Look at the timeline for these crimes. They started when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Democrats terrorized Northern California with fire, then terrorized Southern California with fire, and engaged in HOAX after HOAX after HOAX after HOAX in their effort to take down President Trump.

Democrat Governors are still destroying their states – California small business owners are being bankrupted, New York state is being bankrupted, Michigan, Oregon, Washington and every Democrat Party-governed state are intensely trying to destroy their state’s economies so they can use the corrupt Democrat Party Mainstream Media to blame Trump, right before the November elections.

Ray Charles could see that all of these crises, riots and destruction started when Donald Trump was elected and Democrat Michael Obama threatened that “If you believe things couldn’t get worse, you are wrong about that. They can and will get worse if we don’t have a change in this next election.

Fortunately, Trump understands how the Democrats are using the Media against him and he has carefully and cautiously made sure that Americans can see that this destruction of America is only being done by Democrat Party Governors and Mayors. Here is a brief rundown of how Democrat are ACTING OUT since Trump was elected POTUS:


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