Broadsiding Big Corp

Many people are too busy these days, or too lazy, to be responsible for the information that sculpts/forms their beliefs. Big Corp set it up that way 100 years ago so that none of us would have time to keep our eyes on what they are doing because we became slaves to Big Corp.

We need to abandon the 40 hour a week work model so that we aren’t slaves to Big Corp anymore and so we have more time for our families and to research what Big Corp and politicians are really up to.

Now is the time to make that change. No more spending more time with the strangers you work with than the family you love.

With all of the lazy people choosing not to work because this Communist Insurgent government is paying them more to stay home, that makes us workers a more valuable commodity. We need to start asking our doctors to issue us prescriptions for a 32 hour week or a 30 hour week related to stress. If we all do it, Big Corp will have to comply.

Do it for your family or do it for yourself… but do it. Call your doctor today. Describe how your employer has piled work on you, because they’re doing it to all of us now, and how it’s stressing you out every day and you always feel like you need a vacation now. Ask your doctor to prescribe a reduced work week. Financially, you will figure it out. It’s worth it to spend more time with your family than you do with the (oftentimes) Liberal Numbnuts you work with.

Call your doctor right now to schedule an appointment. Do it. 🇺🇸


December 13, 2020 by Don King, Editor/Publisher of ~ It started with seat belts I think. Telling us what to do ‘for your safety’. We took it. Before that, we paid our taxes, kept our inheritance and worked out our differences between us.

Now here we are, years later and they’re telling us what to wear or we can’t buy food?! They tell us when we can leave our homes and when we can’t?! Since when?!

**** these people. I’m serious – this has gotten waaay out of hand. This is America. It’s time to take it all back.

Take it all back. All the fines, all the laws that violate our Constitutional rights, all the permits and licenses and fees these freaking control freaks think we owe them. We don’t owe them ****. It’s time to take it all back.

We pay property taxes when we BUY our homes. Screw them for thinking we have to pay property taxes over and over and over, just because they mismanage the state and federal taxes we pay. It’s time to take it all back, downsize them, downsize government and we tell them how it’s going to be. THEY work for US, or did they forget that?! Or did WE forget that?!

Seriously, screw these criminals and liars and voter fraud Cheaters. It’s time that We the People gut this giant worthless piece of crap oversized government and get rid of these corrupt SOB’s first, on our priority list. Take it all back – now.

Pelosi and Schumer are the worst most anti-American jackass “Public Servants” America has ever had. They think they’re the ****, because they **** the NWO Globalist’s ****’s for cash, but they are no better than any two-bit whore who ****s ****s for money.

They are low-bottom drunks, not “leaders”. Good-for-nothing reprobate, lowlife Traitors who have no business sitting in either house of the US Congress. Both of them – all of the Democrat Traitors in Congress – need to be forcibly removed from office. Impeach these people immediately, rush it through Congress and get these sick Turncoats, Treasonists, Conspirator Traitors out of America’s life forever. Prison is too good for these two scumbag, sell-out, Benedict Arnold Traitors.

TRUMP FOR FOUR MORE YEARS Thank God President Donald Trump isn’t who the NWO Press has accused him of being. Our President, Re-elected by the biggest landslide in Presidential election history, has put up with more **** from these NWO Globalists, the NWO Press, the Globslist social media sites and the the other Globalist corporations who think they’ll have a seat at the One World Government dictatorship table by betraying their own country, has been so disrespected and slandered on all 6 of the mainstream media fake news shows for five years now, which no President has ever – or should ever – had to endure.

These NWO Globalists are bonafide enemies of the USA. They have waged war – an insane war – against America fir decades. They have recruited Turncoat helpers, planted people in positions of influence within our government and they have no plan to stop trying to take down America. The NWO have recruited Canada’s leaders, China and Iran and other NWO nations to come against our country. They have started World War 3 and the NWO media has kept Americans totally in the dark about all of this, telling American news viewers “Orange Man bad” so many times that some viewers believe it’s true… but nothing could be further from the truth. Trump is a Patriot, a proud and faithful American who loves this country – his country – as much as you and I.

