September 20, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher at AmericanNation.net – From AParallelSociety.com, American Nation’s newest website ~ 

It is the single-most biggest mass change in Mankind’s history, and it is extreme, but it simply had to happen. It was inevitable, in fact, that healthy Mankind would one day abandon the corrupt, degenerate system that wealthy Pedophiles have hijacked from all of us, and create this new “parallel society”.

I’m talking about disconnecting from the sick, intrusive, privacy-violating Globalist system and creating our own “parallel society”, like we’re doing right now.

At last, the NWO Banker-controlled system is caving in under the immense weight of the almost unbelievable years of corruption, deception, pure Evil and years of false media narratives they’ve pushed on unsuspecting, all-too-trusting mainstream media viewers.

Welcome to A PARALLEL SOCIETY, where God matters, family and children are protected, people are kind (and well-armed) and where the US Constitution is still the law of the land!

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From AmericanNation.net, AParallelSociety.com and sister-site ParallelCulture.net just landed on the internet today, September 19th, 2021.

AParallelSociety.com will focus primarily on the NWO Communist Globalists, their published plan which many media watchers believe is a “conspiracy theory”, how far along the NWO is in the implementation of their plan and what faithful attorneys, like Judicial Watch and “Release the Kraken” attorney Sidney Powell, are doing about this assault on virtually every Constitutional right Americans have. In short, AParallelSociety.com will focus on “Who” has been attacking Americans and America, and “What” those people have been doing exactly, to try to take our magnificent country down.

Sister site ParallelCulture.net focus more on what Americans are doing in response to the overt attacks on our culture, our supply line, our mental health and our election process. The short answer is that ParallelCulture.net will address the ways Americans are choosing to disconnect from the NWO Banker-run system, such as closing their bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards and using cash and/or independent digital currency, abandoning their Microsoft and Apple operating systems for systems independent of globalist corporations (free open source operating systems such as Haiku, ReactOS and many more), closing their Gmail, Google and Yahoo accounts and abandoning Apple iPhones for independent-made phones which don’t stalk you or track you or document everything you say or do on your Smartphones,

So check back because we will let you know how America is disconnecting from this sick and evil NWO Banker-controlled society, and what America is doing in order to be free and private again. We will be presenting the best, most popular alternative lifestyle choices in chemical-free food, independent transportation, safe non-stalking communication tools (privacy phones, texting devices, browsers, etc.), and much more as healthy Americans abandon the shallow, violent, unhealthy, degenerate and now-deadly Globalist culture forced upon us by the criminal NWO Bankers, globalist corporations, Democrats, Anarchists, Pedophile Child Sex Traffickers and Arsonists who all appear to AN staff to be associated with the Rothschild/Rockefeller NWO Cabal.

More coming soon…


September 12, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher at AmericanNation.net ~ It’s called “The Most Important Video?” for good reason: The COVID fraud has been discovered and the true agenda – Genocide – has been uncovered.

More information can be found at https://vaccineliberationarmy.com/2021/09/11/fauci-hospital-protocol-remdesivir-study-killing-patients/

Pay attention, write information down as you watch, and share this critical information with your friends and family. Time is of the essence.


September 10, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher at AmericanNation.net ~ Anthony Fauci put a Remdesivir COVID medication protocol in place worldwide that he claimed successfully saved lives during the Ebola outreak in Africa. Many American hospitals quickly began obediently administering the medication Remdesivir to their COVID patients.

But a quick check on his claims reveal the opposite is true; the CDC/NIH medication protocol that Fauci directed hospitals nationwide to follow was actually a complete failure during the Ebola outbreaks in Africa, killing most of the Ebola patients to which it was administered. It appears that Fauci implemented that protocol here in the USA which was designed to kill COVID patients, not save them. See video below.

Reality Check

September 10, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher at AmericanNation.net ~ It is completely off limits by the Rockefeller Media corporations. They won’t allow the word to be used by any of their Mainstream Media “news” corporations or affiliates, and with good reason: THEY were the one’s who were behind the 1930’s/1940’s Genocide and the attempt to take over the world.

