America Trumps the NWO

December 11, 2020 – From Facebook by guest writer Diane Scherf ~ Now that the US Supreme Court dismissed the Texas lawsuit for lack of standing, not even hearing the merits of the case, it declared that Democrat-controlled states can rig elections, commit voter fraud and cheat however they want. This is not only unconstitutional but grossly unfair to the other states who are impacted by the outcome of the election.

But what if this is part of the bigger plan? SCOTUS’ ruling paves the way for President Trump to do what he has been planning all along.

As of yesterday, December 11, 2020, we no longer live in a functioning Constitutional Republic. We no longer have any controlling legal authority that is functioning in America, besides the Deep State.

According to an article on Natural News, “The rule of law has now collapsed. The courts no longer even pretend to function. Censorship is extreme, the media print brazen lies and the elections are so blatantly rigged that the cheating is carried out on camera, for all to see. Yet every last American is apparently powerless to stop the election theft, for all the forces that despise this nation — and which hate liberty and justice — are now aligned against any functioning civil court action which might recognize and reverse the great injustices that have been carried out against this nation by Democrats and deep state traitors.”

YET…we still have options: 1) the House doesn’t verify the electors’ votes from those “stolen states,” thus sending it to a state by state vote within the House, or 2) President Trump’s “National Security” option, which would mirror the actions of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. Trump must now declare the fraudulent election to be an act of cyber warfare against America, deploy the military to key cities, and initiate mass arrests of court judges, mayors, governors, election officials, complicit “journalists,” members of Congress and everyone else who has colluded in this criminal conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America.

Fortunately, President Trump knew this was coming when he wrote the Executive Order regarding Fraudulent Elections in September of 2018. I wrote about this EO and how it gives the power to the Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller (and Ezra Cohen), the Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of State, the POTUS and a few others to handle a national emergency due to domestic and foreign election interference. The DOD, DIA (Dept of Intelligence Agency), SpecOps forces and cyber warfare soldiers are prepared for Trump to give the green light on an operation that would take down America’s enemies; deep state, Obama shadow government, CIA, FBI, DOJ, Democrat leaders, Soros, China, Iran and all the state officials who were involved as well as the media. Maybe the Treasury Secretary was named in order to freeze big tech and media companies’ assets. Why do you think Esper was fired and replaced with Special Ops Chris Miller?

President Trump realizes that our Republic is at stake and hopefully he will invoke the Insurrection Act. It’s time that we Patriots, take back our country. Please pray for President Trump and all those who will go to battle for us. This is not over…we are on our own path to VICTORY!!!

MAGA! God Bless!
By Diane Scherff

The Conspiracy

These NWO Bankers – members of the Bilderberg Group and thought to be responsible for infiltrating the US Government, a group of Traitors commonly known as “Deep State” – are preparing for a life without us. Well, without 95% of us, anyway. That’s how many people UN Agenda 21 reports who need to be eliminated in order for the Earth to be “sustainable”. That’s why the Deep State agents worldwide who sit inside many nation’s governments, influencing laws which are made and policies being established, are putting in trains everywhere worldwide and developing automated vehicles. The automated vehicles are not for our convenience – they are intended for those who are not wiped out during the Great Genocide which is planned for 95% of us. They won’t have anyone to chauffeur them once they commit genocide against 95% of the world’s population… and that is their plan: Genocide against 95% of the Earth’s Human population.

People have been taught for years by the NWO Bilderberg-owned Mainstream Media that this is only “a conspiracy theory”, but it’s not. it is a conspiracy against Mankind. Bill Gates is a population control advocate nutcase who plans on helping the Bilderberg’s to commit Genocide against a targeted 95% of the Earth’s population using this Covid vaccine and 5G. How the vaccinated people’s bodies will respond to 5G are going to make a lot of people very sick and many will die.

