Democrat Party Governors stubbornly trying to break the backs of America’s small businesses now. We the People and President Donald Trump now see that this virus is not a natural occurrence, and not from China’s bat markets, but is just another desperate election year mental illness attempt by NWO Democrat Communists to try to take down President Trump by November.

PREDICTION: You heard it here first – The NWO Globalist Communist-owned Mainstream Media (all six: CBS, ABC, MSNBC, NBC, FOX and CNN are owned by Bilderberg Group and their Globalist associates) will  start a major concerted media blitz to try to blame President Trump for this small business collapse.

The NWO Democrat Party Communist Governors are all trying RIGHT NOW to destroy your small businesses by trying to keep all small businesses closed. The NWO Communist stores are all open and happy to take your money and there are NO MASS OUTBREAKS at Target or Costco or Lowe’s or Home Depot or Safeway or Walmart or McDonald’s ANY of the other Bilderberg Group NWO-owned corporate Globalist businesses. Since we can see that it’s safe for those Bilderberg-owned businesses to be open, then we know that ALL small businesses can be open now.

Double click image for full-size encourages all small businesses to re-open today. Law enforcement cannot arrest every small business owner and if they do, we at AN believe you know what the result will be, locally and nationwide. Democrat Governor Newsom of California, apparently suffering from chronic mental illnesses Trump Derangement Syndrome and Liberalism Disorder that have seriously infected the NWO Democrat Communist Party community, is playing politics with your small business right now, destroying your livelihood and our communities so Democrats can try to take power in November. staff unanimously believe that this is a Man-made virus that was released intentionally by those directly involved with the NWO Democrat Communist Party, that the NWO Democrat Communist Party is responsible for every COVID-19 death and every failing small business and the NWO Democrat Communist Party is responsible for this attack on your small business taking place right now. That is our educated opinion.

This COVID-19 isn’t from nature. Reports show that Bill Gates and the CDC funded the research to create this virus and planted it in China in order to blame the Chinese, the same way the NWO Communists are going to use the media to blame Trump for this Democrat Communist Party chemical warfare attack on America. This is anti-American NWO Democrat Party Communists at work.

And this is clearly a call to remove and replace every Democrat Party Congressmen, Governors, county Supervisors, Mayors and City Councilmen this November, as many as possible should be removed and replaced with pro-America independent and Republican candidates.

More coming in “GLOBALISTS vs AMERICA Part 3)…

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