Working without pay for four years, Trump has put up with more abuse than anyone can imagine, and has stayed the course, faithful to his country, fighting for this Constitutional Republic while NWO Democrats have trampled our Constitution, burned down cities entrusted to Democrat Party Mayors, intentionally destroyed thousands of America’s small businesses in their efforts to destroy the American economy… and Trump stands strong.

Remember this: “Devil’s Storm”. If US courts are as corrupt as the Democrat Party, Trump will defend, protect and secure our nation against these NWO enemies. Trump signed an executive order related to Election Fraud in September 2018. Trump saw these cheaters coming. He knew who these people are. He prepared for these *******s.

And President Trump warned us all back in May. He said “It’s going to get very bad, and then it’s going to get very good.” It was already so bad, we thought that’s what he was referring to, but no. With the Chinese doing military exercises right across the border right now, as I type, our military has aircraft carriers on both coasts and in the Gulf of Mexico and our troops have been called home for the most important mission of their lives – of all of our lives – to defend and protect our Mainland, these United States of America, from NWO forces and their Communist allies.

Everything is going to be alright. “It’s going to get very bad, and then it’s going to get very good.” Please pray, as we pray, for our nation, for our President and for all of us – We the People – for our children, our grandchildren and for our posterity.

America, America, God shed His grace on thee. Amen.


America Trumps the NWO

December 11, 2020 – From Facebook by guest writer Diane Scherf ~ Now that the US Supreme Court dismissed the Texas lawsuit for lack of standing, not even hearing the merits of the case, it declared that Democrat-controlled states can rig elections, commit voter fraud and cheat however they want. This is not only unconstitutional but grossly unfair to the other states who are impacted by the outcome of the election.

But what if this is part of the bigger plan? SCOTUS’ ruling paves the way for President Trump to do what he has been planning all along.

As of yesterday, December 11, 2020, we no longer live in a functioning Constitutional Republic. We no longer have any controlling legal authority that is functioning in America, besides the Deep State.

According to an article on Natural News, “The rule of law has now collapsed. The courts no longer even pretend to function. Censorship is extreme, the media print brazen lies and the elections are so blatantly rigged that the cheating is carried out on camera, for all to see. Yet every last American is apparently powerless to stop the election theft, for all the forces that despise this nation — and which hate liberty and justice — are now aligned against any functioning civil court action which might recognize and reverse the great injustices that have been carried out against this nation by Democrats and deep state traitors.”

YET…we still have options: 1) the House doesn’t verify the electors’ votes from those “stolen states,” thus sending it to a state by state vote within the House, or 2) President Trump’s “National Security” option, which would mirror the actions of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. Trump must now declare the fraudulent election to be an act of cyber warfare against America, deploy the military to key cities, and initiate mass arrests of court judges, mayors, governors, election officials, complicit “journalists,” members of Congress and everyone else who has colluded in this criminal conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America.

Fortunately, President Trump knew this was coming when he wrote the Executive Order regarding Fraudulent Elections in September of 2018. I wrote about this EO and how it gives the power to the Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller (and Ezra Cohen), the Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of State, the POTUS and a few others to handle a national emergency due to domestic and foreign election interference. The DOD, DIA (Dept of Intelligence Agency), SpecOps forces and cyber warfare soldiers are prepared for Trump to give the green light on an operation that would take down America’s enemies; deep state, Obama shadow government, CIA, FBI, DOJ, Democrat leaders, Soros, China, Iran and all the state officials who were involved as well as the media. Maybe the Treasury Secretary was named in order to freeze big tech and media companies’ assets. Why do you think Esper was fired and replaced with Special Ops Chris Miller?

President Trump realizes that our Republic is at stake and hopefully he will invoke the Insurrection Act. It’s time that we Patriots, take back our country. Please pray for President Trump and all those who will go to battle for us. This is not over…we are on our own path to VICTORY!!!

