From by Pat Riot

Weinstein and Epstein: LIBERAL DEMOCRAT LEGACY

Weinstein and Epstein are typical Democrats

Godless Liberals are a bane to Society. Their behavior is unacceptable, all of them. They assassinate the character of good and Godly men and women. They rape children. They slaughter children. They are pathological Liars. They’ll do anything – anything – to push the Communist Liberal Agenda and no one is safe from their hate.

Harvey Weinstein suddenly looks good compared to Jeffrey Epstein, and Weinstein is a sick man who allegedly took advantage of thousands of women, raping and molesting actors and actresses for decades, and Liberal Hollywood said nothing – absolutely nothing – about this Rapist. Liberal actors and actresses said nothing either, and when good people do nothing, Evil continues. Remember that, next time some dimwit Liberal Hollywood actor/actress speaks out in their Liberalism Disorder fashion: They (allegedly) allowed Weinstein to rape and sexually abuse them – ALL OF THEM – and their friends. Is that who you respect? People who hide a rapist? No.

American Liberals – Communists, really – have made a concerted effort to take over America’s public school system, America’s courts (thank God Trump is taking them back for Conservative Americans), the Mainstream Media, the United Nations and they’re trying to take over the world via the UN One World Government Dictatorship plan.

American Patriots, on the other hand, are standing ready to protect our precious Constitutional Republic and our standard of living while Democrat Party Communists do their best (San Francisco, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit) to use poverty and homelessness to make America like a third world nation. They want to take our guns – not to protect us – but so that they can have their WAY with us all, unchecked.

Wake up sleep sinners – the river’s just ahead.

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