Americans nationwide are wondering “What can we do?” to stop the Traitor Democrats and the NWO/Rothschild Bilderberg Group from destroying our beloved nation.

Since Congress – both parties – are doing nothing to stop this NWO Insurrectionist government from destroying our beloved United States of America, we the people are going to have to handle it.

There are definitely things we the people can be doing to stop this Communist takeover of our government, tools built right into the US Constitution, but it is going to require an effort from all Americans, to one degree or another. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Coming next: American Nation will take a look at the tools which are built into our Constitution, provided by our Founders, which will remove a Tyrannical government from power in America. It is for such times as this that our wise Founders created our Constitution, and our Constitutional Republic, in the way that they did. We thank God for their foresight.

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