We’re talking about the word “Nazi”. (More information on this “Nazi” phenomenon can be found on an earlier AmericanNation article here – https://americannation.net/2021/09/10/the-nazis-are-back/).

The “Mainstream Media”, aka Rockefeller Media Corporations, refuse to use the word or even make a reference to “the Nazi’s”, and with good reason.  The NWO (Deep State Bilderberg Group and NWO Bankers) – the uber-wealthy Rothschild and Rockefeller families, appear to be ‘the tip of the spear’ – appear to be dictating the entire public narrative to all of their propaganda “news” corporations worldwide (Associated Press, CBS, ABC, CNN, USA Today, NY Times, Apple, Yahoo, Google, etc), and also to the global hospital corporation/system which the Bilderbergs may control as well, and to the globalist Bilderberg owned/controlled Big Box corporations (WalMart, Home Depot, Target, etc), who all operate and cooperate with the official script dictated by the Rothschild/Bilderberg Group empire with fake mask protocols, making it appear that the whole world is serious about this supposed “Pandemic”. But it’s not that. It’s one group of wealthy people, throwing their weight around in their attempt to bring the entire planet to it’s knees so that all of the nations beg for help, which the Rothschild family is already prepared to offer. It’s a scam.

This is not a “conspiracy theory” like the Rockefeller controlled MSM keeps telling viewers. This is a conspiracy against all of Mankind and Bilderberg President (deceased) David Rockefeller bragged openly about their plan to rule the world, stating “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order”. So they created the illusion of “the right crisis”, but intelligent people see that it’s nothing but a scam.

No longer do they brag about their plan to take control of the world, however. That is, no longer do the Bilderberg’s brag about their plan to (a) use the United Nations as a cloak while they (b) create a “one world government” (OWG, a Communist dictatorship) under which the wealthy elite would be Dictators. Not only do the Bilderbergs not brag about their plan, as David Rockefeller did until his death in 2017, the Rockefeller media empire now refuses to even mention their plan, even as it is unfolding more and more clearly each day.

More information on this “Nazi” phenomenon can be found on an earlier AmericanNation article here – https://americannation.net/2021/09/10/the-nazis-are-back/ – including the similarities between the Rockefeller media propaganda campaign in Europe and Germany during the 1930’s and ’40’s and the Rockefeller media propaganda campaign going on in America right now.

Click image to see “The Nazi’s Are Back” article


September 4, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher at AmericanNation.net ~The similarities are both shocking and undeniable. Make no mistake about this, according to our research, the Nazis are back and they are in your house. The Nazi’s (Rockefeller media) are still running the global “Mainstream Media”, just like they did in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and now they have a new target: healthy, innocent Americans.

Using the virtually complete control of the monopoly media empire of the Rockefeller family-owned popular radio, newspaper and magazines which were the ‘mainstream media’ of the day to brainwash the German & European population into hating Jews,  the United States and the British military finally intervened on these atrocities and put an end to this attempt to take over and rule the world, and saved remaining Jews from the gas chambers and death camps which the Nazis had established throughout Europe.

Criminal pharmaceutical company Pfizer was given FDA approval for their mRNA Injection recently, but the trials/testing don’t end until 2023, so why the hasty ‘approval’ of a drug cocktail that hasn’t been tested?

Today, a similar effort to brainwash the population is taking place in American homes across the nation. The Mainstream Media is being used to foster hatred and animosity toward one group of innocent American people, using the Mainstream Media to convince unsuspecting viewers that innocent people are “a danger to society”, just as the media did in Nazi-governed Germany in the 1930’s. The Biden Adminsurrection has also begun to threaten to put innocent people in internment camps, to tear people from their families and isolate them from other Americans. Sound familiar? That’s because it is familiar.

SIMILARITIES TO NAZI GERMANY IN AMERICA TODAY ~ In the 1930’s and 1940’s, the wealth-hoarding Rothschild family was instrumental in helping Racist/Bigot Jew-Hater Adolph Hitler rise to power in Germany and then commit Genocide against innocent Jewish people, murdering more than 6 million innocent people of Jewish descent. Another familiar name, the Rockefeller family, had already built their empire of newspaper, radio and magazines into what is now known as “The Mainstream Media”, and had began working with the Rothschilds to use their newspaper, magazine and radio empire to wage a radical public propaganda hate campaign in the mainstream media and Liberal colleges, designed to foster fear, distrust and hatred for Jews, teaching listeners and readers that Jews were dangerous and not to be trusted, and it worked.