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We know the Rothschild family is spearheading this conspiracy. We don’t need the fearful, compliant masses to believe this is a conspiracy in order or know it’s true. Brilliant people worldwide have been investigating this for 75 years. The masses are being brainwashed and subliminal messaged every day when they tune in to NWO fake news stations and their agreement on this being a conspiracy isn’t necessary for us to (a) know the truth or (b) defend ourselves.

Globalist corporations are complicit in this population control effort. These are Liberal Extremists who pretend to buy into the “Climate Change” scam (another way they’re trying to scare people into submission) who also believe the earth is overpopulated and agree with the UN that 95% of the earths population should be murdered, which is the plan and the numbers which are mapped out in UN Agenda 21, published in 1992 for all the world to see, yet very few have seen it – the Media has cooperated in keeping Agenda 21 on the down-low. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a conspiracy against Mankind and we’re watching it unfold right now, doing relatively nothing to defend ourselves against these freaking lunatics. We need to. Someone needs to, not just for our sake, but for our children’s and our grandchildren’s sakes.

The Rothschild’s have been hoarding money for centuries. Some estimate the Rothschilds are hoarding approximately 92% of the worlds tangible wealth – gold, platinum, diamonds etc. and have paid off most of America‘s politicians to be complicit in this.

The Bilderberg’s have bought up all of the major American news agencies, and broadcasting corporation‘s worldwide, and have been brainwashing viewers for decades now, grooming and preparing viewers to believe that Socialism is a good thing. Their goal isn’t socialism; it’s a one world government dictatorship, which is Communism. Once they have complete control of the people on earth, we can expect to be shipped by train and by coercion, in the same way Germany committed Genocide in the 1940s. While many people are going to get sick and die from the vaccinations/Covid/5G combination, the NWO don’t want dead bodies strewn all over the world, rotting and creating disease, so they’re going to ship everyone somewhere in places that they can dispose of the dead and probably make good use of the protein.

I know it sounds like science fiction and I understand why people think it’s “a conspiracy theory“, but the evidence is overwhelming that it’s not a theory at all. These people are evil, godless, with no regard for human life, which is why they have created laws that allow us to kill our own children, so that we would have no regard for human life as well. Their plan reflects complete maniacal insanity and lunacy. These people are insane.

We need to protect ourselves from them and we – somebody – better get busy, before it’s too late. Anyone who’s read this far who’s laughing out loud only needs to search any of the terms I just used and see what’s been discovered about these evil people and their plan. It’s not a theory.

David Rockefeller, former Chairman of the Bilderberg Group, was an arrogant big mouth and he gave up a lot of information about what these Bilderberg’s are doing. But he’s dead and the media buried all of his quotes, but not before other researchers had already captured them.

The media is our enemy and has been for 75 years. They were allowed to sit in on the Bilderberg Group meetings back in the 50s and 60s and the Media corporations know exactly what’s going on here and they are complicit in brainwashing people not to believe any of it, until it’s too late. Anyone who continues to turn on CNN ABC NBC CBS Fox or MSNBC is now volunteering to be brainwashed.

But we don’t need them (Fake News Watchers) or their agreement in order to defend ourselves. We need to do something, but we don’t need the masses help. I’ve been researching this since I first read UN Agenda 21 when I got sober in 1992. But there were people who had already been researching it before me, who have infiltrated the Bilderberg Group and reported what they’re up to. That anyone who does nothing but sit on their @$$ and watch TV, letting these Globalists brainwash them every day, would dismiss any of what I just said is comical. It’s like a 3-year-old not believing an adult’s warning not to stick their hand in fire.

Again, anyone can research everything I just said and will find that everything I just described is accurate and true. It’s awful and it’s evil but it’s true… and right now, on this side of it, we can still defend ourselves. But time is running out. They didn’t plan on Trump showing up. Hillary would have given up the USA to the global Government. That’s why I thank God for Donald Trump, a true American Patriot who loves this country and understands how valuable America is on the world stage.

