From Socialist Media 5/31/2021

Canada is down. The NWO Communists – the Bilderberg Group, the Rothschild and Rockefeller families, Soros, Gates, Fauci, Pelosi & the Democrats, et al, appear to be working on taking down California now.

“Systemic Racism” is another politically motivated, made-up bullcrap term. It only exists within the globalist corporations who are pushing these lies about “Systemic Racism”.

It’s all bullcrap, driven by the Rockefeller’s Terrorist Media, scaring and confusing the most gullible and ignorant folks to death. Their lives are effectively over now. They’ll never recover from the Media-Induced Psychosis from which they suffer. PTSD will follow them the rest of their lives. They’ll never be the same. They are so afraid, and so convinced that you and I are their enemy, which is absurd. The Enemy told them that, tens of thousands of times in so many ways, 24/7, in print and on TV, over the past 15 months to 5 years.

It’s a crime, how these people have been terrorized by this Terrorist Media. Those who know their history know that the Rockefeller and Rothschild families did the same thing to the Germans in the 40’s, using their media as a weapon to convince folks that lies were true. We know how that turned out, and the same families are up to the same tricks… only they are here now.

The good news is that Germans didn’t have 80 million gun owners or 349 million guns like America has. It’s getting worse in California. The Racism has been driven through the roof, and the more ignorant and gullible folks believe there is “Systemic Racism”, which really only exists within the corporations who are pushing these claims of “Systemic Racism”. Only Racists see Racists everywhere.

The rest of us are gathering now, privately, and discussing what we will all do about this takeover of our government. Americans have never lost a war, and we don’t intend to start now. 🇺🇸

More on the Bilderberg Group

May 29, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher of ~ In our observation, the Terrorist Media won’t talk about them. They own Hollywood and the Terrorist Media and virtually all essential businesses that the First World uses. They only seem to care about wiping out 7 billion of us, ruling the Pedophile World they’re trying to create and rewriting History to call themselves Heroes. We’re talking, of course, about the Bilderberg Group.

Unfortunately (for them), these Globalist’s first wave of Population Control vaXXines is killing (mostly) Leftists, giving America a HIGHER percentage of strong PATRIOTS, Christians and people of faith with MORE resolve and LESS fear, making the USA even MORE fearless, courageous and determined to fight for our precious Liberty, freedom and our GOD-given right to self-determination.

This vaXX is just their FIRST PASS this round (Black Plague, Measles, Smallpox, Polio, AIDS, Bird Flu are all suspected Rothschild/Bilderberg attempts to wipe out the “little people”). They aren’t done with this round yet. The Bilderberg’s won’t stop their “Population Control” efforts until (a) they are successful at reducing the Earth’s population by 7 billion or (b) THEY are stopped.

Hiding in plain sight… and the media covers up for them while the People of the World continue to do NOTHING to defend ourselves. Unfreakingbelievable.

It’s not a “conspiracy theory”, and you either see it or you don’t. It is a conspiracy against all of Mankind by the sickest most sociopathic group of Godless Pedophile sickos the world has ever seen.

We will keep educating and informing people until they come after us, and then we will continue educating, informing people and exposing this sick Evil group who are the sole cause of global starvation, hatred, Racism, wars and dismay on Earth, for as long as we are still breathing.

And we are raising up the next generation of faith-filled, God-fearing, courageous, loving warrior Patriots as we model what ‘fighting for your liberty and freedom’ looks like.

We know what God’s Word says about these ungodly people and the future, but it doesn’t mean we have to accept the UN “One World Government” dictatorship. In fact, I guarantee you that this generation of Americans simply WILL NOT ACCEPT this world dictatorship being forced on the world right now. The Bilderberg’s will have to keep using their Terrorist Media network to brainwash the NEXT generation into believing Socialism is good, because Boomers know better.

Peace, for everyone. That is our goal. But disease and sickness must be removed before we will see peace on Earth. The worst virus on the planet right now is the Bilderberg Group and their Flunky Terrorists, the Democrat Party. Remove THAT virus from positions of influence and we will all have peace on Earth.

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NEW American Nation Homeschools

May 25, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher of ~ Great news about our newest endeavor called “American Nation Homeschool Network“! We are setting up a homeschool system that will allow children to get a healthy education, allow parents to go back to work and not have to worry about the Leftist Marxist, Racist Predators who have infiltrated government-run public schools and this will give Grandma and Grandpa and retired folks the opportunity to impact their own communities in a positive way and make some money working for 2-3 hours a day!

