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No longer “a conspiracy theory”, Hollywood evil comes out into the light for all to see. Satanic worship displayed in the Grammy’s feeble excuse for a show this year has not only defined Hollywood, but also shown everyone how deep and wide Evil has taken hold in what was formerly considered a “classy” community in the 1920’s-1960’s. Movies and television shows were respectful of the American family and sought to be “family entertainment”, to a great degree.

Today, it is clear that Hollywood has been taken over by Satanists and Pedophiles, and the movies produced by the major studios today aim at heavy violence, fear-mongering, child abuse and sexualizing children. “Literally a tribute to Satan” says THE DAILY WIRE about the Satanic worship and idolotry at the Grammy awards show last week. We at American Nation couldn’t agree more.

THE GOOD NEWS ~ If there is a Silver Lining in this year’s pathetic excuse for entertainment at the Grammy’s is this: Americans, and the entire world who bothered to watch or who heard about this failed industry, now know that Hollywood is no longer what it once was. It’s not just Disney who has Pedophiles in leadership and on staff, it’s Hollywood – all of Hollywood, with few exceptions.

The USA is totally ripe, and due, for a complete social shift and we thank the Grammy’s for pushing many Americans in that direction, from accepting Evil as entertainment to finding new, more healthy forms of entertainment. Even as Hallmark channel has caved to the Homosexual community now, the American Movie Channel has sprung up to fill the void left by Hallmark’s deviation to Queerville, to provide healthy and wholesome family-oriented entertainment. We’re grateful for American Movie Channel and for those who left Hallmark because they found the unhealthy Leftwing deviance unacceptable to them.

Satanic Hollywood has been exposed. All that’s left is for the 85% of Americans who love Family entertainment to abandon the filth, violence and child pornography being produced by the Satanists and Pedophiles in the major movie studios today. A change is coming, and it will be for the better of all Americans.

Photo from THE DAILY WIRE – Click on image to go to THE DAILY WIRE

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