MAGA! God Bless!
By Diane Scherff

NWO Deep State Going Deeper welcomes to the suite of Patriot websites! is an honest and independent Fact Check team who engages in independent fact checking and provides results, regardless of Political Correctness, official political/government positions, popular opinions or assertions to the contrary and regardless of popular but untrue/inaccurate public opinion(s).

From “We have no agenda except to present and check the facts surrounding all activities which might threaten We the People, the citizens of the USA and/or our beloved nation, the United States of America, the most powerful and prosperous nation in the history of the world, the most recognized Constitutional Republic, not “Democracy”, on Earth.

We at have researched world circumstances and world politics for more than 50 years and have found that so much Mainstream Media (New world Order-owned Media) information has been distorted, ignored and intentionally misrepresented by all of the major American Mainstream Media

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corporations (NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX) which are all owned by wealthy New World Order Globalist (a soft, misleading and Politically Correct way to say “Communist”) families and their partners for whom said disinformation and misinformation are designed to hide, protect and/or mislead American viewers and readers from the Truth about their dangerous actions, behaviors and agendas, both public and secret, which are ultimately working toward creating a global government dictatorship (New World Order or NWO). These NWO families also control the United Nations, are responsible for the “Climate Change” fear-mongering and do their best to control American viewers’ thinking and beliefs by the dissemination of false news reports, character assassination of anyone who is not a NWO Globalist, all designed to hide their terrorist activities against the USA, China and the entire world. These are bad people in high places who own virtually all 151 major corporations which provide all essentials to the civilized, First World nations, such as food, clothing, power, information, automobiles – virtually everything that civilized nations use today, the NWO families control it all.

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Fact Checker Fun Fact: It is estimated that these NWO families have hoarded approximately 95% of the world’s wealth, with China and the rest of us sharing the other 5%. promises to provide accurate and thoroughly researched information about America, Americans and all of the other nations on Earth, particularly those nations who are most seriously and directly affected by the activities of these wealthy Globalists and their Globalist-minded partners. Our goal is to keep our friends and all Americans as best informed about the world around us, including all efforts to remove the sovereign nation status of the United States of America and/or to create a worldwide Communist dictatorship which is currently endorsed by the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Vatican (Roman Catholic Church) and a disturbing number of First World nations who have signed onto, and have been actively implementing UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 30.

Double-click photo to make larger rejects the notion of “Conspiracy Theory” regarding these Globalist entities and corporations and their activities worldwide. There is nothing “theoretical” about their actions which are clearly and undeniably attempting to create a worldwide Communist dictatorship, using the guise of “Sustainability” to cloak their actions which are clearly and undeniably designed to create their idea of a global “New World Order” (NWO), “One World Government” (OWG) and a global Communist dictatorship which they control while pretending to work for the common good of Mankind.

We have no agenda except to present and check the facts surrounding all NWO terrorist activities which might threaten the United States of America, the most powerful and prosperous nation in the history of the world, the most recognized Constitutional Republic – not “Democracy” – on Earth.

We at are proud to be one of the fine American Patriot websites who are all providing information designed to inform and empower readers with the information necessary to defend and protect these United States of America. See our sister site at for more information about how you can help protect our nation from Globalist

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Our first warning: Don’t take any mandatory vaccine from the government. A government of the people, by the people and for the people would never demand that you accept a forced vaccination under any conditions. Only terrorists with an evil agenda would demand you accept a mandatory injection/vaccination. You won’t be put in prison, and you won’t be denied food, like the NWO Media propaganda is already saying in order to try to scare us into accepting this government vaccine.  Read 1984 – George Orwell had great incite into people with too much money and too much power, and that’s what we are witnessing right now. These NWO terrorists are insane, trying to control the entire planet because they are deluded and  they are all literally insane. Mass Genocide is only planned by insane people, and that’s what the NWO UN Agenda 21/Agenda 30 plan states, that 95% of the human population will be eradicated by 2030 – unless we take our nation back from these NWO terrorists. Now you know, so you can’t not know.”


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