Those poor people. You know who I’m referring to. We can’t talk to them, because it’s no use. They can’t see or hear us. That’s clearly the result of some serious psychological manipulation going on in the TV these days. When I bump into them on social media – they’re so easy to spot, by what they say – I tell those people to turn off their TVs, but I know they can’t.

They’re so brainwashed that they don’t appear to be able to exercise independent thought or emotional self-control anymore. We throw the word “Brainwashed” around lot, these days, but the godless Left are completely defenseless against the clever snares of the Enemy, and don’t kk’even realize it. They truly show serious signs of psychological manipulation, or “Brainwashing”, irrefutably because of the insidious efforts of the owners of mainstream television channels in America, the wealthy Central Banker Pedophiles who arrogantly call themselves “the Elite”. We know them for who they are: “The Central Banker Pedophile Insurrectionist Terrorists”, the most dangerous Terrorist Criminal Syndicate Cartel on Earth right now.

There is one thing we can all do about these Criminals: We can put an end to this TV Terrorism by turning off our televisions – for good. I know, I know, our knee-jerk reaction to that suggestion is “ We can’t turn off our TV’s for GOOD! Who could do that?!”

I’ll tell you who: WE can. Knowing the Central Banker Terrorists are using OUR TELEVISIONS to engage in psychological warfare against us, to brainwash us and brainwash our children and Grandchildren? Let us keep our minds fixed on THOSE FACTS and we’ll never turn our televisions on to their “programming” again.

It’s gone on for too long, and look at us now! Some of you were so terrorized by the COVID-19 fear-mongering that you let these Insurrectionists, who 

had just stolen an election and overthrown the US Government, to terrorize you into agreeing to take their deadly chemical bioweapon called “ModRNA” – not “mRNA” like they said it was – some of you made your children get it too, all because – Why?! Because they used your television to con you into believing “the flu” was some deadly disease (it wasn’t), and if the FCC weren’t completely compromised by the Central Banker Pedophile/WEF Terrorists, they would have shut down all of the Fake News Media in 2016, when all the legacy stations – ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and their affiliates – all ganged up on Trump, using anti-Trump terms in unison and verbatim, chanting the same things in the same way, 24/7, 365. It was bizarre, and it was Propaganda in the most obvious way.

But here we are. It’s up up to us now, Lord willing, to end this WEF Terrorism in America, for our children’s’ sake, for our own sake and for the sake of this great nation’s future. 🇺🇸


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