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When New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio made a public statement recently, calling for an end to private property ownership, DeBlasio  just let us all know that he is a Communist…. as apparently are all Democrat Party members in leadership today. These New World Order (NWO) Communists are calling for an end to private property, which is what Communists do. The Democrat Party has officially been taken over by New World Order Communists.

The Cold War is on… It’s just taking place on our soil now, by domestic terrorists called “the Democrat Party”. Let’s take a look at the chain of events we’ve seen over the last 150 years, at what many Americans believe has transpired here in the USA. Many Americans believe:

  • The Democrat Party assassinated President Abraham Lincoln when Republicans had the gall to free the Democrats slaves.
  • The Democrat Party assassinated John Kennedy when Kennedy publicly announced that he intended to get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank, a private bank owned by the Rothchild family (NWO Bilderberg Group) who has no business managing America’s taxpayer dollars.
  • The Democrat Party then assassinated Martin Luther king Jr, who was empowering blacks to embrace their prosperity as citizens of the United States of America.
  • The Democrat Party tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan, who was not a New World Order Communist stooge like so many presidents we’ve had (Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Bush, Obama). President Ronald Reagan survived the assassination attempt.
  • The Democrat Party then assassinated Andrew Breitbart who was exposing the New World Order Communists in a big way, exposing their corruption like no one ever had.
  • The Democrat Party released COVID19 on the world, after failing time after time after time to make their false allegations against Donald Trump stick: the Justice Kavanaugh false sexual allegations, the false racist allegations against Trump, the false Russian collusion allegations, the false Ukraine allegations, the false Quid Pro Quo allegations, the Impeachment false allegations… and then the germ warfare attack on the world, clearly and obviously designed to destroy President Trump’s incredible economy, and all of America’s’s small businesses along with it.

This isn’t just ‘your father‘s Democrat Party’, with union meetings and celebrity politicians. This is a ruthless cartel of wealthy murderers who have no regard for human life except for their own. We believe Cuomo, this Communist dingbat DeBlasio, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and other Democrat Party leaders all work for the New World Order Communists and they have been trying to take America down for a long long time.

Many American Patriots think it’s time to take down the New World Order Communists, once and for all and their Democrat Party stooges here in America. We at American Nation agree.

Pat Riot, Publisher of AmericanNation.net

P.S. That really wasn’t a question up there in the title, now was it? It’s pretty much common knowledge that the Democrat Party is Communist now. But I wanted to couch it as a question so that it softened the impact of realizing that “Democrats are Communists”. PR

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