Many people are too busy these days, or too lazy, to be responsible for the information that sculpts/forms their beliefs. Big Corp set it up that way 100 years ago so that none of us would have time to keep our eyes on what they are doing because we became slaves to Big Corp.

We need to abandon the 40 hour a week work model so that we aren’t slaves to Big Corp anymore and so we have more time for our families and to research what Big Corp and politicians are really up to.

Now is the time to make that change. No more spending more time with the strangers you work with than the family you love.

With all of the lazy people choosing not to work because this Communist Insurgent government is paying them more to stay home, that makes us workers a more valuable commodity. We need to start asking our doctors to issue us prescriptions for a 32 hour week or a 30 hour week related to stress. If we all do it, Big Corp will have to comply.

Do it for your family or do it for yourself… but do it. Call your doctor today. Describe how your employer has piled work on you, because they’re doing it to all of us now, and how it’s stressing you out every day and you always feel like you need a vacation now. Ask your doctor to prescribe a reduced work week. Financially, you will figure it out. It’s worth it to spend more time with your family than you do with the (oftentimes) Liberal Numbnuts you work with.

Call your doctor right now to schedule an appointment. Do it. 🇺🇸

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