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September 2, 2021 by Editor Don Cobb ~ My response to a great article on The Daily Caller this morning by Writer VICTOR DAVIS HANSEN: “There’s A Problem In The Upper Reaches Of Our Military”

“Your article is spot on, sir. Many of us Americans are ignoring our delusional Leftist Hater neighbors and we’ve stopped watching NWO-owned Fake News shows a long time ago. However, we watched the Pelosi-orchestrated Antifa fake riot on January 6th when Patriots showed up to demand accountability from Congress and the Electoral College Electors and were met by the most obviously staged “riot” in our nation’s history.

We saw the 5 years of coordinated messaging from the NWO Propaganda Terrorist Media, making it clear that every Rockefeller-owned Mainstream Media network were no longer engaging in honest investigative reporting but were all getting the same daily script and simply doing what they’re told in exchange for a paycheck. The Mainstream Media is clearly compromised now.

California fires started in 2017, right after President Trump took office (what a coincidence), and these annual fires are being called “Fire Season” now, when this This lifelong California native knows that CA has had NO fires like these until President Trump beat the massive Democrat Party voter fraud effort of 2016, just like he did in 2020.

NWO Democrats are terrorizing California just like they’re terrorizing the nation with MSM 24/7 fear-mongering over a virus with a 99.98% survival rate. Our government has been seriously compromised and every intelligent American sees it. 

We all had hope that Trump had initiated the Insurrection Act and turned our country over to the Military before the stolen election but it appears not to have happened, and now the Military is clearly compromised like the FBI, CIA, FDA, FCC, NSA, the Department of Education and many other government agencies, as well as the CDC and the World Health Organization.

We get it that the NWO Globalists who own the Military Industrial Complex (manufacture tanks, artillary, fighter jets, all major war weapons) want Americans to rise up and defend our country so they’ll have an excuse for shooting American Patriots, and therein lies the rub. We’re damned if we defend ourselves and we’re damned if we don’t.

I suspect that American Patriots will, indeed, rise up against these NWO Banker Globalist Infiltrators at some point, if this Communist oppressive behavior continues because real Americans (a) are crystal clear that the Democrat Party has been compromised and is now working for the NWO Globalist Bankers and (b) many Americans and Military Veterans have the courage to fight to protect our liberty and freedom for our children, grandchildren, our families and ourselves.

We have little hope left that anyone is going to save us now. Americans are going to live free or die, and like Trump said, “It’s going to get very very bad, and then it’s going to get very very good.”… but not without a lot of innocent American men, women and children’s bloodshed and at the cost of a lot of brave American Patriots’ lives.

“Live free or die” is the very foundation of the American Spirit and it’s the courageous attitude upon which every Americans’ freedom and Liberty were first established, and it is that attitude which will continue to keep our nation free. Without the courage to fight for our precious freedom, we will surely lose it. It seems, perhaps, that we already have lost it.

Again, great article today. I’m posting this letter on my website at this morning, including a link to your Daily Caller article. 

Be blessed and be a blessing.

In His service and yours,

Don Cobb, Editor”

This IS The Plan

Everything the Mainstream Media tells you is a lie. There isn’t a single media narrative taking place right now that is 100% true because the media is owned by New World Order Globalists and the Globalists have an agenda called “one world government“ (OWG), which is another way to say “global dictatorship”.

The lying fake news media keeps saying “poor planning on Bidens part” but that’s another lie. Bringing these terrorist “refugees“ to America was the plan all along. The Democrats are America’s enemies.… And this is WAR.

The ungodly-wealthy Rothschild and Rockefeller families have been working on that OWG for generations. The only thing standing in their way today is the USA and the 379 million guns we 80 million gun owners own.

COVID-19 is not a virus. It is a set of symptoms, And it is such a long set of symptoms that if you have allergies, muscle aches from gardening, making love or jogging or even just a common cold, you’re accused of having COVID-19 and your employer will insist that you go get tested… again.

They are terrorizing you with the common cold now. The variants are all imaginary, made-up names with which to keep you afraid. These NWO people are so desperate to get this mRNA injection into your body that they have now told private corporations to threaten to fire you if you don’t get it.

This is war, my fellow Americans, and it’s time that we Americans fight back.


