September 10, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher at ~ It is completely off limits by the Rockefeller Media corporations. They won’t allow the word to be used by any of their Mainstream Media “news” corporations or affiliates, and with good reason: THEY were the one’s who were behind the 1930’s/1940’s Genocide and the attempt to take over the world.

We’re talking about the word “Nazi”. (More information on this “Nazi” phenomenon can be found on an earlier AmericanNation article here –

The “Mainstream Media”, aka Rockefeller Media Corporations, refuse to use the word or even make a reference to “the Nazi’s”, and with good reason.  The NWO (Deep State Bilderberg Group and NWO Bankers) – the uber-wealthy Rothschild and Rockefeller families, appear to be ‘the tip of the spear’ – appear to be dictating the entire public narrative to all of their propaganda “news” corporations worldwide (Associated Press, CBS, ABC, CNN, USA Today, NY Times, Apple, Yahoo, Google, etc), and also to the global hospital corporation/system which the Bilderbergs may control as well, and to the globalist Bilderberg owned/controlled Big Box corporations (WalMart, Home Depot, Target, etc), who all operate and cooperate with the official script dictated by the Rothschild/Bilderberg Group empire with fake mask protocols, making it appear that the whole world is serious about this supposed “Pandemic”. But it’s not that. It’s one group of wealthy people, throwing their weight around in their attempt to bring the entire planet to it’s knees so that all of the nations beg for help, which the Rothschild family is already prepared to offer. It’s a scam.

This is not a “conspiracy theory” like the Rockefeller controlled MSM keeps telling viewers. This is a conspiracy against all of Mankind and Bilderberg President (deceased) David Rockefeller bragged openly about their plan to rule the world, stating “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order”. So they created the illusion of “the right crisis”, but intelligent people see that it’s nothing but a scam.

No longer do they brag about their plan to take control of the world, however. That is, no longer do the Bilderberg’s brag about their plan to (a) use the United Nations as a cloak while they (b) create a “one world government” (OWG, a Communist dictatorship) under which the wealthy elite would be Dictators. Not only do the Bilderbergs not brag about their plan, as David Rockefeller did until his death in 2017, the Rockefeller media empire now refuses to even mention their plan, even as it is unfolding more and more clearly each day.

More information on this “Nazi” phenomenon can be found on an earlier AmericanNation article here – – including the similarities between the Rockefeller media propaganda campaign in Europe and Germany during the 1930’s and ’40’s and the Rockefeller media propaganda campaign going on in America right now.

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