It is not only unbelievable, what the Mainstream Media (MSM) is doing to intentionally misinform American television viewers, it is clearly CRIMINAL for the MSM to wage such a dangerous PROPAGANDA MISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN on America’s supposedly “Mainstream Media”… but the NWO Bankers, who own ABC, CNN and the other 5 main fake news agencies, are doing it anyway. And why not? The Department of Justice is obviously in their pocket. The FBI, CIA, NSA and every other federal law enforcement agency are in their pocket too, no longer American law enforcement, but now they are all NWO BANKER law enforcement agencies.

I know, I know… that’s hard to believe. But everyone who takes the time to research can see that it’s true. America’s federal law enforcement agencies and the federal Department of Justice (DOJ) are completely compromised and now work for the NWO Banker Cartel, which includes the Rothschilds, George Soros, the Royal Family and many other wealthy global Terrorists and American Turncoats/Traitors like the Clintons, Joe Biden, Big Tech and the NWO Mainstream Media.

As Russia fights to defend itself against these NWO Bankers who have built 26 CHEMICAL WEAPONS PLANTS right next door in the Ukraine, the MSM continues to lie and call Putin the “Bad Guy”, when Putin is just doing what America would do, if China were to build 26 chemical weapons plants in Mexico or Canada: America would surely go into that country and take down the chemical weapons plants. That’s what Putin is doing right now.

WHO IS THE REAL BAD GUY? And who builds 26 chemical weapons plants, anyway? TERRORISTS build 26 chemical weapons plants, that’s who. The NWO Banker Terrorists have done that, and they’re saying that these are “American chemical weapons plants”, when they ARE NOT America’s chemical weapons plants. These chemical weapons plants were built by the NWO Banker Rothschild Cartel. These are not American chemical weapons plants.

But because the NWO Bankers have taken over the Democrat Party and successfully staged an Insurrection by stealing our 2020 election and now occupy Washington DC – hence, all of the protection around the Capitol – these NWO Bankers are saying that everything they do now is “America”. It’s not.

American Nation staff is praying that Americans will finally intervene and restore the US Government to the people, no matter what means are used to do so. This is OUR government, not the NWO Banker Rothschild’s government.

The NWO Bankers/Rothschilds have planned this effort for generations and granted, their plan has been brilliant. However, they have dropped so many balls and revealed themselves to all who are actually paying attention, so that now their Jig is up. Independent REAL news agencies are calling the NWO Banker/Rothschild Cartel out for what they are: Terrorists. It’s just a matter of time until these NWO Bankers, their media agencies (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC & FOX) and their Democrat Party Co-Conspirators are taken down and the US government is restored to a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

NEXT: The NEW “Mainstream Media”…

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