Attention, Commies aka Liberals aka Democrats:

     We all have what’s known as “Civil Rights” and “the right to self-determination” without some government, clowns or Communists trying to tell us what “experimental” medical procedures that you think we “need to take”. And guess what – We are not responsible for your safety, no matter how many times the fake news TV shows tell you that we are responsible for your safety. YOU are responsible for your safety and WE are responsible for our safety, and never the twain shall meet. The Propaganda Terrorist Media is lying to you every day and intelligent people can spot Liars immediately. Low intelligence folks can’t tell the difference between a convincing Liar and a Truthteller.
     You live your life and we’ll live our lives. If you’re that afraid of people, then stay home and wear your mask 24/7. We will live however we decide to live our lives, and we don’t need your advice about anything. With all due respect, people like you who are so delusional that you believe men are women and women are men are NOT qualified to give anyone Life advice.
     DEMONIZING THE PRO-CHOICERS ~ In the early 1940’s, the Rothschild and Rockefeller families began working with German President Adolph Hitler, waging a Demonization Program in which Jews were made the target of a mass media propaganda hate campaign. Jews were portrayed as evil and untrustworthy in newspapers and radio shows, and the German people believed the Racist propaganda, experiencing mass, collective Media-Induced Psychosis, brainwashed by the steady stream of propaganda and psychological warfare techniques practiced by the Rockefeller Propaganda Media.
     Many Germans began to hate the Jews, solely because they were being demonized by the Rockefeller-owned German Mainstream Media in an ongoing, 24/7 Hate Campaign, demonizing Jews 365 days a year.  German television viewers eventually became Racists and “Jew Haters”, then evolving into “Jew Hunters”, reporting their Jewish neighbors to the Police, simply for being Jewish.  This Racist Hate campaign in Germany in the 1940’s looked very much like the Hate campaign  currently being waged by the Rockefeller Corporation Media against American fake news show viewers for the past 18 months, using psychological warfare techniques on viewers and pumping fear-mongering hateful messaging to a viewership who still believes the Media BS is true.
     What we’re seeing today, the Hate being directed through the television screen, aimed at Americans who have decided to make their own medical decision, not willing to let the Media or this corrupt and illegitimate government tell them what will be injected into their bodies, it’s nothing new to the Rothschild family or the Rockefeller family.
     Our decades long research has concluded that both families engaged in the same kind of propaganda campaign to demonize the Jews as they are doing right now to demonize unvaccinated Americans. Same psychological terrorism techniques with the same mass psychosis results. Same mass hysteria over lies and propaganda, this time streaming into homes of American fake news viewers, now hopelessly brainwashed by ongoing, 24/7 propaganda and psychological abuse, weaved together for exactly this result.
     American Nation staff wonder why the Journalists” – and we use the term loosely, none of these NWO-owned fake news show hosts are Journalists anymore – haven’t investigated these two wealthy, influential and controlling families, families which have been responsible for the assassinations of so many influential and patriotic Americans like President John F Kennedy and his brother Robert, and the man who was single-handedly bringing the brotherhood of races together in a way which had never been done before, Martin Luther King Jr. The Mainstream Media, owned by the Rockefeller Corporation, hasn’t done squat to investigate these evil families.
     Instead, we’ve had to do our own investigations, with countless results across the past few decades by thousands of investigators who have all concluded the same thing: The Rothschild and Rockefeller families are the tip of the spear of Evil on this planet and always have been for the past more than 100 years. All evidence available to AN staff has concluded that Covid Terrorism is a NWO creation, well thought out in much detail, except for one thing: The facts don’t support the intense media fear-mongering. With a 99.98% survival rate, this contrived “Covid” terrorism campaign is a complete and obvious fraud… except to those who have trustingly tuned in to a Rockefeller media fake news show, day after day, mornings and at night, subjecting themselves to the psychological terrorism that stations like CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and the other “Mainstream Media” fake news show broadcasts, from the same identical script, saying the same identical phrases, over and over and over until the gullible viewers actually believe what the NWO fake news propaganda is telling them to believe every day.
     ABOUT YOUR SHAMING AND BLAMING ~ We know a good solution for your Agoraphobia: Stay home, watch the lying NWO propaganda media every day, wear your masks in your houses and order food from Safeway! You can’t control us and obviously you can’t even control yourselves. It is CRAZY that you think you have a say about our medical decisions. You don’t.
     Wake up, and good luck with your choice to be part of the “Experiment” that we want no part of. That is our choice. Oh, and turn off your TV… you’re embarrassing yourself here.