Fortunately, there is a God, our Creator, and those of us who are called according to His purpose can do all things, through Christ who strengthens us. President Trump has withstood 5 years of harassment, censorship, character assassination, false accusations and everything that could be done to discredit him has been done by this NWO Bilderberg Group and their accomplices in the Democrat Party, the Mainstream Media ala the NWO Press, the corrupt FBI, CIA and Department of Justice and others, in CBC luging America’s enemies like China, Iran and other NWO nations.

Still, President Trump remains our strong Patriot President and our Constitutional Republic still remains. Fortunately, President Trump prepared for even this mass voter fraud by passing an Executive Order addressing Election Fraud in September of 2018, which will end this NWO/Democrat Party Coup, once and for all. Leaders involved, and co-conspirators will be gathered up, tried in military tribunals and our nation will be safe once again.

We are the last bastion of freedom. We really are. Praise God America is still standing. God bless America and all faithful Patriot Americans, and God bless President Trump.


Words to ponder~

3 years from now, some of you will look back & admit that you spent an entire year of your life wearing a mask, cooped up in your house & avoiding all the people you love. 😭 A year in your life that you’ll never get back.

And let me say this, I am not saying this virus isn’t real, or that there aren’t people that could be/have been really affected. If you’re at risk, take precautions, stay home when sick, absolutely.

Every single day is a risk. Car accident, flu, etc.

Our days were numbered from the moment we took our first breath. Life isn’t a race where we win against the inevitable! That has not changed since the beginning of time!

BUT, we should not be forced to live in fear.

We went from being a free nation to being told we:
🚫 couldn’t go to school
🚫 couldn’t go to church
🚫 couldn’t go to our grandma’s house
🚫 couldn’t pay respects to a loved one through a funeral
🚫 couldn’t leave our homes

…and when we were allowed to do these things, we were told:
📢 how long we could be there
📢 how far apart we have to be
📢 which direction to walk
📢 what to wear
📢 what we can buy/not buy
📢 where we could shop/not shop
📢 whether we could sing/worship/take communion
📢 what time we had to be home

Yes, our health matters.
But you know what else matters?

✅ Family.
✅ Friends.
✅ Church.
✅ School.
✅ Hockey games.
✅ Family vacations.
✅ Neighborhood BBQs.
✅ Life.
✅ Fitness.
✅ Hugs.

💔 One day, you’ll hug your grandma, mom, dad, or brother for the last time.
💔 One day, your best friend will cry on your shoulder for the last time.
💔 One day, your child will play their last hockey game.
💔 One day, they’ll have their last day of school.
💔 One day, you’ll spend your last day laughing with a loved one.
💔 One day, you’ll dance your last dance.

Don’t waste the days you have by living in fear. Your time here on earth matters. Live your life while you have the chance.

When it’s your time, it’s your time.. Virus or no virus.


American Nation is Waking Up

What we are really seeing right now has nothing to do with American politics.

What we are really seeing right now is that Communists are letting us know where they are. They own the Mainstream Media, all of it. These are NWO COMMUNISTS in our midst. They have taken over the Democrat Party and many Congressional Republicans have also been paid off.

The NWO Globalist Communists (NWO) have enlisted Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Apple, YouTube, Google, USA Today and many more publications and media websites in their effort to control the narrative, intentionally MISinform people and ultimately take down the United States of America. The NWO has already begun censoring free speech across the globe, dismissing all references to their conspiracy and by using Hollywood and the Mainstream Media they have convinced many people that their conspiracy is just “a conspiracy theory”, which is a bold-faced lie.

Image from – please support them

AN staff understand how extreme that sounds, how almost unbelievable that such a concerted effort is being made across the media, government and the truth is that is true that this concerted effort is, indeed, being made. These are uber-wealthy, wealth-hoarding families who have reportedly hoarding up to 92% of the world’s wealth, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other tangible metals and materials, who also own the World Bank and banks across the globe, so they control the world’s money.

