What we are really seeing right now has nothing to do with American politics.

What we are really seeing right now is that Communists are letting us know where they are. They own the Mainstream Media, all of it. These are NWO COMMUNISTS in our midst. They have taken over the Democrat Party and many Congressional Republicans have also been paid off.

The NWO Globalist Communists (NWO) have enlisted Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Apple, YouTube, Google, USA Today and many more publications and media websites in their effort to control the narrative, intentionally MISinform people and ultimately take down the United States of America. The NWO has already begun censoring free speech across the globe, dismissing all references to their conspiracy and by using Hollywood and the Mainstream Media they have convinced many people that their conspiracy is just “a conspiracy theory”, which is a bold-faced lie.

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AN staff understand how extreme that sounds, how almost unbelievable that such a concerted effort is being made across the media, government and the truth is that is true that this concerted effort is, indeed, being made. These are uber-wealthy, wealth-hoarding families who have reportedly hoarding up to 92% of the world’s wealth, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other tangible metals and materials, who also own the World Bank and banks across the globe, so they control the world’s money.

THE CONSPIRACY ~ It’s understandable that they think they own all of US, as well, since they own so much that we are reliant on, such as services, money, food and food services, transportation, pharmacy manufacturing, etc. America has always had laws against monopolies, for this reason – so that no one gets so much control that they can harm Americans at will. But the NWO has paid off so many politicians, changed our laws and here we are, seemingly at their mercy.

Except we’re not really at their mercy. Yes, they can stop all food distribution, medication distribution and stop manufacturing food, stop meat, milk and other supplies – paper goods, etc – from getting to market, but they cannot control US. They can make life very hard for us and they can make people desperate enough to turn on one another, stealing food to survive, etc. But we have God-given rights which many Americans are unwilling to give up, like the right to free speech, to bear arms, to gather and to worship freely, to work and to earn a living to support our families and much more, acknowledged in the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

Yes, they can cripple our lifestyles, but there are independent pharmaceutical companies, food providers etc. who will fill in the gap if the NWO decides to starve America out, like Stalin did to Russia. Americans will support each other locally like we always have. We will survive. Our 2nd Amendment has 80 million gun-owners across the nation who will not go willingly, if/when they start gathering people up. If/when they try to gather us up, that will be the end of us, just as it was the end of 6 million people in Germany in the 1940’s. Many of us will not go willingly, and many of us will die anyway, but how would you rather die? At their convenience or defending your life? We pray that it doesn’t come to that, but we are clear about which option works best for us at AmericanNation.net.

Our lifestyle will surely change, granted. But part of the problem here is that we have given up our right privacy by adopting their cellphones and we can stop that immediately. Disconnecting from Apple’s phones and all Smart Phone technology will end their intrusive tracking, eavesdropping, recording every keystroke – even these as I type – and will disconnect us from the NWO’s grips in that way. There are more steps we can take collectively which will protect us from these NWO Globalist Communists, and that is to stop supporting their businesses, such as Amazon, Apple, Lowe’s, Target and other big box stores. Do business with local small businesses, go back to landline phones and meet with people in your community and set up barter systems of trade, for goods and services, grow our own food and make a plan with our communities to protect us from intruders and Terrorists like NWO sponsored BLM and Antifa.

We can protect ourselves and we can provide for ourselves, but the NWO has already put a deadly system in place which will make many people sick and will kill many people, and that is the vaccine they so badly want us all to take – don’t take it – and 5G technology, which will interact with these vaccines to all who take the vaccine sick and ultimately many will die.

Yes, that’s how sinister this conspiracy is. It’s not a conspiracy theory, not by any stretch of the imagination. It is a conspiracy against Mankind, and we either join together to fight this evil, or we will surely not survive the NWO effort to commit Genocide against 90-95% of the Earth’s population.

Who are these NWO people? We know that too. They are called “The Bilderberg Group” and we’ll tell you more in our next article. Coming next…

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