The Smart Americans

An Open Letter to Donald Trump Jr This Morning

Donald Trump Jr., bless his heart, emailed me this morning to ask me: “What do I tell my father?” Here is my reply, in no uncertain terms:

Dear Don,

Tell your father that Conservative Americans are waiting for Republicans to RESTORE OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT to his RIGHTFUL PLACE as President of the United States, and until Republicans DO THAT, we won’t be donating even 1 RED CENT to ANY Republican candidate.
Don, you can also tell your father that Conservative Americans SAW Republicans DO NOTHING TO STOP the 2020 MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD and CO-CONSPIRE TO OVERTHROW the duly-elected PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and that we will NOT BE VOTING IN ANY ELECTIONS UNLESS/UNTIL the 2020 election is RESOLVED and OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP is back in the White House where he BELONGS.
Republicans will not get 1 RED CENT & Americans will not CAST EVEN ONE VOTE until you f’ing Republicans RESOLVE THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, ARREST the NWO DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS who STOLE that election and HOLD MILITARY TRIBUNALS to determine ALL of their CRIMES AND PUNISHMENT.
Got all that, Don?! Let me know if you or your father (our DULY-ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES who is in EXILE right now) have any questions.
In His service and yours,
Pat Riot, Publisher

In His service and yours,
Pat Riot, Publisher
So, what do you think? Do you think I was clear? Should I have been more forthright? I think it was fine, too. God bless you, my fellow Americans, and God bless these United States of America. Until our President is restored…

Working For the Rothschild’s?

There is so much unhealthy food, chemicals, products, etc. allowed in our stores, approved by the Federal Agencies that are supposed to be serving us. We pay for these agencies, for the services they provide and we pay the employees who work for these agencies, and yet, the employees for many of America’s agencies act like they are our bosses, when the opposite is true. We, the Taxpayers, are their bosses, and frankly, the service we get from many of these agencies is so poor that many of them should be fired.

Jacob Rothschild, NWO Terrorist

The IRS is the most perfect example, in our collective opinion. The IRS isn’t serving the Taxpayers; the IRS is working for the Federal Reserve Bank, which is not a United States government-owned bank at all. The Federal Reserve is a private bank, owned by the Rothschild family. They created the IRS and We the People have a right to close the IRS as an agency hostile to Taxpaying Americans.

Granted, we should be doing our own research, to keep ourselves safe and our families safe and let our friends know what we discover isn’t safe… but who has the time? That’s why we pay for these government agencies to look out FOR us, right?

But these agencies all seem to be compromised now, paid off by someone with a hidden agenda. There are so many, I won’t even try listing them all – FBI, FCC, FDA, CIA, SCOTUS, NSA, POTUS, DOJ are a few, and so many more compromised agencies which are now working against their bosses  – We, the People are their bosses – because we pay these people and we are their bosses but they are working against us now.
Seems like we should fire them all before they try to pull another fast one on us and maybe try to inject us all with poison, or something. (sarc)

I need to look up “how to fire an entire government”, and explore the provisions our Founders included in our Constitution for such times as these – besides voting them out. We need to fire these compromised agency heads, before anyone else gets hurt. Wouldn’t you agree?

American Nation staff have been watching these NWO Communists (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, Gates, et al) closely for 30 years, since UN Agenda 21 was published in 1992, quietly, and with no media attention whatsoever. Here is our current assessment, compiled over that time:

The reason UN Agenda 21 got NO media coverage is because the NWO Rockefeller family owns virtually every global media outlet and the Rockefellers have given strict instructions to their media outlets never to mention their One World Goverment plan. Not only do the NWO Rothschilds and Rockefellers control the media narrative, but they dictate the script every day that all of their NWO media stations and their subsidiaries parrot. CBS, ABC, NBC, all formerly American-owned investigative news agencies which were independent of one another, were competitors 50 years ago, but now are part of the Rockefeller Media Monopoly. We don’t see ABC, NBC or CBS investigating anything but Donald Trump over the past 5 years. Clearly, those “news” agencies are no longer engaged in investigative reporting. Every NWO Democrat who commits a crime gets a pass from the Rockefeller Media – every time.

