“The answer, of course, is simple.”

Political Correctness – aka ‘Liberal Media/Government Censorship’ – has gone on far too long. We don’t subscribe to, or support, media censorship called “Political Correctness” in any way, shape or form. We will always talk about whatever is on our hearts to share, here at American Nation. Like this:

There is no denying that there are lots and lots of Queers in this Biden Adminsurrection… and in Hollywood. And on ‘the news”. And on Primetime TV shows. In advertisements and commercials. In government-run schools. Queers are perhaps less than 1% of the US population, for goodness sake, so why are they virtually everywhere we look, except in our own lives, with rare exception? The answer, of course, is simple. 

Christians warned us in the 60’s, when Queers started the bizarre push to “normalize” the deviant behavior of 1% of the US population. They warned us that Queers are sick people. I wasn’t Christian then but I remember Christians warning us about the Queers. And I’ve decided that the Christians were right about the Queers.

Prior to the 1960’s, America was the America many of us grew up in – a largely Christian nation in which Family Values were practiced virtually everywhere. Then the Mainstream Media began to push “the Queer Agenda”. Hollywood pushed the Queer agenda. The US Government pushed the Queer agenda. And suddenly Queers were showing up everywhere, it seemed, in movies, in television commercials, on television shows, in government jobs, including Teaching, and even in parades, strolling naked down San Francisco streets in public. This was the beginning of the assault on American family values by the godless Central Banker families who have created, and continue to push, the “Queer Agenda”. The godless Liberals who stand for nothing and the raging Codependents of America have applauded the Queers for stepping out where we could see them. Queers pretended to be “oppressed”, and didn’t want to be “in the closet” anymore. But were Queers really “oppressed”, or were they really just all-too-typically “Sexual Predators” who preyed on innocent children, and who were dealt with soundly in the past, when they were caught molesting children of were simply discovered? There is a reason Queers were always in the closet, as we can now see as clear as day. We’re living it.

So now where are we today, after allowing the Central Banker-owned Pedophile-infested Propaganda Terrorist Media to relentlessly push homosexuality onto our culture, in their effort to destroy the American culture? Let’s evaluate.

One serious result of allowing Queers to infiltrate our culture at the most public and influential levels is that Queer government-run school Teachers are grooming innocent children for homosexuality, teaching Anal and Oral sex to as-young-as 6 year olds, showing them books and pictures of people having anal sex and of children sucking each others’ penises and of children giving other children blowjobs, and Queer Teachers and public school Administrators are now bringing Queer Transvestites into the classrooms to dance in Stripper costumes for the children while teaching innocent children that being Queer is “a gender issue”, which is not just untrue, it is a LIE. And all these years, the supposedly “Gays Against Groomers” said and did NOTHING to object to this ongoing Child Abuse and Predator behavior. They. Said. Nothing.

Am I the only normal person outraged by these criminal acts against children in PUBLIC GOVERNMENT-RUN SCHOOLS, by Teachers who we pay, who are supposed to be trustworthy with our children?! No, I’m not the only one. Normal, healthy Americans have seen enough now.

When American children started disappearing in the 1960’s, plastered all over milk cartons for us all to see, we should have seen the corelation, but we didn’t see it at the time. Child sex trafficking was going on in our country while the Rockefeller-owned media pretended it was just random Sickos who were abducting children. Today, we know it was an organized Child Sex Trafficking ring, undoubtedly run by the same families who were/are using Queers to try to tear down the fabric of our culture and destroy American Family Values as the stable foundation upon which our nation was built. There is a common thread to all of this. 

I’ve realized that Christians were right, back in the 1960’s, when they warned us about the Queers. Are all Queers “Predators” and “Pedophiles”, dangerous to have around children? No, of course not. But it is crystal clear now that far too many Queers are, collectively and generally speaking, very sick, all-too-commonly immoral and degenerate and dangerous people, high-risk Pedophiles and Predators, and, as we can all see now, after years of public school grooming and ongoing child abuse, Queers have proven themselves to to be too high risk, and so, completely unfit and unsafe to even be around children. That some Queers are Predators and the others say NOTHING as crimes against children have gone on for decades, makes all Queers high-risk and, really, it makes them all “Predators” in my book. When crimes against children are taking place, and you see it taking place, and you say nothing? You are as guilty as the person committing the crimes. Intelligent people err on the side of caution where our precious innocent children and Grandchildren are concerned. When any socio-demographic is notably infested with Pedophiles and Child Predators, like the Queer community has proven to be, healthy American people will always stand for removing that influence from being around their children, or around any children, ever.

Supporters of a drag queen storytime event pose for a selfie in front of the Church on the Square in Baltimore… HuffPost

I’m currently looking for an advocacy group which I can support who is actively pushing for laws which remove Queers from all classrooms, from CPS, from all adoption agencies and who advocate making all Queer contact with children illegal unless accompanied by a consenting, non-Felon, Heterosexual Parent. No adoptions, no removing children from their families (CPS), no contact with unrelated children whatsoever for Queers. I will support that effort to protect innocent children from Queer Predators. This has gone way too far, and it has gone on far too long, and it has affected far too many children already. Not one more child should be groomed, or preyed on by Pedophiles, on my watch. The evidence is irrefutable that Queers are simply all-too-commonly too high-risk to have around children. This evidence is irrefutable and undeniable now. Public schools alone prove this. 

And don’t get me started about the demonic Democrat Party Child Sex Trafficking over the US/Mexico border for the past 75 years, while they pretended it was about “farm workers”. I’ll be advocating for legally banning the entirety of Democrat Party members from holding any government jobs, as well – ALL government jobs including state, local and federal government (including Congress), as well as teaching. Normal Americans are done with all of this child abuse and degeneracy, and we’re all tired of all of the Criminal behavior within our government in this country.

When we’re done handling this Predator problem, we’ll be addressing the Nazi Democrat Party and their secret Globalist leaders (not a secret anymore), and then we’ll address the Propaganda Terrorist Media. We’re just getting started. 🇺🇸

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