May 22, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher of American Nation ~ I’ve been watching these Bilderbergs for 30 years (after I got sober). Nothing “theoretical” (“conspiracy theory” BS) about what they’re up to. We call it “The Bilderberg Conspiracy”. We know who they are – the worst offenders are the Rothschilds (Bankers), the

Some of the Bilderberg Group Conspirators/Co-Conspirators. Definitely not a “conspiracy theory”.

Rockefellers (own virtually the entire global Mainstream Media), the Royal Family (sorry, it’s true), the Wallenbergs and the list is long (Gates, Soros, Clintons, Bush family and more) with other wealthy European families… who intend to kill 7 billion people so they can have the planet to themselves. It is all laid out in the 1992 UN publication entitled “Agenda 21”. It’s all in there, but you have to read it in order to know what these psychotic globalist New World Order billionaire Population Control advocates are planning.

GOOD NEWS: We  understand there are ex-military worldwide already in motion to save Mankind. If there is anything I can do to help, I surely will. 
NOT a “conspiracy theory”

BACK TO THE BILDERBERG CONSPIRACY: They are dumping chemicals on us every day in California, denying us water and refusing to seed the clouds (for rain), clouds that we get every day here. NWO Bilderbergs and Democrats created what they’re calling a “Fire Season” in an ELECTION YEAR and people have just accepted it, not realizing “Fire Season” only started after Trump took office in 2017.

The Deep State has closed all the mental institutions and put the mentally ill on psychotropic medications and on the street, which, when these mentally ill people are denied medications or choose to stop taking their medications, these people literally lose their minds now. This is exactly how the Bilderberg’s planned this. Closing the federal mental institutions was just the first step in this insidious conspiracy against Mankind. 
This is war and many people are suffering from Media-Induced Psychosis (aka “Liberalism Disorder” and/or “Trump Derangement Syndrome”), and appear to be unable to turn off their TV’s now. The world is waiting for Americans to solve this for them, as usual, and Americans will surely save the day, eventually, and put an end to the Bilderberg Conspiracy. Every major war and conflict in the past 100 years was a Bilderberg War, like we saw after 4 years of people with Trump, suddenly Deep State Democrats are starting up the wars again.
The Bilderbergs stole the 2020 election and are now in control of our country. What would our Founders have done? That’s what we need to do now. Right now.

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