MSNBC, FOX, CNN, the New York Times and all of their affiliates all blabber the same script every day, dictated by the Rockefellers, who, by the way, are working with the Rothschilds right now in their collective effort to terrorize and brainwash television “news” viewers worldwide as they attempt to take down the United States of America.

Click for video

Nothing we’ve seen over the past 5 years has been actual “news”, in our observation. Popular opinion suggests that it has all been scripted and orchestrated by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, whose hidden agenda is that mention found in UN Agenda 21 called “One World Government”. AN staff suspects that everything you’ve seen the mainstream media do for the past 5 years, including ganging up on American Patriot President Donald Trump, the fires in California and along the entire West Coast, the BLM/Antifa riots in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, LA, New York City, and the massive, ongoing fraudulent “Covid-19” media terrorism campaign have all been scripted and carried out by paid employees of the NWO Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. None of it has happened by chance; it was all planned by these evil families who are Hell-bent on taking down the United States in order to take over the entire world and rule it via their UN “One World Government” plan.

In our assessment, the Democrat Party are clearly working for the Rothschilds and working with the Rockefellers to orchestrate media “stories” every day. It’s hard to believe that a major American political party would sell their country out to NWO Communists but that’s exactly what’s happened. Following their stolen 2020 Presidential election, the NWO Communist Democrats occupied Washington DC and now our entire government has been compromised.

Fortunately, we can count on our US Military to take down these Democrat Party Insurrectionists- but wait… The US Military have been compromised, and possibly paid off by the NWO.

Well, luckily, the Department of Justice will surely strike down every unlawful bill- but wait… The DOJ is compromised, too, likely paid off by the NWO.

Surely the FCC will take down these propaganda television stations and newspapers- but wait… The FCC is compromised too, and we suspect the FCC has been paid off by the NWO, as well.

Maybe the FBI or the CIA- but wait… both agencies have been compromised, as well, clearly not working for the American People any longer, and our investigation suggests that both the FBI and CIA have been paid off by the NWO.

As you can see, our investigations have concluded that virtually the entire US government has been compromised by NWO Communists, and that leaves the American people with just one last choice: Remove and replace this corrupt government as directed by the US Constitution.

And that, my Patriot friends, is exactly what we’re going to do.

More coming up…


NWO HITMAN FAUCI, the CDC and NIH all get BROADSIDED in this video for knowingly creating a SCAMDEMIC FRAUD and systematically terrorizing the entire planet and this doctor proves it with basic science:

Click on image to watch video

Share that video until all have heard! Take off your masks and stay away from the vaccinated people! Masks don’t WORK! The Vaccinated people are SPREADING this flu. They are the ones keeping this flu alive by spreading to everyone they are around. Fact check that.

AMERICANS RISING UP ~ Americans are respectful, God-fearing people but we don’t take kindly to Communists, Criminals, Creeps and Pedophiles hijacking the US Government.

95% of Americans are rising up, en masse (means ‘all together’), as we speak. Our government has never been hijacked before and our unified response (it’s coming), EN MASSE, will be radical, righteous, justified and historical.

Americans are mad as Hell and we’re not going to take it anymore. The NWO Communist-directed Biden Adminsurrection is about to experience what real Americans are all about.

It’s time for Americans to come together and unite against this NWO Communist attack and the NWO Communist Occupation of Washington DC. It’s past time. Live free or die, my Patriot friends. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

God bless America and God bless Americans! 🇺🇸

When is Enough Enough?

At what point do We the People all say no? Democrats have intentionally flooded our country with millions of illegal aliens who have no interest in our Constitutional rights or in their own Human rights. The Illegals who have been allowed to flood into the USA appear to only be interested in free money via welfare and food stamps and subsidized housing, working for cash, paying no taxes and sending illegal money home.

This effort to undermine American freedom has been intentional by the Democrats. Many Americans believe Democrats are working for the wealthy NWO globalists who want to rule the world the way China rules their Communist country via the United Nations “One World Government” plan (dictatorship) which is found, in detail, in a document called “UN Agenda 21”, published in 1992.

At this point, We the People are many and the Liberals/Leftists are relatively few. Recognizing and knowing what these Traitors are up to is not enough and many Americans believe we’ve talked about it long enough. We the People need to put a stop to the undermining of our own freedom and the intentional destruction of the United States of America by NWO Communists and all co-conspirators (i.e. the Democrat Party).