It is American Nation’s answer to the sickly public school Marxism and anti-American/anti-White Racist teachers who have taken over the Teacher’s unions and government-run public schools. We may have already discussed this on, but we will have more information soon at!

Praise God! Be excited! Our kids will be safe again and America has begun ridding itself of the creepy, godless, immoral people who are posing as “Teachers” in order to indoctrinate our children into their foolish Marxist beliefs!!!

Right-click to download file to put on your refrigerator. Let’s DO this!

What can YOU do? Plenty. Here is a great start.


May 22, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher of American Nation ~ I’ve been watching these Bilderbergs for 30 years (after I got sober). Nothing “theoretical” (“conspiracy theory” BS) about what they’re up to. We call it “The Bilderberg Conspiracy”. We know who they are – the worst offenders are the Rothschilds (Bankers), the

Some of the Bilderberg Group Conspirators/Co-Conspirators. Definitely not a “conspiracy theory”.

Rockefellers (own virtually the entire global Mainstream Media), the Royal Family (sorry, it’s true), the Wallenbergs and the list is long (Gates, Soros, Clintons, Bush family and more) with other wealthy European families… who intend to kill 7 billion people so they can have the planet to themselves. It is all laid out in the 1992 UN publication entitled “Agenda 21”. It’s all in there, but you have to read it in order to know what these psychotic globalist New World Order billionaire Population Control advocates are planning.

GOOD NEWS: We  understand there are ex-military worldwide already in motion to save Mankind. If there is anything I can do to help, I surely will. 

NOT a “conspiracy theory”

BACK TO THE BILDERBERG CONSPIRACY: They are dumping chemicals on us every day in California, denying us water and refusing to seed the clouds (for rain), clouds that we get every day here. NWO Bilderbergs and Democrats created what they’re calling a “Fire Season” in an ELECTION YEAR and people have just accepted it, not realizing “Fire Season” only started after Trump took office in 2017.

The Deep State has closed all the mental institutions and put the mentally ill on psychotropic medications and on the street, which, when these mentally ill people are denied medications or choose to stop taking their medications, these people literally lose their minds now. This is exactly how the Bilderberg’s planned this. Closing the federal mental institutions was just the first step in this insidious conspiracy against Mankind. 
This is war and many people are suffering from Media-Induced Psychosis (aka “Liberalism Disorder” and/or “Trump Derangement Syndrome”), and appear to be unable to turn off their TV’s now. The world is waiting for Americans to solve this for them, as usual, and Americans will surely save the day, eventually, and put an end to the Bilderberg Conspiracy. Every major war and conflict in the past 100 years was a Bilderberg War, like we saw after 4 years of people with Trump, suddenly Deep State Democrats are starting up the wars again.
The Bilderbergs stole the 2020 election and are now in control of our country. What would our Founders have done? That’s what we need to do now. Right now.


As a lifelong resident of Sonoma County California, I know that Sonoma County seasons were always clear and distinct – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Suddenly, our seasons have become mixed up, blended in with one another, and weather has become completely unpredictable and unusual. That’s a fact.

Some of us more clear-minded Americans, Conservatives and Patriots suspect we’re under attack here in California. We’re not sure why California has been singled out, but perhaps it’s because the Democrat Party voter fraud system has rendered CA a guinea pig for what is being planned nationwide. THAT is just a theory.

This attack is not just a theory or a suspicion; it’s an observation of facts. We will lay those facts out for you here, so you can stop the programmed responses that the Bilderberg Propaganda Media has taught you, to always call any reference to their Conspiracy a “conspiracy theory”. It’s not a “theory” when it’s happening right before your eyes… like Sonoma County’s fires and chemtrails.

These NWO Globalists are enemies of America.

You were taught to call the Bilderberg Conspiracy “a conspiracy theory” by the Bilderberg Propaganda Media. Did you know that? You’ve been groomed and trained for decades to respond to any reference to the Bilderberg Conspiracy by calling it, automatically in your mind, a “conspiracy theory”. The media programmed you to respond that way. Smart people don’t do that. Smart people look at the facts, and nothing but the facts, and here are some facts we’ve collected about Sonoma County under attack.

  1. This new “Fire Season”, that the NWO Propaganda Media keeps referring to, began in 2017, the year President Trump took office. That’s a fact.