THE CONSPIRACY ~ It’s understandable that they think they own all of US, as well, since they own so much that we are reliant on, such as services, money, food and food services, transportation, pharmacy manufacturing, etc. America has always had laws against monopolies, for this reason – so that no one gets so much control that they can harm Americans at will. But the NWO has paid off so many politicians, changed our laws and here we are, seemingly at their mercy.

Except we’re not really at their mercy. Yes, they can stop all food distribution, medication distribution and stop manufacturing food, stop meat, milk and other supplies – paper goods, etc – from getting to market, but they cannot control US. They can make life very hard for us and they can make people desperate enough to turn on one another, stealing food to survive, etc. But we have God-given rights which many Americans are unwilling to give up, like the right to free speech, to bear arms, to gather and to worship freely, to work and to earn a living to support our families and much more, acknowledged in the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

Yes, they can cripple our lifestyles, but there are independent pharmaceutical companies, food providers etc. who will fill in the gap if the NWO decides to starve America out, like Stalin did to Russia. Americans will support each other locally like we always have. We will survive. Our 2nd Amendment has 80 million gun-owners across the nation who will not go willingly, if/when they start gathering people up. If/when they try to gather us up, that will be the end of us, just as it was the end of 6 million people in Germany in the 1940’s. Many of us will not go willingly, and many of us will die anyway, but how would you rather die? At their convenience or defending your life? We pray that it doesn’t come to that, but we are clear about which option works best for us at

Our lifestyle will surely change, granted. But part of the problem here is that we have given up our right privacy by adopting their cellphones and we can stop that immediately. Disconnecting from Apple’s phones and all Smart Phone technology will end their intrusive tracking, eavesdropping, recording every keystroke – even these as I type – and will disconnect us from the NWO’s grips in that way. There are more steps we can take collectively which will protect us from these NWO Globalist Communists, and that is to stop supporting their businesses, such as Amazon, Apple, Lowe’s, Target and other big box stores. Do business with local small businesses, go back to landline phones and meet with people in your community and set up barter systems of trade, for goods and services, grow our own food and make a plan with our communities to protect us from intruders and Terrorists like NWO sponsored BLM and Antifa.

We can protect ourselves and we can provide for ourselves, but the NWO has already put a deadly system in place which will make many people sick and will kill many people, and that is the vaccine they so badly want us all to take – don’t take it – and 5G technology, which will interact with these vaccines to all who take the vaccine sick and ultimately many will die.

Yes, that’s how sinister this conspiracy is. It’s not a conspiracy theory, not by any stretch of the imagination. It is a conspiracy against Mankind, and we either join together to fight this evil, or we will surely not survive the NWO effort to commit Genocide against 90-95% of the Earth’s population.

Who are these NWO people? We know that too. They are called “The Bilderberg Group” and we’ll tell you more in our next article. Coming next…

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It appears that Facebook has become Fascistbook, and is trying to intimidate Conservatives into shutting up by changing their algorithms to control what is seen and dictate what is not seen.
Right now, Fascistbook is making it so that no one sees some of my posts, and so that I can’t call/hotlink my friends to my posts or other truthful posts. For example, I posted two posts back to back last week and I used the word “virus” in the subject line in one post and changed it to “vy-rus” in the other post. The next day my “virus” post had 3 views and the “vy-rus” post had 75 views. Same audience, same time.
Now Fascistbook has changed their algorithms so I can’t hotlink ANYONE, not even my wife.  Fascistbook is trying to intimidate us into shutting up, but this is America and we have free speech. I’m not posting profanity or sexual pictures or threating anyone so I will continue to exercise my right to free speech. 

I’m sure they are trying to chase people like me away, strong vocal Patriot Americans, so they can continue to manipulate and intimidate the more timid, easily intimidated individuals into being careful about what you post. I won’t be intimidated. 
Fascistbook is trying to control the narrative, like the Media does, attempting to dictate what we should all believe. You see, if you never see posts that expose Democrat Party voter fraud, for example, you’ll never know that our election was STOLEN by the Democrats. 