We should have stopped them when they began to use the NWO globalist-owned media in 2015 to harass then-Presidential candidate/now our great President Donald Trump 24/7 in an attempt to assassinate Trump’s character.

We should have stopped them when they started making false allegations against our great President, including “Russian Collusion” (Democrats are guilty of that crime), Quid Pro Quo (Democrats are guilty of Quid Pro Quo which Biden bragged about in a video) and charges of Racism (Democrats are the Racists who fought to keep their black slaves, founded the KKK and fought the US Civil Rights movement for years).

We should have stopped them during the (first of 2) fake Impeachment(s).

We should have stopped them when they compromised the entire 2020 Presidential election after we received numerous independent news reports and after receiving irrefutable video & documented evidence from the Italian Secret Service that ballots from the 2020 American Presidential election were uploaded via the internet (felony) to servers in Germany, downloaded to servers in Italy (felony), modified/changed (felony) by programmed algorithms and re-uploaded to American servers (felony), when we first received those reports from the Italian Secret Service.

We should have stopped them when both evidence and proof were discovered which proved that Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton, the FBI, the CIA and the Department of Justice were all guilty of spying (felony) on political rival/then-Presidential candidate Donald J Trump.

We can “should” all over ourselves, but the truth is the election year Covid Terrorism campaign, without any evidence of “Covid-19” identified yet and/or isolated (so there really is no “Covid-19”, just another Coronavirus like so many others with it’s own unique attributes), with the Mainstream Media so obviously compromised and the FBI, CIA, DOJ, US Department of Education and many more American agencies compromised, We the People should have risen up before now to put a stop to this charade and multiple frauds against the American people… but we can’t go back, can we?

We can move forward, however, and put a stop to all of this Democrat Party effort to destroy the American economy and indoctrinate America’s children into Racism, Marxism and Socialism (Communism). But how do We the People do that?

It is found in the Seventh Amendment which refers to trials by jury according to “Common Law”. Military tribunals were implemented after World War II, called the Nuremberg Trials. Because the US Military appears to be compromised now, responsibility for facilitating trials against alleged Traitors and Communist Infiltrators falls on We the People. It’s time for Americans to put these Communist Infiltrators on trial for election fraud, hijacking the US government, massive psychological abuse using the American Mainstream Media as a weapon, and the intentional destruction of hundreds of thousands of American small businesses… for starters.

American Nation is in the process of discovering how to proceed with such actions. AN will keep you informed of our progress in these matters. Please continue to pray for our nation and for one another.

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!


After 4 years of using the Mainstream Media to harass POTUS Donald J Trump, and countless false allegations in which years-long investigations have revealed no crimes of which Trump was accused were ever committed by President Trump and which also included 2 failed attempts to try to impeach President Trump, the vast majority of Americans’ popular opinion believes the Democrat Party turned to more sinister methods to take down our great President Trump. Millions of taxpayer dollars, years of time wasted on fake allegations, years of false news reports, 4 years of sustained and intentional Mainstream Media character assassination of our great President all failed to remove President Trump… and then the COVID propaganda Mainstream Media 24/7 television terrorism campaign began.

In a 2020 election year in which Democrats could see clearly that all of their desperate and criminal efforts to try to destroy President Trump over the previous 4 years had been for nothing, Americans continued to stand by their great President. Democrats could see that Trump would surely win the 2020 Presidential election by a landslide and all of their previous efforts to turn America into a Socialist nation over 8 Obama years would likely continue to be undone by President Trump.

Democrats were desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures… and thus began the purported release of what is called the “Covid-19 virus”, which has never been isolated or identified (here is still no identified “Covid-19 virus”) and the radical Democrat Party/Leftwing-biased Mainstream Media COVID fear-mongering television campaign, and the intentional systematic burning, looting and pillaging of Democrat Party-run cities of Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle.

American Nation will be breaking down exactly what transpired as Democrats continued to conspire against President Trump and against all good, hard-working Americans since then. It is an ugly chain of Democrat Party-sponsored events that continues today with the Mainstream Media still being used by NWO Democrats for fear-mongering and terrorism against all Americans while, at the same time, Democrats have opened the Southern border with Mexico to allow hundreds of thousands of Terrorists, convicted Pedophiles and sick people into our country, even going so far as to fly them all over the United States in their effort to spread crime and disease in order to create a real epidemic.