    That’s when the first fires began, systematically running down Highway 101 from Cloverdale to Novato, while we all watched, and evacuated, at 1:30am. Fires don’t just “break out”, like the media keeps saying. Fires are started. And btw, PGE power lines are NOT falling down across California. That’s just the bulls*** story they’re using when the Bilderberg/Democrats send their Arsonists out into the forests and neighborhoods of California to start fires.

  2. There are airplanes flying overhead every day over Sonoma County which are leaving broad, white trails crisscrossing the sky, trails that do NOT dissipate like exhaust dissipates. That’s a fact.

    The trails left by the planes about Sonoma County spread out wider and wider over the course of the day as they eventually cover the county, while actual exhaust from planes will always disappear in a matter of minutes. Someone is paying to have something dumped on our county every day. That’s a fact. What is being dumped on us all is a mystery.

  3. Sonoma County has clouds in the sky most days. That’s a fact.

    The government tells us we’re experiencing a drought, yet none of the planes we see dumping over Sonoma County daily ever seed those clouds for rain. Why is that? Why aren’t those planes seeding clouds, instead of dumping unknown substances and/or chemicals on our county?  Some residents wonder if the substances they are dumping on our county are stopping the rainclouds from forming, and even wonder if perhaps the “drought” is intentional. We do know that aluminum is being dumped in the skies over America, because people have tested the air beneath these trails across the sky and among other things, aluminum – which causes Dementia and Alzheimer’s – is also a fire accelerant. A quick search using the Duckduckgo search engine will provide videos of those tests. Google scrubs much of the evidence, so we recommend using the DuckDuckGo search engine.

  4. The most brainwashed and programmed TV viewers have already decided that we are referring to another “conspiracy theory”, if they’ve even read this far. That’s a fact.

    Nonetheless, we won’t be quiet about these facts because we see these events unfolding every day. The politically correct thing to say about the fires that the Propaganda Media has dubbed California’s “Fire Season” is ‘nothing’. The politically correct thing to say about the dumping of substances above Sonoma County every day is ‘nothing’, too. Leftists/Liberals don’t talk about the Conspiracy. They’ve been groomed by TV programming not to.

    But THINKING people do not subscribe to Political Correctness, and strong Americans, people of courage do NOT say ‘nothing’ when Evil appears. Thinking People speak up, unafraid to say what they see and express their concerns, compare notes with other Thinking People, and we do not care what the Leftist PC Liberals say. We speak up because we care about our safety and yours, and we see Evil unfolding in many ways and many places in our nation over these past 5 years – since Trump took office, in fact.

    We at American Nation are sure that Leftist TV viewers have concluded that these are just “conspiracy theories”, these daily dumps of chemicals over Sonoma County, and the new “Fire Season” fires that only started after President Trump took office. We’re sure of that because we know that anyone who watches TV on a regular basis is being programmed to think these attacks are a “conspiracy theory”, when the facts prove they are not “theories” at all. The facts prove that there is, indeed, a Conspiracy taking place, right before our eyes.

    Turn off your TV and start talking with your Conservative/American/Patriot neighbors. America and Americans are awake now, and we’re about to take steps to secure our nation for us all, and for our posterity. Pray, pray, pray, pray and get ready for the ungodly Evil to continue to rear it’s ugly head.


Americans are facing a great challenge right now, and it’s definitely the greatest challenge our nation has faced since 1776. Our election system has been corrupted, allowing a Communist administration to literally take control of the US government for the first time in America’s 245 year history.

The challenge? Taking back control of our government. 

There is no question that the vast majority – 90-95% by our estimations – are so done with this Democrat Party/COVID Terrorism and the illegal occupation of the White House. The Propaganda Media likes to pretend “half of Americans are Liberals” but that is a blatant and boldfaced lie. Most Americans, and 90-95% of Americans are regularly reflected in truly independent polls, are not Liberal. They are faithful Americans, Patriots and Conservatives, and every American with a brain has had enough of this election year terrorism, fake germ warfare, TV terrorism and the biggest global scam of this century.

We all know the Democrats committed major and massive voter fraud and we know Democrats were responsible for the election year (what a coincidence!) COVID Scam and the terrorism, violence and looting in U.S. cities. What we’ve learned since then, however, is just how corrupt the Department of Justice is now, how compromised the FBI, NSA and CIA have become and how anti-American and Communist the Democrat Party is now, since the NWO *Bilderberg Group put Democrats on their payroll.

