These NWO Bankers – members of the Bilderberg Group and thought to be responsible for infiltrating the US Government, a group of Traitors commonly known as “Deep State” – are preparing for a life without us. Well, without 95% of us, anyway. That’s how many people UN Agenda 21 reports who need to be eliminated in order for the Earth to be “sustainable”. That’s why the Deep State agents worldwide who sit inside many nation’s governments, influencing laws which are made and policies being established, are putting in trains everywhere worldwide and developing automated vehicles. The automated vehicles are not for our convenience – they are intended for those who are not wiped out during the Great Genocide which is planned for 95% of us. They won’t have anyone to chauffeur them once they commit genocide against 95% of the world’s population… and that is their plan: Genocide against 95% of the Earth’s Human population.

People have been taught for years by the NWO Bilderberg-owned Mainstream Media that this is only “a conspiracy theory”, but it’s not. it is a conspiracy against Mankind. Bill Gates is a population control advocate nutcase who plans on helping the Bilderberg’s to commit Genocide against a targeted 95% of the Earth’s population using this Covid vaccine and 5G. How the vaccinated people’s bodies will respond to 5G are going to make a lot of people very sick and many will die.

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We know the Rothschild family is spearheading this conspiracy. We don’t need the fearful, compliant masses to believe this is a conspiracy in order or know it’s true. Brilliant people worldwide have been investigating this for 75 years. The masses are being brainwashed and subliminal messaged every day when they tune in to NWO fake news stations and their agreement on this being a conspiracy isn’t necessary for us to (a) know the truth or (b) defend ourselves.

Globalist corporations are complicit in this population control effort. These are Liberal Extremists who pretend to buy into the “Climate Change” scam (another way they’re trying to scare people into submission) who also believe the earth is overpopulated and agree with the UN that 95% of the earths population should be murdered, which is the plan and the numbers which are mapped out in UN Agenda 21, published in 1992 for all the world to see, yet very few have seen it – the Media has cooperated in keeping Agenda 21 on the down-low. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a conspiracy against Mankind and we’re watching it unfold right now, doing relatively nothing to defend ourselves against these freaking lunatics. We need to. Someone needs to, not just for our sake, but for our children’s and our grandchildren’s sakes.

The Rothschild’s have been hoarding money for centuries. Some estimate the Rothschilds are hoarding approximately 92% of the worlds tangible wealth – gold, platinum, diamonds etc. and have paid off most of America‘s politicians to be complicit in this.

The Bilderberg’s have bought up all of the major American news agencies, and broadcasting corporation‘s worldwide, and have been brainwashing viewers for decades now, grooming and preparing viewers to believe that Socialism is a good thing. Their goal isn’t socialism; it’s a one world government dictatorship, which is Communism. Once they have complete control of the people on earth, we can expect to be shipped by train and by coercion, in the same way Germany committed Genocide in the 1940s. While many people are going to get sick and die from the vaccinations/Covid/5G combination, the NWO don’t want dead bodies strewn all over the world, rotting and creating disease, so they’re going to ship everyone somewhere in places that they can dispose of the dead and probably make good use of the protein.

I know it sounds like science fiction and I understand why people think it’s “a conspiracy theory“, but the evidence is overwhelming that it’s not a theory at all. These people are evil, godless, with no regard for human life, which is why they have created laws that allow us to kill our own children, so that we would have no regard for human life as well. Their plan reflects complete maniacal insanity and lunacy. These people are insane.

We need to protect ourselves from them and we – somebody – better get busy, before it’s too late. Anyone who’s read this far who’s laughing out loud only needs to search any of the terms I just used and see what’s been discovered about these evil people and their plan. It’s not a theory.

David Rockefeller, former Chairman of the Bilderberg Group, was an arrogant big mouth and he gave up a lot of information about what these Bilderberg’s are doing. But he’s dead and the media buried all of his quotes, but not before other researchers had already captured them.

The media is our enemy and has been for 75 years. They were allowed to sit in on the Bilderberg Group meetings back in the 50s and 60s and the Media corporations know exactly what’s going on here and they are complicit in brainwashing people not to believe any of it, until it’s too late. Anyone who continues to turn on CNN ABC NBC CBS Fox or MSNBC is now volunteering to be brainwashed.

But we don’t need them (Fake News Watchers) or their agreement in order to defend ourselves. We need to do something, but we don’t need the masses help. I’ve been researching this since I first read UN Agenda 21 when I got sober in 1992. But there were people who had already been researching it before me, who have infiltrated the Bilderberg Group and reported what they’re up to. That anyone who does nothing but sit on their @$$ and watch TV, letting these Globalists brainwash them every day, would dismiss any of what I just said is comical. It’s like a 3-year-old not believing an adult’s warning not to stick their hand in fire.

Again, anyone can research everything I just said and will find that everything I just described is accurate and true. It’s awful and it’s evil but it’s true… and right now, on this side of it, we can still defend ourselves. But time is running out. They didn’t plan on Trump showing up. Hillary would have given up the USA to the global Government. That’s why I thank God for Donald Trump, a true American Patriot who loves this country and understands how valuable America is on the world stage.

Fortunately, there is a God, our Creator, and those of us who are called according to His purpose can do all things, through Christ who strengthens us. President Trump has withstood 5 years of harassment, censorship, character assassination, false accusations and everything that could be done to discredit him has been done by this NWO Bilderberg Group and their accomplices in the Democrat Party, the Mainstream Media ala the NWO Press, the corrupt FBI, CIA and Department of Justice and others, in CBC luging America’s enemies like China, Iran and other NWO nations.

Still, President Trump remains our strong Patriot President and our Constitutional Republic still remains. Fortunately, President Trump prepared for even this mass voter fraud by passing an Executive Order addressing Election Fraud in September of 2018, which will end this NWO/Democrat Party Coup, once and for all. Leaders involved, and co-conspirators will be gathered up, tried in military tribunals and our nation will be safe once again.

We are the last bastion of freedom. We really are. Praise God America is still standing. God bless America and all faithful Patriot Americans, and God bless President Trump.

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