The German people eventually believed the daily hate propaganda, subjected to an ongoing daily propaganda Media campaign via radio, newspapers and magazines which were largely-owned by the Rockefeller family, effectively culminating in the demonization and near-total isolation of Jews from German society in which many Germans participated, obediently turning in their Jewish friends and neighbors to the government for deportation from their communities.

What’s different in today’s Rockefeller media? Not much. Those who pay attention are seeing their Liberal friends, co-workers and family members begin to openly demonize healthy Americans right now, blaming them for “Covid deaths”, which is a lie, but it’s the lie being told by the Rockefeller media thousands of times a day using their fake news corporations as a weapon to incite viewers to hatred, just like they did to the Germans in the 1930’s and 40’s, this time inciting hatred and violence toward their innocent, healthy, less fearful neighbors.

Someone needs to investigate this Rockefeller media and investigate why many “news” viewers have become so hateful and openly hostile toward healthy friends, family members and co-workers, even people they’ve never even met. The phenomenon called “Media-Induced Psychosis” (MIP) raged across Europe 80 years ago, resulting in the demonization of innocent people of Jewish descent and the social approval of more than 6 million murders of innocent people, and now we’re seeing MIP rearing it’s ugly head again across America, demonizing innocent people who aren’t willing to allow this hostile government to inject them with what’s being called an “experimental” injection which modifies and manipulates one’s delicate and very important immune system.

There’s a pattern here… and the Rockefeller family is at the heart of it… again.

The US Government and many other governments worldwide are openly violating the Nuremberg Code by coercing citizens into taking an injection they don’t want, threatening to withhold food, medications and now threatening to fire any federal employee who refuses to allow this hostile government to inject them with their mRNA Injection. Who is going to file charges against the US Government? Who is going to protect American citizens from this radical terrorist government?

This IS The Plan 2

This Biden Adminsurrection is hands-down the most evil presidential administration in American history. They aren’t even trying to hide it, anymore.

Several things are crystal clear now:

  1. It is the Democrat Party who start wars in other countries. Trump, the Outsider, brought peace to the Middle East, and the NWO Democrat Party and fake President Rothschild started up the war again just as soon as their stolen election and the NWO Communist Occupation of Washington DC were complete. The Democrat Party are the War Mongers who start wars in the Middle East, who invade Middle Eastern nations and who appear to work for those who are responsible for every major military conflict and war on this planet for more than 100 years, who own the Military Industrial Complex: the NWO Bilderberg Group, who are wealthy Globalists, which includes the uber-wealthy Rothschild and Rockefeller families, the British Royal family, and anti-American/Depopulation advocates like Billionaires Bill Gates, George Soros, Bill & Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and many more who are equally dark, godless and evil.
  2. Trump was in the way of THIS plan and we are all seeing that scenario play out right now, which is the complete takeover of the US Government by NWO Globalists, and ultimately, we suspect, Genocide against the vast majority of the world’s population. The Bilderberg’s have talked openly for decades about their plan to rule the world through a United Nations-led “one world government”, which would be their dictatorship. Former Bilderberg Group Chairman (deceased) David Rockefeller bragged openly, many times over the years, about using “the right crisis”, to take down the world. (A simple search using Duckduckgo privacy search engine will show you some of those quotes).  The United States of America is the only nation standing in the way of this NWO Globalist plan for world domination, with our 80 million gun owner Patriots and our 390 million guns… Oh, and our formidable, undefeatable American Spirit.

