There is so much unhealthy food, chemicals, products, etc. allowed in our stores, approved by the Federal Agencies that are supposed to be serving us. We pay for these agencies, for the services they provide and we pay the employees who work for these agencies, and yet, the employees for many of America’s agencies act like they are our bosses, when the opposite is true. We, the Taxpayers, are their bosses, and frankly, the service we get from many of these agencies is so poor that many of them should be fired.

Jacob Rothschild, NWO Terrorist

The IRS is the most perfect example, in our collective opinion. The IRS isn’t serving the Taxpayers; the IRS is working for the Federal Reserve Bank, which is not a United States government-owned bank at all. The Federal Reserve is a private bank, owned by the Rothschild family. They created the IRS and We the People have a right to close the IRS as an agency hostile to Taxpaying Americans.

Granted, we should be doing our own research, to keep ourselves safe and our families safe and let our friends know what we discover isn’t safe… but who has the time? That’s why we pay for these government agencies to look out FOR us, right?

But these agencies all seem to be compromised now, paid off by someone with a hidden agenda. There are so many, I won’t even try listing them all – FBI, FCC, FDA, CIA, SCOTUS, NSA, POTUS, DOJ are a few, and so many more compromised agencies which are now working against their bosses  – We, the People are their bosses – because we pay these people and we are their bosses but they are working against us now.
Seems like we should fire them all before they try to pull another fast one on us and maybe try to inject us all with poison, or something. (sarc)

I need to look up “how to fire an entire government”, and explore the provisions our Founders included in our Constitution for such times as these – besides voting them out. We need to fire these compromised agency heads, before anyone else gets hurt. Wouldn’t you agree?

American Nation staff have been watching these NWO Communists (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, Gates, et al) closely for 30 years, since UN Agenda 21 was published in 1992, quietly, and with no media attention whatsoever. Here is our current assessment, compiled over that time:

The reason UN Agenda 21 got NO media coverage is because the NWO Rockefeller family owns virtually every global media outlet and the Rockefellers have given strict instructions to their media outlets never to mention their One World Goverment plan. Not only do the NWO Rothschilds and Rockefellers control the media narrative, but they dictate the script every day that all of their NWO media stations and their subsidiaries parrot. CBS, ABC, NBC, all formerly American-owned investigative news agencies which were independent of one another, were competitors 50 years ago, but now are part of the Rockefeller Media Monopoly. We don’t see ABC, NBC or CBS investigating anything but Donald Trump over the past 5 years. Clearly, those “news” agencies are no longer engaged in investigative reporting. Every NWO Democrat who commits a crime gets a pass from the Rockefeller Media – every time.

MSNBC, FOX, CNN, the New York Times and all of their affiliates all blabber the same script every day, dictated by the Rockefellers, who, by the way, are working with the Rothschilds right now in their collective effort to terrorize and brainwash television “news” viewers worldwide as they attempt to take down the United States of America.

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Nothing we’ve seen over the past 5 years has been actual “news”, in our observation. Popular opinion suggests that it has all been scripted and orchestrated by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, whose hidden agenda is that mention found in UN Agenda 21 called “One World Government”. AN staff suspects that everything you’ve seen the mainstream media do for the past 5 years, including ganging up on American Patriot President Donald Trump, the fires in California and along the entire West Coast, the BLM/Antifa riots in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, LA, New York City, and the massive, ongoing fraudulent “Covid-19” media terrorism campaign have all been scripted and carried out by paid employees of the NWO Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. None of it has happened by chance; it was all planned by these evil families who are Hell-bent on taking down the United States in order to take over the entire world and rule it via their UN “One World Government” plan.

In our assessment, the Democrat Party are clearly working for the Rothschilds and working with the Rockefellers to orchestrate media “stories” every day. It’s hard to believe that a major American political party would sell their country out to NWO Communists but that’s exactly what’s happened. Following their stolen 2020 Presidential election, the NWO Communist Democrats occupied Washington DC and now our entire government has been compromised.

Fortunately, we can count on our US Military to take down these Democrat Party Insurrectionists- but wait… The US Military have been compromised, and possibly paid off by the NWO.

Well, luckily, the Department of Justice will surely strike down every unlawful bill- but wait… The DOJ is compromised, too, likely paid off by the NWO.

Surely the FCC will take down these propaganda television stations and newspapers- but wait… The FCC is compromised too, and we suspect the FCC has been paid off by the NWO, as well.

Maybe the FBI or the CIA- but wait… both agencies have been compromised, as well, clearly not working for the American People any longer, and our investigation suggests that both the FBI and CIA have been paid off by the NWO.

As you can see, our investigations have concluded that virtually the entire US government has been compromised by NWO Communists, and that leaves the American people with just one last choice: Remove and replace this corrupt government as directed by the US Constitution.

And that, my Patriot friends, is exactly what we’re going to do.

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