists now, most likely practicing what they intend to do nationwide in order to take down the USA in order to make America part of their planned “One World Government” dictatorship. Perhaps It’s time for We the People to take matters into our own hands. Someone needs to fight back `against these Communists and Communist Democrat Party Traitors. We think it’s you and I.

Let’s start talking in our respective communities and make a plan to take steps which will secure our freedom and Liberty for our communities, our families, ourselves and our posterity. American Nation staff and associates have put together a simple, comprehensive plan which will identify and remove all Leftists from local, state and national government. It can be found here in another article on AN and on SonomaCountyPatriots.com. Start with your community. We can do this, and your love of this great nation and love for your families will provide sufficient fuel to root out the ‘Rats among us, who are all implementing UN Agenda 21, not America’s agenda.