The NWO Child Abduction/Child Sex Trafficking ring which was discovered when Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for the second time, was managed (probably still is) by Jeffrey Epstein, and over the past 5 years, President Trump’s task force has successfully found and secured freedom for thousands of abducted children who were being held against their will, drugged and used as sex slaves for the Elite (Bill Clinton was on the Epstein Island flight list 27 times) and the abducted children have also been terrorized relentlessly in order to harvest a hormone called Adrenochrome, which is naturally produced by a human being’s body when experiencing extreme fear or terror. It’s reported by Adrenochrome users that children produce a much stronger, more concentrated Adrenochrome than older adults.

Independent investigations have concluded that those responsible for these crimes have harvested Adrenochrome from the children they’ve  abducted and terrorized and inject it into their own bodies for its intoxicating effects. Many of the wealthy, godless Pedophile elite may have become addicted to Adrenochrome, abducting, raping and terrorizing young children for decades, but these unthinkable crimes were only recently discovered when Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for the second time. Ongoing investigations will surely reveal more.

President Trump was the first US President to investigate this Child Abduction Sex Trafficking ring and our investigations have concluded that this is why (a) The NWO Globalists turned the entire Mainstream Mainstream Media against President Trump while the Democrat Party leaders charged President Trump with many false allegations and fake crimes in order to try to destroy his reputation and assassinate his character, efforts which all failed. Many Americans suspect that’s why the NWO released this germ warfare on America and on the entire world, which is causing respiratory failure in many people who  are exposed to this awful, man-made laboratory-produced virus.

According to our research, all of the events which began after President Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election appear to  stem from the discovery of that global child abduction/sex trafficking ring and AN research has concluded that this may be why they released this germ warfare on America and the world, which is causing respiratory failure in many of the people who are exposed. All of the bizarre events since 2017 appear to stem from the discovery of that child abduction/child sex trafficking ring.

Red Shoes Club members

The child abductions and terrorizing of young children by the wealthy Elite appears to have been going on for decades. Those involved in these atrocities and child murders even have a club called “The Red Shoes Club”, in which these sick Pedophiles identify to one another as members.

Again, a simple search on DuckDuckGo will give you many links to this Pedophile “club” including well-known public figures who are members, unbelievably gory rituals and disgusting Pedophile artwork etc. 

Another story for another time.

From The Daily Caller

September 2, 2021 by AmericanNation.net Editor Don Cobb ~ My response to a great article on The Daily Caller this morning by Writer VICTOR DAVIS HANSEN: “There’s A Problem In The Upper Reaches Of Our Military”

“Your article is spot on, sir. Many of us Americans are ignoring our delusional Leftist Hater neighbors and we’ve stopped watching NWO-owned Fake News shows a long time ago. However, we watched the Pelosi-orchestrated Antifa fake riot on January 6th when Patriots showed up to demand accountability from Congress and the Electoral College Electors and were met by the most obviously staged “riot” in our nation’s history.

We saw the 5 years of coordinated messaging from the NWO Propaganda Terrorist Media, making it clear that every Rockefeller-owned Mainstream Media network were no longer engaging in honest investigative reporting but were all getting the same daily script and simply doing what they’re told in exchange for a paycheck. The Mainstream Media is clearly compromised now.

California fires started in 2017, right after President Trump took office (what a coincidence), and these annual fires are being called “Fire Season” now, when this This lifelong California native knows that CA has had NO fires like these until President Trump beat the massive Democrat Party voter fraud effort of 2016, just like he did in 2020.

NWO Democrats are terrorizing California just like they’re terrorizing the nation with MSM 24/7 fear-mongering over a virus with a 99.98% survival rate. Our government has been seriously compromised and every intelligent American sees it. 

We all had hope that Trump had initiated the Insurrection Act and turned our country over to the Military before the stolen election but it appears not to have happened, and now the Military is clearly compromised like the FBI, CIA, FDA, FCC, NSA, the Department of Education and many other government agencies, as well as the CDC and the World Health Organization.

We get it that the NWO Globalists who own the Military Industrial Complex (manufacture tanks, artillary, fighter jets, all major war weapons) want Americans to rise up and defend our country so they’ll have an excuse for shooting American Patriots, and therein lies the rub. We’re damned if we defend ourselves and we’re damned if we don’t.

