It appears that Facebook has become Fascistbook, and is trying to intimidate Conservatives into shutting up by changing their algorithms to control what is seen and dictate what is not seen.
Right now, Fascistbook is making it so that no one sees some of my posts, and so that I can’t call/hotlink my friends to my posts or other truthful posts. For example, I posted two posts back to back last week and I used the word “virus” in the subject line in one post and changed it to “vy-rus” in the other post. The next day my “virus” post had 3 views and the “vy-rus” post had 75 views. Same audience, same time.
Now Fascistbook has changed their algorithms so I can’t hotlink ANYONE, not even my wife.  Fascistbook is trying to intimidate us into shutting up, but this is America and we have free speech. I’m not posting profanity or sexual pictures or threating anyone so I will continue to exercise my right to free speech. 

I’m sure they are trying to chase people like me away, strong vocal Patriot Americans, so they can continue to manipulate and intimidate the more timid, easily intimidated individuals into being careful about what you post. I won’t be intimidated. 
Fascistbook is trying to control the narrative, like the Media does, attempting to dictate what we should all believe. You see, if you never see posts that expose Democrat Party voter fraud, for example, you’ll never know that our election was STOLEN by the Democrats. 

It’s the same thing the American mainstream media has been doing for 4 years as they’ve tried relentlessly to turn public opinion against Trump. The Globalists own all 6 of America’s media broadcasting stations, so they have been able to make it appear that ‘Since all the news stations agree, it must be true, whatever they say’, when in reality, it’s because the Globalists DICTATE THE SCRIPT to all six agencies what to say every day, so that’s why they all say the same things. They’re trying to manipulate public opinion in that way. 
And now Fascistbook is trying to do the same thing. I’m on and on, both committed Free Speech social media sites. I suspect Fascistbook will be banning my account soon, for telling the truth without reservation. 
Perhaps Fascistbook forgot that as Americans, we have the right to free speech in all public forums… or maybe they don’t care about our laws. 

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