It’s the same thing the American mainstream media has been doing for 4 years as they’ve tried relentlessly to turn public opinion against Trump. The Globalists own all 6 of America’s media broadcasting stations, so they have been able to make it appear that ‘Since all the news stations agree, it must be true, whatever they say’, when in reality, it’s because the Globalists DICTATE THE SCRIPT to all six agencies what to say every day, so that’s why they all say the same things. They’re trying to manipulate public opinion in that way. 
And now Fascistbook is trying to do the same thing. I’m on and on, both committed Free Speech social media sites. I suspect Fascistbook will be banning my account soon, for telling the truth without reservation. 
Perhaps Fascistbook forgot that as Americans, we have the right to free speech in all public forums… or maybe they don’t care about our laws. 


While I couldn’t be more disappointed in the Daily Wire’s attempt to support the COVID Terrorist’s scam, we did find one commentor who was actually spot on. His name is Ken:

“The context I read from this is that in the vast majority of cases showing symptoms severe enough to kill a person (which was already a minority among infected persons to begin with), only 6% were people without any serious underlying health conditions.

In other words, this proves what I and many other people have been saying for months; if you aren’t 80+, and you are in relative good health, then your chances of dying from this virus are extremely slim. The mask mandates, the social distancing, the lockdowns, the business closures; none of it was really necessary. This disease is just not that dangerous.

Shutting down entire national economies was not necessary to protect the elderly. The workforce is not primarily made up of 80+ year old people, or people who are the primary caregivers for 80+ year old people.

You know it, I know it. The issue is closed.

American Nation staff couldn’t agree more. COVID Terrorism is a scam. Oh, it’s a real virus, and it kills people, but unless you’re 80 with more than one serious, life-threatening medical conditions, you have nothing to fear by catching COVID 19. Shutting down the economy has nothing to do with this virus. Shutting down schools, closing small businesses but leaving Globalist businesses open doesn’t just not make sense, it’s clearly contradictory, aka it’s bullshi*. You must wear a mask, but not if you’re sitting down? We must wear masks but Pelosi, Cuomo, Newsom and the other tyrant mask advocates don’t?! COVID is a scam.

After extensive research and long-term observation, AN staff believe that the NWO Globalists recruited the Democrat Party to take down the USA from the inside. When that didn’t work, after 4 years of Democrat Party failures, the NWO unleashed COVID on the world, knowing it was only deadly to elderly folks who are already seriously medically compromised. They have waged a fear-mongering campaign using their media shows, 24/7 of ongoing fear-mongering of unsuspecting, trusting people who had come to trust “News” shows, not knowing the evil Globalist families had bought all of the American news corporations, or that the NWO was actively trying to destroy the USA. They watched day after day after COVID was released in China and in the USA, believing it was deadly for everyone. It’s not. It’s only deadly if you’re (a) 80 years old and (b) live in a Sun-deprived environment for years and (c) have at least 2 pre-existing life-threatening illnesses. If you don’t have a, b and c, then you won’t die from COVID19.


Now about the 2020 American Presidential election: American Nation staff believe that these same wealthy NWO Globalists (heretofore referred to as “NWO”) have interfered with this election using Dominion software which they own to intentionally change votes from Trump to Biden. There isn’t any effort which has been made in the past 4 years that is as clear-cut as this attempt at election fraud.

Fortunately, our good President, Donald J. Trump, has surrounded himself with a great team of Americans who love our country and who knew/know how corrupt the Democrat Party is, and who prepared for this attempt to steal this election. Trump’s team prepared for Democrat Party corruption at every turn, recorded every illegal vote electronically and is now walking out the process of having this election overturned, due to massive and extensive Democrat Party voter fraud. Soon, the Supreme Court will review all of Trump Team’s evidence, and the magnificent, history-making landslide will at least acknowledge the true winner of this election. Time will reveal the true numbers of this Trump Landslide.