I suspect that American Patriots will, indeed, rise up against these NWO Banker Globalist Infiltrators at some point, if this Communist oppressive behavior continues because real Americans (a) are crystal clear that the Democrat Party has been compromised and is now working for the NWO Globalist Bankers and (b) many Americans and Military Veterans have the courage to fight to protect our liberty and freedom for our children, grandchildren, our families and ourselves.

We have little hope left that anyone is going to save us now. Americans are going to live free or die, and like Trump said, “It’s going to get very very bad, and then it’s going to get very very good.”… but not without a lot of innocent American men, women and children’s bloodshed and at the cost of a lot of brave American Patriots’ lives.

“Live free or die” is the very foundation of the American Spirit and it’s the courageous attitude upon which every Americans’ freedom and Liberty were first established, and it is that attitude which will continue to keep our nation free. Without the courage to fight for our precious freedom, we will surely lose it. It seems, perhaps, that we already have lost it.

Again, great article today. I’m posting this letter on my website at AmericanNation.net this morning, including a link to your Daily Caller article. 

Be blessed and be a blessing.

In His service and yours,

Don Cobb, Editor

This IS The Plan

Everything the Mainstream Media tells you is a lie. There isn’t a single media narrative taking place right now that is 100% true because the media is owned by New World Order Globalists and the Globalists have an agenda called “one world government“ (OWG), which is another way to say “global dictatorship”.

The lying fake news media keeps saying “poor planning on Bidens part” but that’s another lie. Bringing these terrorist “refugees“ to America was the plan all along. The Democrats are America’s enemies.… And this is WAR.

The ungodly-wealthy Rothschild and Rockefeller families have been working on that OWG for generations. The only thing standing in their way today is the USA and the 379 million guns we 80 million gun owners own.

COVID-19 is not a virus. It is a set of symptoms, And it is such a long set of symptoms that if you have allergies, muscle aches from gardening, making love or jogging or even just a common cold, you’re accused of having COVID-19 and your employer will insist that you go get tested… again.

They are terrorizing you with the common cold now. The variants are all imaginary, made-up names with which to keep you afraid. These NWO people are so desperate to get this mRNA injection into your body that they have now told private corporations to threaten to fire you if you don’t get it.

This is war, my fellow Americans, and it’s time that we Americans fight back.


Attention, Commies aka Liberals aka Democrats:

