The truth is out there.” That’s what ‘they’ say, and it’s true, but it’s more than that. The Truth is readily available for anyone and everyone who wants to know the Truth, and many people don’t want to know the Truth. They want to believe the lying bullsh*t that the Rockefeller Media tells them every day, the lying BS that makes them feel like “Everything is fine.” and “Conspiracy Theorists are crazy”.

But are we crazy? And are we “Conspiracy Theorists”? Or are we Truthtellers who are exposing the Truth that this media and it’s Bilderberg Group owners are trying desperately to hide?

With control of the global *“Mainstream” Media, the Rockefeller family has been waging a propaganda campaign against all of Mankind for the better part of 100 years. The wealthy globalist Bilderberg Group has, indeed, collectively bought up many essential businesses worldwide, including many, if not virtually all, of the global **”news”/media outlets. They have controlled the public narrative – the conversation – for so long and yet have made themselves literally invisible to the public that the least informed citizens of the Earth don’t even know that they are there… which is exactly as the Bilderberg’s intended.

*No longer “mainstream”, but instead representative of a small group of wealthy globalists who own virtually the entire global **”news” reporting networks and who push a radical and hateful Leftist/Globalist agenda.

**No longer “news” or even “reporting”, but rather a hodge-podge combination of contrived opinion, gossip, character assassination and propaganda designed to manipulate pubic opinion and push the NWO agenda.

But they are there. They control virtually every major global corporation which supply essential goods like food, clothing, communications (web, TV, telecommunications, etc.), transportation, pharmaceuticals and the Bilderbergs clearly appear to have infiltrated the Democrat Party leadership, as well as the US government on virtually every level, including the FBI, DOJ, the NSA, the CIA and many members of Congress also appear to have been compromised and appear to be working for the Bilderberg Group.

The “Mainstream Media”, which really isn’t “mainstream” at all, was formerly comprised of respectable Journalists and investigative Reporters, but now have become little more than Gossipers, Fear-mongers and Propagandists, has been completely compromised now. After 5 years of concerted harrassment of the US President Donald Trump, the Bilderberg-controlled American supposedly “Mainstream Media” – ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, CNBC and CNN – has openly shown Americans that they are no longer investigative Reporters and are clearly no longer trustworthy.

Healthy Journalists don’t have or express opinions. Healthy Journalists keep an open mind and keep their opinions to themselves so that facts define a story in order for the Truth to be found during investigations. These Bilderberg Media talking heads are nothing more than paid agents of the Bilderberg Group who gossip and engage in character assassination of those who are not on the Bilderberg payroll and who don’t follow the NWO agenda. Real Journalists are now found in privately owned news organizations like the stellar investigative reporters of Epoch Times. NewsMax has risen up in favor of American viewers now as FOX fell to the Leftist grandsons who inherited control of the FOX Network when their Grandfather passed. Americans saw it immediately and abandoned FOX News for healthy American news organizations like NewsMax, One America News Network and Epoch Times.

Many Americans still don’t know who the Bilderberg Group is, or that members of the BG are responsible for every major war and conflict in the 20th century, including WWI and WWII. The Rothschild family controls the Industrial Military Complex, which is why wars began immediately after the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from President Trump. The Bilderbergs start wars because wars make money in the manufacturing of planes, guns, ammo, ships, etc. To these Bilderbergs, war is but a game, played with other people’s lives and blood. To us, war means losing our husbands, wives, children and grandchildren.

The Bilderbergs don’t care about you or your children. They care about money, power and control, and that is why we see so many people on medications, and that is why we see our cities being burned, false claims of Racism being used to divide Americans and it’s why we see the media being used as a weapon against the people of the United States of America.

Turn off your TV’s. That’s a big part of the terrorism going on right now. Even the CDC admits on their webpage that “less than 4% of all reported COVID deaths are actually due to COVID-19”, yet the media continues to act as if a virus with a 99.97% survival rate is the equivalent of Polio or Measles, which is a lie. The media is intentionally terrorizing viewers using fear-mongering reports, fear-mongering commercials and fake statistics. Turn off your TV and the terror stops. It’s your call.

FACT: Many cultures worldwide who have no TV access have no COVID-19 either. Think about that. COVID is definitely a fraud in many ways. From the initial intentional murders of elderly Care Home patients to the thousands of reports of family members dying of Cancer, heart attacks, auto accidents and other health issues and medical ailments completely unrelated to COVID which have ben reported as “death due to COVID-19”, the numbers are a fraud. Cases are a fraud. We know that to be a fact now, too, but the world, thanks to the Bilderberg Group, is so committed to the COVID scam that it continues today unabated, as the COVID lies continue and as the media desperately tries to scare people into taking an “experimental” mRNA injection which modifies genetic code in your body which has NOT been approved by the FDA.

All of this fear-mongering needs to stop. If you don’t turn on your TV, they can’t terrorize you. It’s that simple.

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