Just you wait… It’s coming.

Now we know that the US Medical Corporations are either: (a) nothing but ignorant Fools or (b) Criminals. It’s likely one or the other.

Why have our Investigative Journalists concluded this? Because masks DON’T work; Masks have NEVER worked to block ANY kind of virus or Coronavirus throughout history. EVER. Yet the medical corporations (Kaiser, Sutter, etc.) are STILL making everyone who enters their facilities wear a dangerous mask.

Egyptian Slaves, Muslim Women/Wives have been forced to wear masks by men for thousands of years because masks make people more subservient. That’s a fact.

We have concluded that most medical corporation Doctors and Nurses are simply Ignorant Fools, all of them – Doctors, Nurses and Administrators – incapable of being honest and unwilling to tell their Patients the truth about masks. Perhaps their dishonesty is due to corporate directives or fear of losing their jobs, but regardless WHY they’re being dishonest with their Patients, BECAUSE they’re being dishonest with their Patients makes them collectively untrustworthy.

If you cannot trust your doctor, then who can you trust? Knowingly observing their Patients wearing masks, which will cause dangerous bacteria to manifest in the masks (and so also in their lungs) is medically irresponsible if not outright Criminal.

The ignorant Fools (or Tools) who work in the Corporate Medical Community have officially become dangerous, and have lost all respect and credibility of Americans now, as they lockstep with the corrupt Deep State, Criminal Syndicate, Globalist-owned Mainstream Propaganda Media in this ongoing effort to terrorize the American public.

More coming…

Ancient Egyptian & African Slaves forced to wear masks.


Democrat Party members (above) wear masks for other reasons, as well.


Muslim women still forced to wear masks because it makes them more subservient and easier for Muslim men to control. Funny how no American PHONY Liberal ‘Feminists’ have a problem with this.

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