     We all have what’s known as “Civil Rights” and “the right to self-determination” without some government, clowns or Communists trying to tell us what “experimental” medical procedures that you think we “need to take”. And guess what – We are not responsible for your safety, no matter how many times the fake news TV shows tell you that we are responsible for your safety. YOU are responsible for your safety and WE are responsible for our safety, and never the twain shall meet. The Propaganda Terrorist Media is lying to you every day and intelligent people can spot Liars immediately. Low intelligence folks can’t tell the difference between a convincing Liar and a Truthteller.
     You live your life and we’ll live our lives. If you’re that afraid of people, then stay home and wear your mask 24/7. We will live however we decide to live our lives, and we don’t need your advice about anything. With all due respect, people like you who are so delusional that you believe men are women and women are men are NOT qualified to give anyone Life advice.
     DEMONIZING THE PRO-CHOICERS ~ In the early 1940’s, the Rothschild and Rockefeller families began working with German President Adolph Hitler, waging a Demonization Program in which Jews were made the target of a mass media propaganda hate campaign. Jews were portrayed as evil and untrustworthy in newspapers and radio shows, and the German people believed the Racist propaganda, experiencing mass, collective Media-Induced Psychosis, brainwashed by the steady stream of propaganda and psychological warfare techniques practiced by the Rockefeller Propaganda Media.
     Many Germans began to hate the Jews, solely because they were being demonized by the Rockefeller-owned German Mainstream Media in an ongoing, 24/7 Hate Campaign, demonizing Jews 365 days a year.  German television viewers eventually became Racists and “Jew Haters”, then evolving into “Jew Hunters”, reporting their Jewish neighbors to the Police, simply for being Jewish.  This Racist Hate campaign in Germany in the 1940’s looked very much like the Hate campaign  currently being waged by the Rockefeller Corporation Media against American fake news show viewers for the past 18 months, using psychological warfare techniques on viewers and pumping fear-mongering hateful messaging to a viewership who still believes the Media BS is true.
     What we’re seeing today, the Hate being directed through the television screen, aimed at Americans who have decided to make their own medical decision, not willing to let the Media or this corrupt and illegitimate government tell them what will be injected into their bodies, it’s nothing new to the Rothschild family or the Rockefeller family.
     Our decades long research has concluded that both families engaged in the same kind of propaganda campaign to demonize the Jews as they are doing right now to demonize unvaccinated Americans. Same psychological terrorism techniques with the same mass psychosis results. Same mass hysteria over lies and propaganda, this time streaming into homes of American fake news viewers, now hopelessly brainwashed by ongoing, 24/7 propaganda and psychological abuse, weaved together for exactly this result.
     American Nation staff wonder why the Journalists” – and we use the term loosely, none of these NWO-owned fake news show hosts are Journalists anymore – haven’t investigated these two wealthy, influential and controlling families, families which have been responsible for the assassinations of so many influential and patriotic Americans like President John F Kennedy and his brother Robert, and the man who was single-handedly bringing the brotherhood of races together in a way which had never been done before, Martin Luther King Jr. The Mainstream Media, owned by the Rockefeller Corporation, hasn’t done squat to investigate these evil families.
     Instead, we’ve had to do our own investigations, with countless results across the past few decades by thousands of investigators who have all concluded the same thing: The Rothschild and Rockefeller families are the tip of the spear of Evil on this planet and always have been for the past more than 100 years. All evidence available to AN staff has concluded that Covid Terrorism is a NWO creation, well thought out in much detail, except for one thing: The facts don’t support the intense media fear-mongering. With a 99.98% survival rate, this contrived “Covid” terrorism campaign is a complete and obvious fraud… except to those who have trustingly tuned in to a Rockefeller media fake news show, day after day, mornings and at night, subjecting themselves to the psychological terrorism that stations like CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and the other “Mainstream Media” fake news show broadcasts, from the same identical script, saying the same identical phrases, over and over and over until the gullible viewers actually believe what the NWO fake news propaganda is telling them to believe every day.
     ABOUT YOUR SHAMING AND BLAMING ~ We know a good solution for your Agoraphobia: Stay home, watch the lying NWO propaganda media every day, wear your masks in your houses and order food from Safeway! You can’t control us and obviously you can’t even control yourselves. It is CRAZY that you think you have a say about our medical decisions. You don’t.
     Wake up, and good luck with your choice to be part of the “Experiment” that we want no part of. That is our choice. Oh, and turn off your TV… you’re embarrassing yourself here.

The Smart Americans

An Open Letter to Donald Trump Jr This Morning

Donald Trump Jr., bless his heart, emailed me this morning to ask me: “What do I tell my father?” Here is my reply, in no uncertain terms:

Dear Don,

Tell your father that Conservative Americans are waiting for Republicans to RESTORE OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT to his RIGHTFUL PLACE as President of the United States, and until Republicans DO THAT, we won’t be donating even 1 RED CENT to ANY Republican candidate.
Don, you can also tell your father that Conservative Americans SAW Republicans DO NOTHING TO STOP the 2020 MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD and CO-CONSPIRE TO OVERTHROW the duly-elected PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and that we will NOT BE VOTING IN ANY ELECTIONS UNLESS/UNTIL the 2020 election is RESOLVED and OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP is back in the White House where he BELONGS.
Republicans will not get 1 RED CENT & Americans will not CAST EVEN ONE VOTE until you f’ing Republicans RESOLVE THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, ARREST the NWO DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS who STOLE that election and HOLD MILITARY TRIBUNALS to determine ALL of their CRIMES AND PUNISHMENT.
Got all that, Don?! Let me know if you or your father (our DULY-ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES who is in EXILE right now) have any questions.
In His service and yours,
Pat Riot, Publisher


In His service and yours,
Pat Riot, Publisher
So, what do you think? Do you think I was clear? Should I have been more forthright? I think it was fine, too. God bless you, my fellow Americans, and God bless these United States of America. Until our President is restored…