They lied about Trump, everything they said about Trump was a lie. The Rockefeller Media became a weapon against the Truth, not a source of information, as it still is today. Those who don’t know who the Rothschild family are, or that the Rothschild’s ARE the military industrial complex or that the Rockefeller family bought up every major newspaper and news source on Earth since 1900 don’t have any idea whatsoever what is really going on here right now.

They lied about the COVID scam, telling us “It came from a bat in a shopping area”, which was a totally fabricated lie, and they knew it. COVID was created and developed by Anthony Fauci in a lab in the USA. One must ask themselves “Why did Fauci create this DISEASE that has NO possible positive use whatsoever?” Homeland Security asked that question when they shut down Fauci’s IHS laboratory COVID research in 2014, citing “There is no potential positive use for such research, only the potential possibility of tragic results”.

Why didn’t the Media blast this all over the world, that this man was developing bio-weapons of mass destruction in his US laboratory? Why wasn’t Fauci called to task by the Media, to explain WHY he was developing such a virus which has NO potential to help Mankind, but has the potential to cause a global pandemic?

The Media said nothing because the Media is owned by the Rockefeller family, a wealthy NWO Population Control advocate family who, our investigation concluded, most likely ordered COVID to be developed. The daily script for all major news sources today is dictated by the Rockefeller Foundation, which is why there is very little investigative reporting being done any of the major “news” outlets in America of some of the most egregious crimes in US history by the uber-corrupt Democrat Party leaders, crimes for which irrefutable evidence has already been documented and published.

The Mainstream Media in America is not “news” anymore. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC and CNN are now a weapon being used against American viewers, all using the same daily script provided by the Rockefellers each day, pushing false narratives, completely fake stories, major character assassinations of anyone who opposes this NWO Communist Terrorist group masquerading as ‘The Democrat Party’. Literally nothing that these propaganda broadcasters produce is completely honest or truthful. Everything is slanted to manipulate public opinion and fool viewers into believing that bulls*** is true.

One also must ask oneself “Why hasn’t the FCC investigated this concerted effort to mislead the American public, or taken their licenses to broadcast?” Great question, and an obvious answer: The FCC has been compromised, just like the FBI, CIA, the entire Mainstream Media worldwide, the Department of Justice to a great degree and virtually every sitting Congressman in Washington DC. The FCC clearly no longer protects the public from propaganda, scams or terrorist activity, because that’s what the MSM has become now – Domestic Terrorists who are using COVID-19, which has a survival rate of 99.97%, to terrorize television viewers who are either too programmed to turn off their TV or are too foolish to realize that the Media is now a Terrorist organization being used against them.

Perhaps a more poignant and obvious question is “Why does anyone even watch ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, MSNBC or CNN anymore?” Or, for that matter, continue to read the NWO propaganda rags like USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post and the propaganda affiliates for ALL Mainstream Media corporations? Great questions with equally obvious answers: Viewers have been subjected to psychological messaging, subliminal suggestions and the best psychological warfare money can buy. In short, those who trusted “the news” the most, before these same Terrorists attacked us with COVID, didn’t realize that viewing “the news” meant being subjected to psychological warfare, or that they were slowly being subjected to Media-Induced Psychosis, which appears to be epidemic among regular MSM viewers now.

Make no mistake – this is a war against Mankind. The wealthy Bilderberg Group has waged war against America and against the entire world. It is a war against Humanity wages by Secular Humanists who have no love in their hearts, no God in their lives and no problem committing Genocide on 7 billion people, which is what they’re doing right now. It’s not a “conspiracy theory”, as they’ve taught you to automatically think. It is a clear and present danger, a concerted effort to take down the Land of Opportunity, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, and take down the entire world in the process.

What can you do? What can any of us do about this war being waged against us all? Simple.

  1. Turn off your TV. Do it now. Don’t turn it back on for the time being.
  2. Check in regularly with trusted independent news sources like One American News Network (OAN), Epoch Times, and other true news sources who are exposing this war.
  3. Connect with local Patriots, Veterans groups and militias in your area, neighbors who are patriotic Americans who are as concerned as you that our nation has been taken over by an illegitimate President and the nations #1 Domestic Terrorist group, that our public schools have become Marxist indoctrination centers for America’s children and that your Constitutional rights are being trampled daily.
  4. It is very important to recognize who your Leftist neighbors are. They are most likely not your friends, no matter how “friendly” they might seem. Many of them have been indoctrinated into LiberalThink and no longer consider you a good person and many also support taking down our Constitutional Republic form of government, in favor of Socialism (Communism Light). Many are psychotic now, and many will turn you in for loving your country. Your Leftist neighbors probably cannot be trusted. Never lose sight of that important fact. They consider YOU their “enemy”.
  5. Remove and replace any/all Leftist/Liberal county Supervisors and City Council members. They are actively destroying our communities right now, pushing the United Nations agenda rather than an American agenda. Look around… is your city/town becoming a homeless camp? It’s not because times are tough. It’s because these Liberals are intentionally turning your city and mine into a Third World country in order to steal our hope, create depression and hopelessness and make you think/believe you need the government’s help” to survive – which is all bulls***. This Marxist-influenced government, even at the local level, is the PROBLEM, not the solution. The solution is to remove those Leftist Marxists from positions of influence (City Councils, County Supervisors, school boards) and replace them with principled Americans who love our country. That will stop the destruction of your town/city and mine, and will provide real help. More information about how you can help clean out the Leftists from your town’s/city’s City Council and county’s Supervisors can be found on We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

This is a great start. As we gather together in our communities, formulate a plan to protect ourselves, our homes, our businesses and our communities from these Marxist Terrorist groups and trust in God, our nation will begin to roll back onto it’s Right side. The American Dream will be restored, our communities will become safe again and America will be restored to the amazing nation that it is, that it’s always been until these wealthy families began their plan to take down America more than 100 years ago.

Don’t get me started.

United we stand, divided we fall. Stop buying into the division. Americans are NOT Racists. Only Racists see Racists everywhere. Remember that, too.

We’ve identified the Enemy. God will protect us as we take steps to protect ourselves and our communities. All that’s left is for us to get started.

Free your community from Leftist/Liberalism influence. Get started here:

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