So what about this NWO, this group of wealthy American Haters, who have undermined the integrity of the Democrat Party (not that Democrats were ever particularly honest or fair), who surely paid Democrat Party leaders to turn Traitor on their own country? We know who they are. Many of us have been watching them for decades. They aren’t a secret – to us.

But to you? You likely have no idea who these evil people are or what they’re up to, or even worse, how long they’ve been doing it. Worse than that, you probably still sit down in front of your TV so that the NWO can continue feeding you completely false information and use the world’s best, most influential psychological mind-manipulation methods to convince you that “Socialism is good” and “America is bad”… and despite developing a completely unnatural and obsessive hatred for your own President, you don’t realize who your enemies really are, even when they are burning down your cities and stealing your business from you. That’s how effective these psychological methods are. They have turned you against your own country, against your future and against your childrens’ and grandchildrens’ futures.

Fortunately, there are many more Americans who have realized what is going on here. We call these wakened Americans “Patriots”, and they are legendary “Silent Majority”, the Christians and farmers and blue-collar workers. They are everyone who loves these United States of America, who love this Land of Opportunity, the Home of the Brave. These Americans see through the NWO effort to take down America, to put an end to The American Dream. We see the NWO Globalists and We the People refuse to allow the NWO to steal our nation, or destroy our children’s futures, or to steal our Presidential election.

The NWO Media has done their best to divide us up, but race, by political party, by our financial differences, by any and every means possible, but Patriots won’t buy in. We know that Americans are racially diverse, the Melting Pot of the World, and we know that everyone has an equal opportunity to be successful or choose a more humble life for themselves. American Patriots know that this concerted effort by the entire Mainstream Media is nothing more than a wealthy Enemy attacking all that we stand for… and We the People will not stand for it.

In the beginning, after they released COVID-19 on the world, their Media made a good case for it, pretending that everyone is in danger and that there is no cure. They directed the Democrat Party Governors to pass laws which made it mandatory that every elderly person in the hospital COVID wards had to be released to the Care Homes they came from, thus beginning the largest mass murder in American history.

The NWO Media began counting the numbers and plastering them on the TV screens non-stop in order to terrorize unsuspecting viewers, but the Media never informed viewers that Democrat Governors had arranged death sentences for thousands of medically compromised elderly Care Home occupants, or that these were the only deaths occurring at the time. This was the first red flag. When the Media is intentionally withholding information from viewers, it is because the Media has been compromised, and is no longer trustworthy. Clearly, the American Mainstream Media – now the “NWO Media” – is no longer trustworthy. American Nation staff are all in unanimous agreement that the American Mainstream Media, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS and FOX, are all cooperating with NWO Globalists in this effort to deceive American viewers and turn viewers against their own county and against their fellow Americans. In short, AN staff believes that the NWO Media are now enemies of the American people. We recommend that Americans stop turning on any of those channels, and abandon them completely. The NWO Media cannot influence your thinking if you don’t turn to their channels.

More coming… NEXT: NWO TRAITORS Part 3


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These people are not just politicians. They are NWO politicians, working for Globalist Corporations and families who want to rule over everyone on the planet. It’s not a “Conspiracy theory” – it is a worldwide conspiracy, a conspiracy against Mankind – a plan to create a “New World Order”, in which you are slaves and these “New World Order” families lord over you.

Sound far-fetched? We know it does. Unfortunately, it’s not far fetched at all. It’s all true, and David Rockefeller, RIP, who was Chairman of this group of Globalists wannabe Rulers of the Earth, talked openly about this plan, and much more, including how the New York Times and other major media corporations were complicit in executing this plan while keeping the NWO’s secrets for more than 40 years.

Leaders of the Globalist Cabal

The families involved are familiar names. The Rothschild’s, the Rockefellers, Bill Gates and his wife, the Bush family, the British Royal family (why do you think Prince Harry walked away?) and others who are members of this group of wealthy elite and world leaders alike called “the Bilderberg Group”.

