Since the unelected leaders of No-Nation-Ever started pushing their Terrorist agenda on Americans, having no authority whatsoever over Americans or the USA, it got me to thinking.

The supposedly “great Kings” of yesteryear, throughout history, were not “great” at all. They were all Tyrants who lorded over the people who lived in their Kingdoms, using fear, oppression and violence to coerce people into cooperating with them.

The WEF/Central Banker Pedophile Terrorists, the wealthy Banking families who used election fraud to overthrow the U.S. government on November 3, 2020, are not Kings. They are Bankers, they are Pedophiles and they are Terrorists, but they are certainly not “Kings”. They have no kingdoms, no people to overlord, and they collectively have no army capable of overthrowing any nation. In short, they have no power here in the United States of America, except what corrupt members of Congress, the DOJ, FBI, NSA, DHS and CIA and federal, state and local legislatures nationwide, give them.

Those Kings of yesterday paid Soldiers to be their Armies, just like the WEF/Central Banker Pedophiles are doing today, in paying the illegal border-crossing Muslim Terrorists, BLM and Antifa Terrorists a monthly stipend, and that is how the Kings established their Kingdoms. They used violence to overthrow the existing King’s Armies, then claimed the land as their own.

Today, these low-bottom Scumbag WEF/Central Banker Pedophile Terrorists, who call themselves “the Elite”, and “The World Economic Forum”, are really just delusional Narcissist Murderers and Terrorists, in AN staff’s observation, who think they’re going to take down We the People of the United States of America so they can, according to their published plans called “UN Agenda 21/30”, accomplish these goals:

  • End all sovereign nations, including the United States of America, in order to establish a global dictatorship in which they are self-appointed Dictators who will rule the world
  • Commit Genocide on 8 billion innocent people and families worldwide
  • Establish a new moral code in which it will be ‘legal’ for the WEF/CB Terrorists to raise children to be used as sex slaves, submitting the children to a lifetime of rapes, molestation and torture until, ultimately, the children are murdered while terrorizing them during the process of harvesting Adrenochrome from the children’s bodies.

Sounds like a horror movie, doesn’t it? It’s not a horror movie. It is the actual published plans that the Pedophile World Economic Forum members & the Western Central Bankers have in place, which they are implementing right now, in every nation which they have successfully infiltrated, including the USA. Remember WEF leaders’ “You’ll have nothing and you’ll be happy”? Does that sound like America?! Does that sound like freedom, to you?

Jeffrey Epstein, of Epstein’s Pedophile Island fame, worked exclusively for the Central Banker Pedophiles. Many influential billionaires, such as Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey, many infiltrated U.S. government leaders like Bill Clinton, many members of Congress, and many top name Hollywood actors and actresses engaged in Pedophilia, child abductions and child sex trafficking, Satanic child sacrifices/murders and Adrenochrome harvesting.

Many of the Americans who still subject themselves to the sophisticated brainwashing techniques that the Central Bankers use on their corporate television “news agencies” (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC) simply cannot believe any of this is really going on. Not only is it going on, there are countless eyewitness accounts and testimonies, by people who were once involved with these WEF/Central Bankers who are still committing these crimes.

In summary, none of the Criminals of the WEF/Central Banker Terrorist group are even close to being Kings, or even Royalty. Again, Royalty has always – yes, always – been nothing but ruthless Dictators and Terrorists who disarm their respective populations to protect their power, not to protect the people whom they rule. These Lunatic Globalists are definitely not “capable leaders”, and are clearly not capable or qualified to rule the world, as is their delusional plan.

In fact, we at American Nation can only think of one King who is truly worth following. That King, of course, is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Healer who paid the price for all of our lives, Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the only King worth following. Can we get an “Amen”?

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