May 15, 2020 ~ By Pat Riot, Publisher

First came the Kavanaugh Hoax.

Then came the Russian Collusion Hoax.

After that, the Ukraine Hoax.

Then, the Impeachment Hoax.

Now this.

It’s one thing to try to assassinate the character of a Conservative Judge who is a candidate for the Supreme Court that you have so carefully stacked with Liberal Judges… or to falsely accuse a duly-elected sitting President of crimes he clearly did not commit, again and again and again.

It’s another thing to attack America’s elderly and sick with a man-made virus, using rest homes and care homes to build the death toll in order to scare Americans to death that this virus is a real threat to everyone – which isn’t true, by the way.

The Democrats owe America an apology for perpetrating these hoaxes on us all.

While the Mainstream Media hammers away at viewers, day in and day out, using fear-mongering to scare anyone willing to listen to their fake stories, the rest of America watches as Democrat Party Governors do their best to stretch this Shutdown as close to November as possible, intentionally destroying America’s small businesses and the US economy in the process. This is treasonous.

And therein lies the rub. This isn’t about public safety. The only people at risk are the elderly and the medically compromised and the only people who have died have not died from COVID-19; they died from pre-existing medical conditions and it was blamed on COVID-19, which is just another hoax.

This virus was intentionally released in order to kill the weak and the elderly to make a case for shutting down President Donald Trump’s booming economy.

I call it “a hoax” because it’s not true, any of it. An intentional release of a virus is an “attack”. Fake deaths continue to be attributed to COVID-19 but the vast majority – all, in fact – were really people compromised by other age/medical issues such as Asthma, COPD, Cancer and other serious pre-existing medical conditions. In our eyes, and in the eyes of many Patriot Americans, this virus was intentionally released in order to kill the weak and the elderly to make a case for shutting down President Donald Trump’s booming economy. That is what this is all about: Shutting down Trump’s phenomenal economy and then blaming it on Trump. It’s a hoax… and who is it who have been responsible for multiple hoaxes since Donald Trump was elected President? You guessed it.

“…the Bilderberg Group and their associates own America’s Mainstream Media (Fake News) agencies (the NWO Media)…”

This is murder, folks. This virus was targeted to kill the most vulnerable Americans – the sick and the elderly. This was an attack on America and the rest of the world by very sick, wealthy people who have a plan, outlined openly and clearly by the Bilderberg Group’s David Rockefeller many times, to rule the world by creating a “One World Government” dictatorship. Many of you don’t know who the Bilderberg Group is and many have never heard of them before, but the Bilderberg Group is a group of the world’s wealthiest families, wealthiest individuals for whom hoarding vast amounts of wealth simply wasn’t enough to satisfy them. They want all of your money and they want to lord over us all as Rulers of the World in a worldwide dictatorship. The reason many of you have never heard of the Bilderberg Group is because the Bilderberg Group and their associates own America’s Mainstream Media (Fake News) agencies (the NWO Media) and the Bilderberg Group dictates what is broadcast every day. The NWO Media never mentions the Bilderberg Group because they are not allowed to. The Bilderberg Group wants to stay in the shadows. They don’t want you to know who they are… and with good reason: They are up to no good for our nation and our planet.

David Rockefeller Passes the Eugenics Torch to Bill Gates – Click to watch on YouTube

The reason the Democrat Party no longer looks anything like your father’s Democrat Party is because the uber-wealthy, largely Atheist Bilderberg Group appears to have taken over the Democrat Party. By hook or by crook, they seem to have employed all of the Democrat Party leaders in their effort to rule the world one day, and Democrat Party leaders – Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, James Comey and the rest – appear to be willing participants in this plan to destroy America in order to put the UN “One World Government” dictatorship in place. Each of the Democrat Party leaders have been willing to commit perjury, commit hoax after hoax, assassinate the character of good men, and participate in an attempted Coup to try to bring American to it’s knees so that the Bilderberg’s can have their global dictatorship. So far, every Democrat Party effort/hoax has failed miserably. That’s because they were all hoaxes.

And now this. These people have crossed the line now. To attack a political rival, no matter how ruthless, immoral or unethical it might be, is one thing, but to attack the entire planet as a means to destroy America’s economy is simply Treasonous and it is murder… and the Globalists and Democrats who are guilty need to be brought to justice, before America collapses under the weight of Democrat Party Governors who are intentionally destroying our nation, Democrat Party-run state by Democrat Party-run state.

And where are the Republicans while all this Treason is going on? Why haven’t any Republican leaders spoken up against this Traitorous attempt to cripple America’s economy and commit genocide? Republicans are sitting side by side with the Democrats in the House of Representatives and the Senate and we believe that every single Republican knows exactly who is behind this attack and virtually none of them says a word about these ongoing, proven hoaxes and attacks on our nation and our planet’s most vulnerable people? Donald Trump is the only man willing to call out this Hoax like he has called out the Fake News agencies for their false information, misinformation and propaganda? Seriously?!

Americans are rising up right now, but far too slowly in our opinion. What are We the People waiting for? Are we waiting for the Traitors and Globalist Communists to finish off American small businesses and render America like a Third World country?

What has happened to the American Spirit? Are you all really going to sit on your duffs, staring at Fake News day after day and pretend like “It’s the virus” when you know who is behind this war against America? Really?!

“The only question now is “What are We the People going to do about it?”

It’s not the virus. It’s the people who released the virus who are the problem, and the solution is to take those people down – not take President Trump down – but take these people down who have attacked our great nation and make them pay for what they’ve done, like every mass murderer pays for their crimes. This is mass murder, folks, of the elderly and the medically compromised.  These globalists speak openly about “population control” because they intend to commit genocide on the rest of us, so taking out our grandparents and the medically compromised is no big deal to the Democrats and the Globalist Communists responsible for perpetrating these crimes against Americans.

These are sick and dangerous people we’re talking about. This isn’t “politics”. It went way beyond politics when these people released the virus on the world. This is war, not politics, and it is clear who the Enemies are in this war. The only question now is “What are We the People going to do about it?”

Let’s turn off the TV and talk about solutions now.

GLOBALISTS vs AMERICA (Part 4) is coming…

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