April 11, 2022 ~ Our survival is of the utmost importance. Survival is the bottom line. It’s time for us to trash the entire NWO criminal effort against us all – Americans, Australians, Canadians, Ukrainians and Russians are all being ruthlessly attacked for the past two years – and it’s time to protect ourselves by removing the threat, locally as well as nationally, by whatever means necessary to protect ourselves. It is life or death, obviously, and millions of innocent people have already died at the hands of these Global Terrorists by the use of chemical weapons.

Forget about the Gullibles, the Dumb People, the Brainwashed and the Blind TV Watchers who the NWO Mainstream Media has taught that this global terrorism is a “conspiracy theory”, our survival is paramount. We don’t need to even engage the Gullibles any longer. We cannot wake them up – that’s God’s job, so let’s leave it to God.

What we CAN do is (1) abandon the NWO System immediately. The NWO is tracking every move you make, every word you text, every private conversation you have by eavesdropping through your iPhone’s, even when you aren’t using it. (2) Get connected to others who are awake. Meet often and talk about removing all NWO Criminals & Communists from local government.

We can do that much immediately by monitoring which City Council members are involved in implementing the United Nations NWO agenda known as UN Agenda 21/30. Anyone actively implementing UN Agenda 21, under the false premise of “Sustainability” is violating the oath of office they all took when they became City Council members or County Supervisors, and that grounds for immediate removal from public office.

Here are two tools to use as starting points in this effort to rid your communities of NWO Traitors, Turncoats and Communists who are betraying the people they were elected to serve – you.

Here is a guide found on our Sonoma County Patriots website (SonomaCountyPatriots.com) which is designed to help you create a starting point for your plan to re-secure your local government:

Get busy! Don’t wait. Investigate and file petitions for removal of every NWO Communist from your local City Councils and County Supervisor boards and School Boards. These ungodly people have been implementing UN A21/30 for decades now, but only now are we seeing the results: pushing the mentally I’ll and the truly homeless communities into your downtown areas and building 3-6 story apartments in preparation for their plans to make YOU and your families homeless too.

Lets get busy, please stay checked in with us at Patriot@AmericanNation.net to let us know your progress and how we might help you to overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

Blessings on you all, my fellow Patriots, and my God bless Americans!

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