If you are American, you probably don’t know any of this. That’s because these Globalists now own the entire American Mainstream Media, and use it to spread misinformation designed to put their plan in place worldwide. Every major American broadcasting corporation is now owned and/or controlled by members of the NWO/Bilderberg Group or are sympathetic to, and cooperating with the NWO plan to create a worldwide dictatorship. It’s as though people have been conned into believing this NWO is inevitable – which it’s not… today. God doesn’t call the Silent Majority to lay down for Communism; quite the contrary; He calls Christians to be brave and courageous and to protect our families and ourselves from those who intend to do us harm.

Sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie? We know, but sadly, it’s all true. Hollywood, major global corporations and social media Google, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Microsoft are all onboard as well. These media companies create algorithms which censor pro-American, Conservative and family-friendly content and push and promote radical Leftist extremist, anti-American and Socialist content which is designed to sell us on the idea of a “one world government”, which has been laid out clearly and undeniably in a 1992 United Nations publication in the guise of addressing “sustainability” and another global scam called “Climate Change”, created by Con-man and failed Presidential candidate Al Gore (*see below for more on “Climate Change scam).

These wealthy Globalists are “Old Money”, some of them, and their families have been hoarding the world’s wealth for centuries. That is how they’ve managed to buy up the entire Mainstream Media and taken control of virtually every First World essential product, including food, transportation and services such as hospitals, entertainment, social media and an alarming segment of Law Enforcement and the criminal Justice system.

These NWO people are no Flunkies – they are serious about their effort to make you and I their slaves, and their propaganda campaign has shown worldwide results, even in the Land of Opportunity and the Home of the Brave. Psychological warfare is disturbingly effective, keeping in mind that even sane people can be convinced they are insane, using existing dark and sinister psychological warfare techniques. These NWO people mean business, and American Patriots better mean business, too. We the People are not likely to get another chance to defend and protect ourselves. We need to confront this Evil, and this evil empire now, while they’re showing us who they are.

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*Gore made millions off his initial ‘Chicken Little/The Sky is Falling’ scam when he first presented it to ignorant and seriously uninformed world leaders at the NWO United Nations summit.

The NWO used this scare tactic to con many world leaders out of billions of dollars in the name of “saving the planet” or “global sustainability”. Many of these world leaders are dictators and Communists who either inherited leadership in their country or became dictators through coercion and/or violent coups. These are not particularly bright or intelligent individuals, but instead are thugs and violent con-men, low-bottom terrorists who were scammed by Gore and the NWO Bilderberg Group… and still don’t realize they’ve been conned by this NWO Communist group.

More coming… NEXT: NWO Traitors Part 2

It Isn’t About the Virus

This isn’t about a virus with a 99.96% survival rate.

When they made us all wear masks, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they separated us all from one another, it wasn’t about the virus.

(Right-click to save full-sized image)

When they used the Media as a weapon to engage in fear-mongering 24/7, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took the Fourth of July from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took Halloween from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took Thanksgiving from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took church from us, it wasn’t about a virus.

When they took graduations from us, it wasn’t about a virus.

When they took our jobs from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took our small businesses from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took our childrens’ schools from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took movie theaters from us,  it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took our parks from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took our Oceans from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took Little League from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took ball games from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took concerts from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took our safety from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took our security from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took our peace from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

When they took our communities from us, it wasn’t about the virus.

They’ve taken many things that we hold dear. It isn’t about the virus.

They’re trying to keep us in fear.

They’re trying to break our spirit.

They are trying to destroy our nation.

They are trying to destroy our past.

They’re trying to destroy the world’s economy.

They’re trying to make all of us dependent on the State.

They are trying to take our future from us.

They are trying to take control of us  – all of us.

This isn’t about the virus.

This is an attempt to create a New World Order.

Don’t cooperate. We’ll never get back what we let them take from us.

It’s time to stop cooperating with them, and it’s time to arrest those who are responsible.

