His political ad starts with “It’s true. I’m gay”. It STARTS with that. What does that have to do with the Senate? Nothing.

“It’s true. I’m gay.” His political ad starts with “It’s true. I’m gay”. It STARTS with that. Quincy City Councilor Ian Cain, who proclaims that he/she/they are running for the U.S. Senate as a self-described “gay” Republican candidate, is spamming my texts, like the other Establishment Republican candidates have been doing for 7 years. Only this person wants to declare their sexuality, first, foremost and above all else. That is the most Narcissistic Senate candidate campaign I’ve ever seen. Again and again, I text back “STOP” and he/she/they promise that I won’t receive anymore texts from that number, and again and again, he/she/they send me another one.

That has got to be the most Narcissistic political ad I’ve ever gotten. Who gives a crap that this person is “gay”? Not me. I don’t even know this person. Never even heard of them. What does being “gay” have to do with a political campaign for the US Senate?! Nothing. I don’t care about their sex life or who they are attracted to. Is it really of primary importance to them that they introduce themselves to me as someone who prefers intimate relationships with other men, instead of normal relationships with persons of the opposite gender? Is that really their best introduction, when looking for political support?! That’s what they’re telling me when they introduce themself as “I’m gay”. What does their sex life have to do with their U.S. Senate candidacy? Anything?! No. I find Ian Cain’s thinking is far too askew to even consider supporting this campaign financially.

What else it DOES tell me, however, is that they’re part of the community who historically, and irrefutably, targets and grooms children for homosexual relationships. This person’s announcement tells me that this candidate stands with Transvestites, Crossdressers and Pedophiles and perhaps they, themself might be a Transvestite, Crossdresser and/or Pedophile. I find it odd and disturbing that they announced their sexuality as their primary personal identifier, in their ad which is designed to introduce themselves as a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate.

I have repeatedly texted “STOP” but promises to stop texting me are broken again and again.

Frankly, as an American Christian, while I support everyone’s decisions to live their lives as they please, this person’s ungodly choice of sexual behavior is actually personally repugnant to me, and oftentimes is repugnant to people like me. Bad strategy, Ian, leading off your campaign with an admission that you’re gay. You’re targeting 1% of the population with your campaign and that leaves me – and about 58% of the American population – out.

Why this man – No, wait… So many bizarre possibilities come to mind when someone self-identifies as a political candidate as “I’m gay”. Who knows if this person is a man, really? They could be part of the delusional Queer community who doesn’t really know who they are, or perhaps be a woman pretending to be a man, and frankly, delusional people such as these, in my view, cannot be trusted. They are confused, about who they are, even. In fact, after working in County Mental Health for 9 years, I’m aware that all delusional people are potentially dangerous to have around children, and not just in my opinion, but historically, delusional people aren’t what you can consider “safe”, for ANY of us to be around.

Why this person, who proclaims that they are a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, introduces themself as “gay”, rather than using a description like “principled” or “courageous”, or “patriotic” or even “humble”, tells me all I need to know about this candidate. This person (he/she/whoever) considers their sexuality their most defining ‘quality’, more important than their Character or accomplishments, or even their heritage.

At this point (after all we’ve discovered about the “gay” community, that it turns out that everything we were all warned about, back in the 1960’s about homosexuals, have turned out to be true, in far too many cases), the very last person I would ever consider supporting for public office is someone whose primary self-description is their sex life.

It’s a free country, Ian, but for those reasons I just listed above, I’m out. And frankly, I’ve had about all I can stand from the 1%, who are Queer community, now. Identify yourself by your sex life, and I will never vote for you – ever – no matter what. That’s called “sexual obsession”, when you identify yourself based solely on your sexual preference. It’s says nothing about your character. It says you are shallow and sexually obsessed. That’s what it says to me.

Too many of y’all are part of the PROBLEM, not the solution. The same way Blacks have been conned by the Rothschild-Democrat Party Establishment into choosing to segregate themselves from Whites, Queers have done the same thing – holding yourselves separate, not making any clear effort, as a group, to unify with others, using “Queer” as a method of separating yourself from a “United” States. I am an AMERICAN. America is “The Melting Pot of the World”, where all people COME TOGETHER AS ONE. When you don’t get that, you don’t understand America, and don’t get my vote – ever.

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