It’s crystal clear who many of the Co-Conspirators are, including the entire Democrat Party, many Republican Congressmen, the Mainstream Media, the FBI, CIA, NSA, FCC, FDA, US Department of Justice, the World Health Organization/WHO, the Center for Disease Control/CDC, several major globalist social media networks, the US Department of Education and all of Hollywood, including big name Studios, Producers, many major actors and television commercial production companies, to name a few. It is easy to see that those “woke” agencies and entities have been compromised, since they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

👆🏻 The Co-Conspirators are obvious now. 👆🏻

But who the “Conspirators” are remains the media’s dirty little secret. American Nation staff talk openly about the Conspirators in literally every article.

If there is no “Conspiracy”, as gullible fake news viewers tend to believe, pretending this is all a big “conspiracy theory”, then why are the wealthy families who control the world’s two wealthiest corporate monopolies and the entire global mainstream media still hiding from the public? Did Howard Hughes hide? How about J Paul Getty – did he hide from the public eye? No.

But the wealthy NWO Rockefeller family and the Rothschild family, who control BlackRock and Vanguard, major corporations which manage virtually the entire global economy now, hide like criminals. We think the reason is obvious. Honest people don’t hide. Criminals hide.

By Don Cobb

Grateful and faithful Husband, Father, Pastor, American MAGA Patriot, blessed with the opportunity to be active in my community helping people every day, and excited about Life. Grateful to have finally met my First Love, Jesus Christ, who was patiently waiting in the wings for me! Thank you Lord! #USConstitution #1A #2A

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