Joe Biden takes his orders from someone. Who is it?

Gavin Newsom takes his orders from someone. Who is it?

Andrew Cuomo takes his orders from someone. Who is it?

Nancy Pelosi takes her orders from someone. Who is it?

Fauci, the CDC, Gates and the WHO all take their orders from someone. Who is it?

They’re all taking their orders from someone. Who is it?

Biden, Newsom, Cuomo, Pelosi. Gates, Fauci and the other Democrats need to be held accountable and they need to pay for their crimes.

We’ll deal with their bosses next.

And now there is the massive voter fraud.

This has gone on long enough.

That’s a fact…

These people need to pay for their crimes and it needs to happen now.


I refuse to buy from Globalist stores anymore. You know who they are. Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Google, Lowe’s, Home Depot and many more. They are all owned by wealthy families whose names we are all familiar. The Rothschilds, the Getty’s, the Bush family, the Rockefellers and now Zuckerberg and the Twitter CEO (Jack something) have joined these wealth-hoarding wannabe Dictators.

It’s the wealthy Globalists who are behind this attack on America. The Bilderberg Group – look it up – has been behind every major war and conflict in modern history on the planet, including trying to take over the world using Adolf Hitler. Now they’ve taken over the Mainstream Media (bought every major American broadcasting company and Hollywood production company in order to control the narrative and manipulate public opinion in order to sell viewers on Socialism, lead people away from God by demonizing Christians and destroy the American Family which holds this nation together). They’re still at it, and America and Americans and our 80 million gun owners and 400 million guns are the only thing in the way of their UN One World Government dictatorship.

THIS was what they thought was their final push… but NOOOooo… Donald TRUMP the AMERICAN PATRIOT PRESIDENT and his PATRIOT SUPPORTERS – you and me – are in the freaking way. They OWN the Media and they OWN the Democrats and they OWN virtually every major industry that provides essential goods to to the First World nations. This is why they’re trying to BREAK the USA and make America like a Third World nation – dirt poor, homeless and reliant on THEM. They want to rule the world. THAT is their plan for us.

These lunatic families created the United Nations for this purpose… and the World Bank and the World Health Organization. These families have been patiently working on their plan for 100 years to create a worldwide dictatorship – the UN calls it a “One World Government”- but make no mistake, it’s not going to be a Democracy.

THAT is why DemocRATS are shutting down small businesses but not THEIR businesses. They want your business to fail, your bank account to empty and the NWO wants you to become reliant on THEM. THAT is their plan for all of us.

Now perhaps you’ll understand how important Donald Trump is this War against America. Trump sees the NWO. He’s been watching them like many of us have been watching the NWO for 30 years. That’s why Trump ran for President in 2016. If Hillary and the RATS had won that election, America would look like Portland and many of us Patriots and our families would be dead by now.

Fight for your freedom like your life depends on it, Americans, because YOUR life and your CHILDREN’S and GRANDCHILDREN’S lives – the ENTIRE WORLD’S lives depend on America SURVIVING and THRIVING.

No, it’s not a “conspiracy theory”. They taught TV viewers to think that by saying it over and over and over until you finally believed that it’s all “a conspiracy theory”. Whenever someone refers to their CONSPIRACY against the entire WORLD, they’ve used their puppets at CNN, ABC and the other American fake news shows to say “another conspiracy theory”so you would have no idea what these insane wealth-hoarders are up to, and EVERYONE in the world is depending on US to WIN THIS WAR. Let’s not let the World down… and let’s not let OUR CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN and OURSELVES down.

Christian Warrior Patriots know “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us”. Partnering with others who may not know Him yet will only STRENGTHEN this effort. F (forget) the NWO. F the Globalists. F the Democrats. Long live the USA. 🇺🇸

*No conspiracy theories were used to produce this message. Nothing but the facts, ma’am. Nothing but the facts and the straight up, unrelenting, certifiable, undeniable God’s-honest Truth. 🇺🇸🙏🏻