THIS is what Systemic Racism looks like.

The Race Card is just as much bulls*** as it’s ever been, and Americans recognize what a hoax this “Systemic Racism” really is. America and Americans are not Racist. This is the “Land of Opportunity” for any and all people, and BLM was never ‘about black people’. BLM is a terrorist organization, just like the Democrat Party’s Anarchist group called “Antifa”, and both terrorist groups work for the Democrat Party. The Bilderberg Group billionaires have bought up virtually all of Hollywood and it is reflected in the homosexual, Liberalism Disorder casting of new primetime TV shows and commercials now. Hollywood has been compromised, just like the DOJ, FBI, CIA and the Democrat Party, and Americans are done with this hateful, anti-American terrorist propaganda bulls***.

Many Americans had hoped that Trump had initiated the Insurrection Act, and rightly so, but as of May 20, 2021 there is no evidence that Trump signed the IA before he left office. That means that no one is coming to our rescue – not the Military, not another country and no miracles are expected at this point. Just like in 1776, Americans are going to have to solve this illegal takeover of the US Government on our own.

Are We the People up for it? With 80 million gun owners and 349 million guns across America in the hands of typically law-abiding citizens, the American People are the largest free-standing volunteer army on Earth. It may be the second time in world history that Americans need to overthrow a tyrannical government in order to secure our liberty and freedom for our posterity.

Here at American Nation, we believe Americans are up for it… and it’s not a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of survival. Americans have never lost a war, and this war won’t be any different. 

We have a saying around here, which we’ll soon be releasing as a big surprise. More on that later…

Systemic Racist Right Here

Irrefutable evidence concludes that blacks are the most Racist culture in America today, holding themselves separate from Whites, Asians and Hispanics, isolated in a sick and degenerate lifestyle, culture and communities which glorify drug dealers, racial hatred and objectifying and abusing women.

Watch Racist Black Entertainment Television, MTV and any other Leftist Hollywood POS prime time tv show. I’ve never seen any black public figure except Candace Owens and Dr Ben Carson speak out against these cultural failures – ever.

None of the black folks I know subscribe to that sick stereotype, but I’ve never heard them speak out against it or even acknowledge it, one way or another. Silence is approval.

Today on Socialist Media

He’s a senile old fool.

The reason they haven’t taken him down yet is obvious. She’s just a whore and nothing but a whore. She can’t even keep a straight face when she’s talking about someone’s death. She’s literally maniacal.

They will put it off as long as they can, until we all stop watching.

Broadsiding Big Corp

Many people are too busy these days, or too lazy, to be responsible for the information that sculpts/forms their beliefs. Big Corp set it up that way 100 years ago so that none of us would have time to keep our eyes on what they are doing because we became slaves to Big Corp.

We need to abandon the 40 hour a week work model so that we aren’t slaves to Big Corp anymore and so we have more time for our families and to research what Big Corp and politicians are really up to.

Now is the time to make that change. No more spending more time with the strangers you work with than the family you love.

With all of the lazy people choosing not to work because this Communist Insurgent government is paying them more to stay home, that makes us workers a more valuable commodity. We need to start asking our doctors to issue us prescriptions for a 32 hour week or a 30 hour week related to stress. If we all do it, Big Corp will have to comply.

Do it for your family or do it for yourself… but do it. Call your doctor today. Describe how your employer has piled work on you, because they’re doing it to all of us now, and how it’s stressing you out every day and you always feel like you need a vacation now. Ask your doctor to prescribe a reduced work week. Financially, you will figure it out. It’s worth it to spend more time with your family than you do with the (oftentimes) Liberal Numbnuts you work with.

Call your doctor right now to schedule an appointment. Do it. 🇺🇸

The Truth About C19

The truth is out there.” That’s what ‘they’ say, and it’s true, but it’s more than that. The Truth is readily available for anyone and everyone who wants to know the Truth, and many people don’t want to know the Truth. They want to believe the lying bullsh*t that the Rockefeller Media tells them every day, the lying BS that makes them feel like “Everything is fine.” and “Conspiracy Theorists are crazy”.

But are we crazy? And are we “Conspiracy Theorists”? Or are we Truthtellers who are exposing the Truth that this media and it’s Bilderberg Group owners are trying desperately to hide?