Please subscribe to receive notifications of new American Nation articles. AN will never send you anything but new article notifications, no ads, no promotions and we will never give or sell your email or information to any third party company or anyone else – we promise. American Nation is an informational Patriot website. We follow Biblical principles like honesty, Truth, courage and fearlessness. When we say we’ll never sell or give your information to any third party, we mean it.

God bless America and God bless you, our fellow Americans.

Pat Riot, Publisher of


American Nation doesn’t speak for everyone who has decided not to take the mRNA Injection, but here are our reasons why we won’t take it. Let me explain:

It’s not a “vaccine” like past flu’s, polio, measles etc. This mRNA Injection, among other things, triggers your immune system to respond to your next Coronavirus encounter. Really?! Triggers my freaking Immune System?!? Leave my Immune System alone, thank you very little.

The Liars in government say it’s “experimental”, but many of us believe they know exactly what it’s going to do to people who take the injection, since Bill Gates has been fine-tuning it in India for years, and look how they’re dying in India right now. THAT is what will happen HERE to people who take the injection, we suspect.
There is a REASON they’re so DESPERATE as to bribe, threaten and try to scare us into getting it, and it’s NOT “for your safety”. Governments don’t give a crap about “your safety” or else alcohol, tobacco, sugar and fast food which are killing tens of millions of people every year would be banned like Hydroxychloroquine, which actually saves people from C19. (RED FLAG)
The government’s desperation and their use of the media to terrorize viewers 24/7 (RED FLAG) is reason enough for an intelligent person to stay as far away as possible from that mRNA injection IMO.
  • Hydroxychloraquine is banned, which cures C19? RED FLAG 🚩
  • Bribing people with burgers and a million dollar lottery? RED FLAG 🚩
  • 24/7 “news” fear-mongering to try to scare people into getting their injection? RED FLAG 🚩
  • Masks that DO NOT stop the virus but make you more submissive? RED FLAG 🚩
  • Inconsistent messaging like “15 days to stop the spread” and 17 months later they’re still threatening lockdowns & insisting YOU (I won’t wear one) wear a mask when Fauci admitted “Masks don’t stop the virus”? RED FLAGS 🚩
  • Media messaging in which every Mainstream Media show uses the EXACT SAME  SCRIPTED TERMINOLOGY at the SAME TIME? RED FLAG 🚩
  • Convincing YOU that *I* am responsible for YOUR safety?! LOL Utter BS, and a giant RED FLAG 🚩
Too many red flags for Thinking People. See, we don’t watch CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX or any other MSM fake news propaganda show, so we are not scared to death like those of you who DO watch those propaganda shows.
And we don’t believe a word the government or the Democrat Party Media says anymore. Not one word.
We pray for those who get that respiratory bug, and we pray that the Democrats STOP releasing new diseases at us, but we’re not so desperate that we’ll take an injection which is NOT FDA approved from people who are LIARS & Population Control advocates who are also making billions selling you on this fear-mongering campaign. GIANT RED FLAG there, too.
We at American Nation find it fascinating that so many people have decided that the government and politicians are suddenly trustworthy, after we’ve all known, for our entire lives, that politicians are Liars, Cheats and Thieves. We’ve always taken “the news” with a grain of salt, as well, after the bullcrap lying news coverage of the Kennedy assassination, the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination, the (bogus) Moon landing and 9/11 (Americans know who was really behind that attack, and they didn’t speak Arabic), and many other cover-ups and scams which have been facilitated by the Mainstream (Rockefeller) Media. 
But suddenly, roughly 40% of Americans think politicians are trustworthy, that our only recent Patriot President (Trump) was ‘a criminal’ (fake news generated b.s.), and that “the news” is suddenly telling them to truth. Wow. That must be some powerful psychological warfare they’re using on the TV these days, because most Americans know that politicians are still Liars, Cheats and Thieves, that the media is run by those same politicians now and most Americans don’t even watch CBS, ABC, CNN or the other fake news propaganda TV shows anymore.
So there you have it. 

Praying for the best, but expecting the worst right now. 🇺🇸