It is definitely confirmed now: The Democrat Party is run by Communists and officially supported by Communist China and the Communist Party USA. Announcements by both China and the CPUSA were made this past week.

It’s clear as day that Democrat Party Mayors in Portland, Seattle and Detroit are all systematically allowing their cities to be destroyed. The Wall Street Journal says they may have overestimated their plan to destroy their cities and blame it on President Trump, but that’s only because they underestimated the intelligence of American Patriots and seem to have bought their own bullshit in pretending Patriots make up more than 80% of all Americans while Liberals make up less than 10%.

Mainstream Media propaganda has done it’s best to convince viewers that “Half of Americans are Liberals” but that is just a bold-faced lie, proven whenever a truly independent poll is taken and the results are always the same – less than 10% support the Liberal viewpoint while more than 80% support Conservative viewpoints.  That lie has gone on for so long, supported by Democrat-Communist Party voter fraud and nothing more, that the real leaders of the Democrat-Communist Party – the Bilderberg Group – seem to have lost sight of Reality now.

Denying Hydrochoroxyquine was their biggest blunder to date, but it’s understandable why they’re denying that Hydrochoroxyquine is the medicine that works on COVID/Coronavirus patients 100% of the time, when caught early on. They’re denying Hydrochoroxyquine because if they admit this medicine works, then that means they have to give up their plan to force their Population Control Vaccine on the entire world and lost out on millions of dollars of profit.

The NWO Communists plan to give a Population Control vaccine to every person on Earth, and inject a CHIP into every person, as well, is Population Control advocate Bill Gates’ dream. Gates has been trying to sell this idea to scientists for 20 years and Gates has never been so close to “chipping” every man, woman and child on the planet as he was just 4 weeks ago, when honest COVID doctors stepped up to announce that “Hydrochloroxyquine works 100% of the time when caught early on.” That was the END of Gates’ and Fauci’s plan for a worldwide Population Control vaccine that will chip everyone in the process. Why is the chip so important to these NWO Communists?

The chip would have allowed these people the ability to snuff out your life with a flick of the switch, to wreak havoc medically within your body, causing terminal illnesses. The chip also would have given these sicko people the ability to glean complete control over everyone on Earth, as they’ve already threatened to cut you off from “the system” – that is, no buying food, no flying on airplanes, no medical care, etc – unless you have “the Chip”. Eff that, and eff those people. These are sick, sick, sick individuals, godless and ungodly, and now we know how sick they are and we also know what their sinister plans were for the world.

They planned on using Population Control to murder 7 billion people on our planet, leaving just 245,000 who would be allowed to live. They estimate that in order for the Earth to be “sustainable”, 7 billion of us ultimately have to die. THAT is how sick these MF-ers are – and now you know, too.

More coming on this…

By Don Cobb

Grateful and faithful Husband, Father, Pastor, American MAGA Patriot, blessed with the opportunity to be active in my community helping people every day, and excited about Life. Grateful to have finally met my First Love, Jesus Christ, who was patiently waiting in the wings for me! Thank you Lord! #USConstitution #1A #2A

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