With control of the global *“Mainstream” Media, the Rockefeller family has been waging a propaganda campaign against all of Mankind for the better part of 100 years. The wealthy globalist Bilderberg Group has, indeed, collectively bought up many essential businesses worldwide, including many, if not virtually all, of the global **”news”/media outlets. They have controlled the public narrative – the conversation – for so long and yet have made themselves literally invisible to the public that the least informed citizens of the Earth don’t even know that they are there… which is exactly as the Bilderberg’s intended.

*No longer “mainstream”, but instead representative of a small group of wealthy globalists who own virtually the entire global **”news” reporting networks and who push a radical and hateful Leftist/Globalist agenda.

**No longer “news” or even “reporting”, but rather a hodge-podge combination of contrived opinion, gossip, character assassination and propaganda designed to manipulate pubic opinion and push the NWO agenda.

But they are there. They control virtually every major global corporation which supply essential goods like food, clothing, communications (web, TV, telecommunications, etc.), transportation, pharmaceuticals and the Bilderbergs clearly appear to have infiltrated the Democrat Party leadership, as well as the US government on virtually every level, including the FBI, DOJ, the NSA, the CIA and many members of Congress also appear to have been compromised and appear to be working for the Bilderberg Group.

The “Mainstream Media”, which really isn’t “mainstream” at all, was formerly comprised of respectable Journalists and investigative Reporters, but now have become little more than Gossipers, Fear-mongers and Propagandists, has been completely compromised now. After 5 years of concerted harrassment of the US President Donald Trump, the Bilderberg-controlled American supposedly “Mainstream Media” – ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, CNBC and CNN – has openly shown Americans that they are no longer investigative Reporters and are clearly no longer trustworthy.

Healthy Journalists don’t have or express opinions. Healthy Journalists keep an open mind and keep their opinions to themselves so that facts define a story in order for the Truth to be found during investigations. These Bilderberg Media talking heads are nothing more than paid agents of the Bilderberg Group who gossip and engage in character assassination of those who are not on the Bilderberg payroll and who don’t follow the NWO agenda. Real Journalists are now found in privately owned news organizations like the stellar investigative reporters of Epoch Times. NewsMax has risen up in favor of American viewers now as FOX fell to the Leftist grandsons who inherited control of the FOX Network when their Grandfather passed. Americans saw it immediately and abandoned FOX News for healthy American news organizations like NewsMax, One America News Network and Epoch Times.

Many Americans still don’t know who the Bilderberg Group is, or that members of the BG are responsible for every major war and conflict in the 20th century, including WWI and WWII. The Rothschild family controls the Industrial Military Complex, which is why wars began immediately after the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from President Trump. The Bilderbergs start wars because wars make money in the manufacturing of planes, guns, ammo, ships, etc. To these Bilderbergs, war is but a game, played with other people’s lives and blood. To us, war means losing our husbands, wives, children and grandchildren.

The Bilderbergs don’t care about you or your children. They care about money, power and control, and that is why we see so many people on medications, and that is why we see our cities being burned, false claims of Racism being used to divide Americans and it’s why we see the media being used as a weapon against the people of the United States of America.

Turn off your TV’s. That’s a big part of the terrorism going on right now. Even the CDC admits on their webpage that “less than 4% of all reported COVID deaths are actually due to COVID-19”, yet the media continues to act as if a virus with a 99.97% survival rate is the equivalent of Polio or Measles, which is a lie. The media is intentionally terrorizing viewers using fear-mongering reports, fear-mongering commercials and fake statistics. Turn off your TV and the terror stops. It’s your call.

FACT: Many cultures worldwide who have no TV access have no COVID-19 either. Think about that. COVID is definitely a fraud in many ways. From the initial intentional murders of elderly Care Home patients to the thousands of reports of family members dying of Cancer, heart attacks, auto accidents and other health issues and medical ailments completely unrelated to COVID which have ben reported as “death due to COVID-19”, the numbers are a fraud. Cases are a fraud. We know that to be a fact now, too, but the world, thanks to the Bilderberg Group, is so committed to the COVID scam that it continues today unabated, as the COVID lies continue and as the media desperately tries to scare people into taking an “experimental” mRNA injection which modifies genetic code in your body which has NOT been approved by the FDA.

All of this fear-mongering needs to stop. If you don’t turn on your TV, they can’t terrorize you. It’s that simple.