Here is the problem with the government-funded “Scientists” and corporate hospitals today: Doctors and government funded “Scientists” do as they’re TOLD and say what they’re TOLD to say or their funding stops. It’s called “Coercion”, and the Deep State Globalist Criminals who have created a Global Monopoly on the world’s needed services and resources now, control virtually every industry on Earth now (including the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the Global Mainstream Media worldwide, all major Hospital corporations, the Global Food Supply Chain & much, much more) and are engaged in conspiring to destroy our entire civilization right now. Covid proved that Scientists and corporate hospitals are completely compromised now, as clear as day. 167 recent studies have concluded what many of us knew all along, that masks DON’T even work, yet they’re STILL being propped up by hospitals and the medical field as if they do work. It’s beyond ridiculous – it’s criminal and it’s FRAUD, and people are being brainwashed by Deep State-run propaganda fake news media in order to terrorize and control television “news” viewers.

Also, Hydroxychloraquine and Ivermectin DO work to neutralize all Coronaviruses, yet corporate hospitals & the US Government BANNED both of these effective and inexpensive medications, directly causing the unnecessary deaths of millions of elderly, obese and medically compromised people who commonly die from the flu – any flu. It’s criminal that these cheap, effective drugs were banned and yet the United States Department of Justice, under Deep State Puppet Joe Biden, has done nothing about these crimes against Americans. Nothing. No investigations, no subpoenas, no arrests – nothing at all is being done to identify and prosecute the criminals (World Economic Forum; Bilderberg Group) behind this effort to kill as many people on Earth as possible. That is criminal too.

Maybe the American people need to start protecting OURSELVES from these Deep State Globalist Criminals. There’s a thought. And when we say “Maybe the American people need to start protecting OURSELVES from these Criminals”, the “Maybe” is silent. 🇺🇸

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